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Now that 2013 is right around the corner, it’s time to discuss what we are going to see in the New Year for online marketing.
If you thought measurements were popular in 2012, get ready to embrace analytics in a whole new way. More and more smartphone and hand held devices appear on the market every day and with the measurable effectiveness of online marketing, their popularity continues to grow.
Have you noticed yet that everyone around you searches online first to see what deals or reviews they can find? The number of Pinterest users to visit the site daily has gone up 145 percent since the beginning of 2012. The Web Success Team is proud to sponsor ans support: Save poor Children in Asia Organization, (SCAO).
Digital Marketing continues to be a dominant advertising force for businesses regarless of whether they have a strong online presence or not. There used to be a time ( the good old days ), when every post you made on your Facebook page was seen by all your Fans.
Now that Twitter is a public company, it has also seen increased pressures to drive revenues and this will no doubt continue.
It has been said that Social media will increasingly become a pay-to-play marketing channel, a somewhat different landscape from the original. While businesses will need to pay to compete, they will certainly have many more options available to them through new and innovative channels.
There has been massive growth in pure image platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, increasingly in the last 2-3 years.
The ease of which visual infographics can be created for businesses, and their increased use provides strong indications that image-based content is incredibly  important to spreading your message online.
Video marketing is already gaining credibility in the online space, especially via the usual suspects of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Even Vine, has the unique capability of allowing businesses to market themselves in 6 second bursts, which may seem disadvantageous at first.
Also remember that videos have become incredibly important in ensuring Google ranking, so consideration is warranted for inclusion in your business marketing. An increasing number of businesses and its consumers are becoming more and more dependent on cloud services, whether they know it and appreciate it, or not. Stalwart providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox are rapidly being joined by numerous newcomers such as SugarSync, Box and the omnipresent iCloud.
Public and hybrid cloud offerings for enterprises will become more important as Private cloud strategies are tested to the limit. With the confluence of mobile penetration, mobile apps growth , social media prevalence, and the ever increasing growth of enterprise data , cloud services are set to  become an important digital trend leading into 2014 and beyond. This chart shows the percentage of each country's internet population who have bought something online.
Digital presence is essential for any company to succeed in today’s digital world and South Africa is no exception. To keep you on top of how digital marketing is changing in South Africa, here are some key developments and trends we've identified.
South Africa may have one of the lowest maths literacy rates in the world, but it’s up there when it comes to tech literacy – the market boasts 86% mobile penetration. Facebook is opening an office in an affluent suburb of Johannesburg next month, as the social network looks to reach more users on the continent.
Digital ads will lead the way for global media growth in the next four years, accounting for 33% of total advertising revenue, nearly catching TV in the process, according to a new report. This chart shows the mobile broadband penetration for each region's population across the globe. Following the launch of its Global Mobile Consumer Survey in December, the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) have created this infographic looking specifically at the emergence of a new era of mobile - Mobile 3.0.
This year saw a rise in online spending across the globe, with USA reporting a 20% increase in online shopping on Cyber Monday as shoppers snubbed physical retail stores in favour of missing out on the holiday queues.
This chart shows the top 10 mobile websites in South Africa (not including international sites).
This chart shows the unique visitors and page views for the top 15 websites in South Africa (not including international sites).
News24 is South Africa’s most popular website, followed by Howzit and iol, according to data from Effective Measure.
Global IP traffic is set to grow three-fold between 2012 and 2017, with some 3.6 billion internet users in 4 years time, according to research from Cisco. Technology appears to be playing a role in reversing the stereotype of the male dislike of shopping. South Africans are reading fewer newspapers and magazines and watching less TV because they are spending more time online, according to a new study. This social media campaign from Cape Town Tourism invited users to take a virtual tour of the South African city, getting 350,000 highly engaged users in the process.

Facebook has launched its App Center in 8 countries, as the social network looks to boost its much scrutinised mobile business. Over the next three years nearly half (48%) of all the world’s growth in ad expenditure will come from just ten developing markets, including China, Russia, and Indonesia, according to new research. The number of broadband connections over cellular networks in Africa will exceed 250 million by the end of 2015, according to a new report. Mobile is increasingly the primary platform for internet access, with 18% no longer using fixed-line to access the Internet at all, according to a new global survey. Ein richtiges und vor allem effektives Online Marketing wird fur B2B-Unternehmen immer wichtiger.
