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A list of the top 10 online games from around the world has been listed by market research group SuperData Research.
The data from SuperData was spotted by Gamespot, where they reported that the earnings alone from the top two games on the list, Crossfire and League of Legends, netted a cumulative of $1.5 billion dollars.
Some of you might be wondering what the heck is up with Crossfire being number one on the list? Well, it's quite simple: CrossFire is your typical Call of Duty style shooter, or rather, a more stable, advanced, balanced and less hacker-filled version of Combat Arms. The game's fair word of praise from the community also extends to its presence in the eSports arena, as it was recently announced that another season of the game is getting underway courtesy of the ESG (E-Sports Genesis), with $180,000 in cash prizes on the line, as posted in the press release on Gamasutra. The game's presence in North America is still very tame compared to the likes of Defense of the Ancients 2 or League of Legends, which are always high up on the Raptr monthly gaming charts.
Nevertheless, CrossFire is followed not-so-closely by Riot and Tencent's League of Legends, which managed $624 million, and further down we have Dungeon Fighter Online, Wargaming's World of Tanks (which nestled in at $327 million, but they don't have to share that with any other distributor, so that's pretty good on their end), Nexon's Maplestory (still trucking on), the original Lineage from NCSoft, World of Warcraft from Blizzard, which managed $213 million over the course of the year.
I'm especially impressed with Team Fortress 2, rivaling the likes of Star Wars: The Old Republic for equal revenue share, despite the fact that Team Fortress 2 is going to be seven years old this year.
Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInThe listed game companies in Asia are all revealing their quarterly finances these few weeks, and NCsoft is no exception. Region wise, I think it is the first time NCsoft is combining sales from North America and Europe together, become the 2nd largest region behind its own turf of South Korea. It was mentioned that Lineage Eternal will be entering beta this coming winter, so expect an announcement soon. MMO Culture is a small website focused on reporting the latest and most interesting news from the online gaming world.
Shoppers in Birmingham are the nationa€™s biggest buyers of violent video games, according to new research.

The study also found a correlation between the cities that bought the most violent games, that included Hitman: Absolution, pictured, and the amount of crime in those regions. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The NPD group released new information today regarding the figures for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii consoles – based on their sales of online-capable games and retail cards for digital currency.
With Microsoft and the Xbox 360 leading the charge in almost every category, it looks like gamers have started seeing green.Currently, there haven’t been any actual sales figures released but the attached graph (shown above) has the Xbox 360 selling approximately twice as many online-capable games as the PS3, and seven times as many as the Wii during 2010. Interestingly, the study also looked into the sale of digital point cards used to put MSP on an Xbox Live account – or credit on the PSN. One final piece of data that the NPD has started keeping track of is the amount of software that is compatible with 3D stereoscopic displays. It’s interesting to see the growth within the Xbox 360 camp – especially after the PSN outage. They accrued data from the top 10 online PC games from estimated worldwide sales data, microtransactions and subscription earnings throughout 2013. The game's incredibly well designed mechanics, even stage layouts and fast-paced action has kept it on the tongues of many gamers as being one of the few high quality free-to-player shooters currently available on the market.
However, CrossFire has an exceptionally strong following in South Korea, where the game originated.
For WildStar, developed in North America by Carbine Studios, the game sales for its launch phase is pretty stellar, holding 2nd place just behind Lineage in the 2nd quarter. WildStar is proving to be a major player, and NCsoft will be hoping the momentum will go on for the rest of 2014. Metal Black Alternative will be heading to beta first later this fall, while analysts expects NCsoft to finally unveil a few mobile products sooner than later, first with Blade & Soul.

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Covering regions such as South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, the aim is to keep gamers informed of all MMO cultures! The data also shows that regardless of the split, there’s been a drastic increase in online-capable games between 2006-2008.
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It's not surprising that the Counter-Strike-esque MOFPS would continue to maintain a healthy following in its home country, propelling it to the top of the global charts. Then again, Valve is in it for the people, and anyone who says that EA's tactics are good business sense, just let them know that Team Fortress 2 is an older game that makes just as much money as EA's Star Wars MMO. However, the study doesn’t take into account any points purchased online or through the actual consoles.
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