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Determine test approaches and methods - unit, integration, functional, system, load, usability tests, etc. The V Model, while admittedly obscure, gives equal weight to testing rather than treating it as an afterthought. The V shows the typical sequence of development activities on the left-hand (downhill) side and the corresponding sequence of test execution activities on the right-hand (uphill) side.
In fact, the V Model emerged in reaction to some waterfall models that showed testing as a single phase following the traditional development phases of requirements analysis, high-level design, detailed design and coding. The context of Unit and Integration testing changes significantly in the Object Oriented (OO) projects. The meaning of system testing and acceptance testing however remains the same in the OO and Web based Applications context also. To decrease cost and time complexity in development process, small scale and medium scale companies are following a refinement form of VModel. Unit testing focuses verification effort on the smallest unit of software design - the unit. The module interface is tested to ensure that information properly flows into and out of the program unit under test. The local data structure is examined to ensure that data stored temporarily maintains its integrity during all steps in an algorithm’s execution.
Boundary conditions are tested to ensure that the module operates properly at boundaries established to limit or restrict processing.
All independent paths (basis paths) through the control structure are exercised to ensure that all statements in a module have been executed at least once. Path coverage technique is to verify whether each of the possible paths in each of the functions has executed properly. The statement coverage technique requires that every statement in the program to be evoked at least at once. The decision coverage test technique seeks to identify the percentage of all possible decision outcomes that have been considered by a suite of test procedures. This technique seeks to verify the accuracy of true or false outcome of each Boolean sub expression. Active Server Page (ASP) that invokes the ATL component (which in turn can use C++ classes) The actual component Interaction of the component with the persistent store or database and Database tables Driver for the unit testing of a unit belonging to a particular component or subsystem depends on the component alone. Type: Type validation that takes into account things such as a field expecting alphanumeric characters should not allow user input of anything other than that.
Presence: This validation ensures all mandatory fields should be present, they should also be mandated by database by making the column NOT NULL (this can be verified from the low-level design document).
Size: This validation ensures the size limit for a float or variable character string input from the user not to exceed the size allowed by the database for the respective column. Validation: This is for any other business validation that should be applied to a specific field or for a field that is dependent on another field. GUI based: In case the unit is UI based, GUI related consistency check like font sizes, background color, window sizes, message & error boxes will be checked. After unit testing, modules shall be assembled or integrated to form the complete software package as indicated by the high level design. Black-box test case design techniques are the most prevalent during integration, although limited amount of white box testing may be used to ensure coverage of major control paths. Thread based testing follows an execution thread through objects to ensure that classes collaborate correctly. This sequence is repeated by adding and testing next layer of dependent classes until entire system is tested.
Collaboration diagrams, screens and report layouts are matched to OOAD and associated class integration test case report is generated. Additional tests that focus on software functions and are likely to be affected by the change. After the software has been integrated (constructed), sets of high order tests shall be conducted. Facility Testing:Facility Testing is the determination of whether each facility (or functionality) mentioned in SRS is actually implemented. Installability Testing:Certain software systems will have complicated procedures for installing the system. Proper Packaging of application, configuration of various third party software and database parameters settings are some issues important for easy installation. Performance testing is designed to test run-time performance of software within the context of an integrated system. If the software forms a part of a large and not completely automated system, the interfaces of the developed software with the other components in the larger system shall be tested. Recovery Testing:Recovery testing is a system test that forces the software to fail in a variety of ways and verifies that recovery is properly performed. Reliability Testing:The various software-testing processes have the goal to test the software reliability. However, if the reliability factors are stated as say, Mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) is 20 hours, it is possible to device test cases using mathematical models.
Security Testing:Security testing attempts to verify that protection mechanisms built into a system will protect it from improper penetration.