Das sind alles bedeutende Faktoren fur B2B-Unternehmen – damals haben Firmen oft viel Geld ausgegeben, ohne sich vorher im Klaren zu sein, ob es auch wirklich gut investiert ist.
GetAmbassador, ein System zur Beratung von B2B-Unternehmen, veroffentlichte die folgende Infografik.
In der Infografik ist zu erkennen, dass die Bedeutung des Online Marketing im Jahr 2013 deutlich zugenommen hat. Heiko Sellin hat an der Hochschule Mittweida seinen Bachelor in Sportjournalistik und -management absolviert. Dabei kommt es darauf an, Inhalte von praktischem Mehrwert zu bieten, welche die Chance von Links Social-Media-Kanalen, Blogs, Foren und Newslettern haben.
Das wird deutlich dargestellt – es fuhrt kein Weg an einer durchdachten und vor allem kontinuierlich durchgefuhrten Strategie fur den eigenen hochwertigen Content herum!
Kleine Unternehmen und Einzelunternehmer haben dabei oft noch das Nachsehen, denn sie konnen sich hierfur keine Marketing-Abteilung oder gar -Agentur leisten.
Conten is king, wie es schon seit langem heisst, hat Bestand, denn damit schafft sich Google fur die User seiner Plattform automatisch den hochstmoglichen Infowert bzw. Wer also nicht nach dieser Pfeife tanzt, der wird ins Hintertreffen geraten, weil die eigene Seite schlecht in den Suchergebnissen rankt. Auch ich schreibe regelmassig zu Themen wie diesen und Social Media, Online-Marketing, Mobile bzw.
Sehr schoner Arikel der insbesondere dass untermauert, was die Praktiker im b2b Marketing schon seit Jahren beobachten. It’s no secret that online marketing is constantly changing, so predictions can be almost impossible, but there are some durable trends we all need to prepare for. Marketing collaboration with other business units is finally taking root and be it B2B or B2C; you are going to have to show your work! According to a recent report, 89 percent of consumers turn to Google, Bing or another search engine to find information on products, services or businesses prior to making purchases. We are all discovering quickly what great source of revenue this will be for online shopping. We know everything can change in a heartbeat in the world on online marketing, but feel secure that these trends will hold strong – at least over the coming year! A Cambodian non-profit, non-government organization that educates, offers community service and child care. Some of the most profitable online marketing schemes involve some sort of paid advertising.
Those days are long gone, never to be seen  again, as Facebook changed its news feed algorithm so that there has been an inevitable decline of the organic reach.
This will manifest itself via Keyword,  Interest, Device and Geographic targeting of Promoted tweets. In general, businesses have been slow to ride the crest of these popular media, but cottage industries and SMEs are leading the way with innovative use of these platforms to extend and strengthen their brand. Many businesses are missing  opportunities to extend their brand via mobile apps, particularly Instagram and Snapchat ( who would have thought ! But considering mobile use  is still growing rapidly and becoming even more accepted amongst businesses as a marketing tool, apps such as Vine are set to become extremely potent in the advertising  war.
Security as always will play an  important role in determining the final makeup of offerings. 40.4% of the worldwide internet population will make a purchase through a digital channel this year. Successful marketing strategies need to understand the dynamic and evolving digital world, focusing on consumer insights and channel selection. Using the latter to boost the former seemed a good opportunity – and laundry brand OMO, with a stated purpose of unlocking human potential – was in a good place to make it happen. North America has the highest percentage of its population using mobile broadband with 72%. This infographic from InMobi,looks back to 2012 and illustrates how consumer behaviour in South Africa is shifting, as they become more reliant on their phones as their primary means of being connected. The Sweets for Tweets installation, created by HelloComputer and ThingKing, did just that by rewarding virtual smile tweets with real-life candy via a Wonka-like contraption. Outdoor ad spend saw the biggest gain in the region with a 45.3% increase, the biggest increase of any ad spend in all regions analysed.

