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And it starts with identifying which social network is your low-hanging fruit: where can you get the BIG win in the shortest amount of time? So here’s a step-by-step process for developing the perfect social media strategy using our template . All your social media marketing efforts will be for nothing if you’re not reaching the right people. Use the Social Media Strategy Template and Spreadsheet as your guide to identify your target audience (link is to my free Social Media Strategy class). Other common goals are to get more traffic to my website, launch a new product, develop a personal brand, and do fundraising for a non-profit. For example, if you are a local florist and use Instagram to show beautiful photos of your arrangements, that’s great for increasing your visibility among potential customers. If you need help identifying which social network is best for your business, take this 60-second quiz to find out.

How often do you plan to post to your social networks — multiple times per day, once per day, or a few times a week? What I’ve found is that most entrepreneurs get excited about starting their social media marketing, post for a month or two, and either get frustrated over a technical issue or life gets in the way.
However, I do have a recommendation that makes it much easier to continue your social media marketing even during your busy season or when life throws you a curve ball — an editorial calendar.
They key to making a connection with potential customers in any form of marketing is the right message at the right time. The right message is one that sets your brand apart, differentiating it from the competition and as a perfect fit for your ideal customers.
Differentiating your brand is often the hardest step in developing a social media strategy (even for the professionals). To do that, download the spreadsheet that accompanies the social media strategy template (you can get both of these in my free Social Media Strategy Class).

Get the Free Template ??Your EZ button for creating your most successful Facebook posts yet! Use the template and spreadsheet as a guide to answer questions to help you identify your primary goals (click to download).
Once you’ve identified who your most profitable customers are (step #1), you can identify where they are in social media.
The perfect social media strategy won’t produce results until you execute it consistently.

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