In case of web applications, one has take into account testing with appropriate firewall set-up.
Serviceability testing covers the serviceability or maintainability characteristics of the software.
Storage testing is to ensure that the storage requirements are within the specified bounds. To achieve this, the software is subjected to heavy volumes of data and the behaviour is observed. This refers to testing system functionality while the system is under unusually heavy or peak load; it is similar to the validation testing but is carried out in a "high-stress" environment. Usability testing is an attempt to uncover the software usability problems involving the human-factor.
As a whole, the test cases shall try to test the extreme capabilities of the programs and attempt to break the program so as to establish a sturdy system.
This type of testing determines if the site's links to internal and external Web pages are working. The need for this type of testing will be determined by the intended audience, the type of browser(s) expected to be used, whether the site delivers pages based on browser type or targets a common denominator. If there is a large number of interactions per unit time on the Web site testing must be performed under a range of loads to determine at what point the system's response time degrades or fails. This is typically a core aspect of testing to determine if the Web site functions correctly as per the requirements specifications.
Software can be moved from one run-time environment to another without requiring modifications to the software, e.g. When custom software is built for one customer, a series of acceptance tests are conducted to enable the customer to validate all the requirements.
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Online Training programs are constantly upgraded refined to maintain sync with Industry requirements. Experertise in delivering Testing Tools,software testing projects,test automation tools likeHP QTP,Selenium. MindQ systems service method is comprehensive efficiency.Our methodology is practical to our clients. HP Load Runner is an industry leading Performance and Load Test automation tool, with a market . HP Quick Test Professional is an industry leading Functional & Regression test automation tool . International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is a software testing qualification. Major security breaches resulting in loss of data, service downtime, and brand damage cost businesses. During this Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] training program, you will dive into Designing .
This course is a soup-to-nuts course that will teach you everything you need to build, configure a server. Qtp testing training in hyderabad by Real time Trainers, suitable only for experienced people in manual testing, Oracle Apps with QTP training. The waterfall model did considerable damage by supporting the common impression that testing is merely a brief detour after most of the mileage has been gained by mainline development activities. Class Integration testing based on sequence diagrams, state-transition diagrams, class specifications and collaboration diagrams forms the unit and Integration testing phase for OO projects.
The test case design for system and acceptance testing however need to handle the OO specific intricacies. Unit testing makes heavy use of White Box testing techniques, exercising specific paths in a unit’s control structure to ensure complete coverage and maximum error detection. It requires that every point of entry & exit in the software program be invoked at least once. Wherever User Interface is available UI called from a web browser will initiate the testing process.
This will consist of two different units belonging to same component interacting with each other.
Integration testing is a systematic technique for verifying the software structure and sequence of execution while conducting tests to uncover errors associated with interfacing.
Modules are integrated by moving downward through the control hierarchy, beginning with the main control module (main program).
Since modules are integrated from the bottom up, processing required for modules sub-ordinate to a given level is always available and the need for stubs is eliminated. Therefore, the regression test suite shall be designed to include only those tests that address one or more classes of errors in each of the major program functions. Likewise, the conversion procedures from the existing system to the new software are to be tested. The objective is to ensure that all the functional requirements as documented in the SRS are accomplished.

Performance testing must be an integral part of designing, building, and maintaining Web applications.
There is a paragraph on automated tools available for testing Web Applications at the end of this document.
If recovery is automatic (performed by the system itself), re-initialisation, check pointing mechanisms, data recovery, and restart are each evaluated for correctness.
The "Reliability Testing" which is a part of System Testing encompasses the testing of any specific reliability factors that are stated explicitly in the SRS. During security testing, the tester plays the role(s) of the individual who desires to penetrate the system. For data security, one has to take into consideration Data Transfer Checksum, Encryption or use of digital certificates, MD5 hashing on all vulnerable data and database integrity. For instance, the amounts of the primary and secondary storage the software requires and the sizes of temporary files that get created. Stress testing executes a system in a manner that demand rescues in abnormal quantity, frequency or volume.
Additionally, such testing should take into account the current state of the Web and Web culture.
A Web site with many links to outside sites will need regularly scheduled link testing, because Web sites come and go and URLs change. The Web server software and configuration settings, CGI scripts, database design, and other factors can all have an impact.
Sites utilising CGI-based dynamic page generation or database-driven page generation will often require more extensive validation testing than static-page Web sites. Acceptance tests are conducted at the development site or at the customer site depending upon the requirements and mutually agreed principles. We are the pioneers in IT Training and also acquired International recognition for Business Analysis in the form of IIBA Endorsed Education Partners. Many managers still believe this, even though testing usually takes up half of the project time. For projects of tailored SDLC, the testing activities are also tailored according to the requirements and applicability. Since loop introduces unbounded number of paths, the path coverage technique employs a test that considers only a limited number of looping possibilities. The advantage is this measure can be applied directly to object code & does not require processing source code.
It also requires that all possible conditions for a decision in the program be exercised at least once.
If UI is not available then appropriate drivers (code in C++ as an example) will be developed for testing. Modules subordinate to the main control module are incorporated into the structure in either a depth-first or breadth-first manner.
In the context of integration test strategy, regression testing is the re-execution of some subset of tests that have already been conducted to ensure that changes have not propagated unintended side effects. It is impractical and inefficient to re-execute every test for every program function once a change has occurred.
Even at the unit level, the performance of an individual module is assessed as white-box tests are conducted. If recovery requires human intervention, the time required to repair is evaluated to determine whether it is within acceptable limits.
Security testing involves designing test cases that try to penetrate into the system using all possible mechanisms. For User security, encrypted passwords, audit trail logs containing (who, where, why, when and what information), auto log out based on system specifications (e.g. One of the criteria for web applications would be number of concurrent users using the application. Sites with many internal links (such as an enterprise-wide Intranet, which may have thousands of internal links) may also require frequent link testing.
Acceptance testing may be conducted either by the customer depending on the type of project & the contractual agreement. We are also attested by ISTQB to the standards in testing training and certification exams. However the performance testing is complete when all system elements are fully integrated and the true performance of the system is ascertained as per the customer requirements. 5 minutes of inactivity), display of user information on the UI can be taken care by designing to code programmatically. A series of acceptance tests are conducted to enable the customer to validate all requirements as per user requirement document (URD).

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