The social network has rolled out the service in United States, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The study, from ZenithOptimedia, predicts that the four BRIC markets alone (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are forecast to account for 33% of global growth. The study, from Informa Telecoms & Media, found that the number of broadband connections over cellular networks in Africa will exceed 250 million by the end of 2015.
The Global Consumer Survey (GCS) report from MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce, found that security fears are the biggest barrier to take-up of mobile web access.
Fruher war es teilweise noch sehr umstandlich, bestimmte Dinge im Internet zu recherchieren und zu finden. Es flie?t wesentlich mehr Budget in diese Art des Marketing – im Vergleich zum Vorjahr 40,1 Prozent.
Bevor er zu gesto?en ist, war er fur das Hamburger Abendblatt als freier Mitarbeiter tatig und hospitierte beim NDR-Fernsehen und Sport1. Das muss man dann zumindest in einem kleinen Ma?e aber selbst bewerkstelligen, denn ansonsten fallt ein wichtiger Bestandteil auch der SEO an der eigenen Website oder Blog einfach weg. With countless marketing ROI tools out there at your disposal, marketers had better learn and learn fast, that you can’t depend on how many likes and fans you have to prove your effectiveness.
This means marketers have no choice but to increase SEO efforts which seems to change exponentially!
With other similar platforms quickly following this trend, there is no doubt that online shoppers will be going crazy for photo shopping! Google AdWords has started the trend, and is  rolling out paid ads to its own social media platform, Google Plus.
The growth trends we have seen in 2013 in micro- targeting will only increase, including Promoted Posts, Custom Audiences, and Facebook Exchange (FBX), Facebook’s real-time ad bidding exchange. Western Europe's online population is very engaged in terms on online purchases, but countries in the Asia Pacific have significant room for growth in coming years.
News sites in general are clearly popular mobile site destinations with both EWN (Eye Witness News) and The Daily Sun featuring in the chart. Colombia (278%), Vietnam (266%) and Turkey (247%) saw the highest amounts of growth over the period. The campaign matched the new Toyota Etios tagline, “Here to make you smile”, promoting a positive brand message and putting the car across as a fun machine to drive. In the coming weeks, the company is launching the App Center to users in Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey.
The report, entitled "Broadband in Africa," forecasts that a fifth of Internet traffic in Africa will be carried by cellular networks by 2015, compared with a global equivalent of just 3 percent.
Auch das Budget fur Online-Videos wurde aufgestockt: 55,8 Prozent haben ihre Investitionen in visuelle Umsetzungen erhoht.
Produktanwendungsbeispiele in Form von Bildergalerien, E-Books als Ratgeber, How-to-do-Videos fur interessante Einsatzbereiche Ihrer Produkte, Best-Practice-Tutorials von renommierten Kunden, Webinare und Infografiken fur Shops aus dem Softwarebereich, interaktive Informationen, bei denen man beispielsweise den individuellen Bedarf ermitteln kann, sind einige Beispiele.
Einfach mal unter meinem Namen suchen … da finden sich erganzend zu diesen hier auf den Seiten eingepflegten Artikeln immer wieder hilfreiche und meist kostenlose Erganzungen samt eBooks und einem Newsletter. Many companies in this economy want to understand how their online marketing is making them money.
Keeping email, mobile and social marketing integrated with TV, radio and traditional media campaigns increases the potential for online engagement! Since Google is the search engine leader, you might want to focus on keeping up with that algorithm. If you didn’t read about the newly emerged Qwiqq platform (a new competitor to Pinterest), learn all about this photo shopping platform. Der Nutzer erhalt zahlreiche Kundenrezensionen zu Produkten und Dienstleistungen, Details zu den Unternehmen und Videos, die Firmen vorstellen oder Produktanleitungen vermitteln.
The problem is, for some, social media is about CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and others want pure sales. It will encourage a larger audience both ways by encouraging your offline customers to become online fans or your online fans to engage in offline marketing (like events).
A great way to do so is by regularly monitoring this SEOmoz page which keeps you informed on Google search algorithm updates. South Asia proved to have the lowest reach with only 4$ of it's population using mobile broadband. It’s up to the marketer to help their client (be it internal or external) see that both measurements have value.

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