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Knowing which niches are generally profitable is one of the first steps to successful Internet marketing, personally I do believe that any good idea implemented correctly can be profitable but starting with the soft targets is never a bad thing.
Firstly there are thousands of ideas and I just want to look at a few of them to give you some ideas and to help explain the logic behind these ideas and why they are successful. The world revolves around money, in fact you are most likely reading this very sentence because of money and your aspirations to get more of it in your life. You just have to look at the GDP of any developed nation to realize that healthcare is HUGE and the modern world is completely dependent on the system, if you decide to tackle some medical niche topics you will be playing in one of the most profitable markets imaginable. Well since selling products that help people quit smoking or gambling are profitable it goes without saying that selling those very same products is also very lucrative. The Internet Marketing niche ideas listed here should not be viewed as opportunistic but rather accepted for the lesson they contain which is that all profitable niches rely on needs which buyers feel they cannot escape and in some cases it is the truth while in other cases it is entirely about perception. Disclaimer: I in no way advocate taking advantage of people with problems or difficulties in life. How are you getting your leads, letting your specific audience know about your services or products or staying on top of your competition? Productiveness- Search management is a time-intensive activity.  Is this what you want you or your staff spending their days doing?
Speed to Market- Most agencies have an arsenal of big-gun technical resources available to them, letting them implement the most strategic campaigns, quickly.  Through leveraging bid management tools, the competitive landscape and the ability to make the impactful changes at a moment’s notice, your online marketing efforts are that much more effective and robust. You are the expert at your job, let the PPC gurus ply their expertise- Paid search, when done well is more than bidding on keywords.  By outsourcing to a team dedicated to understanding and implementing geo-targeting, remarketing, quality score, device segmentation, ad builds and more. Results- Letting a firm specialized in paid search create a customized campaign based on your marketing goals will yield positive numbers.  Investing your dollars into a purposeful and customized digital advertising strategy can catapult your online initiatives to its fullest potential.  Isn’t that what you ultimately want your online marketing campaign to do? Clearly, it’s time to reassess your online marketing efforts.  How is it working?  Do you have a plan?  How are you being found online?  Working with a PPC marketing agency will certainly add to your digital bench strength and should be a vital component to your advertising mix. We’d all be richer than Bill Gates if we could figure out how to make a website appear number one in Google, but there are several basic SEO rules that that give your website a fighting chance. After the page title, the next bit of web page text Google typically reads is the heading of the first paragraph. Google reads your page looking for validation of the first two instances of your keywords (Page Title and Heading). Equally important as titles and keywords are the relevant “inbound links” (other websites that link to yours). Email marketing is an extremely effective CRM strategy to communicate and build relationships with a diverse database of contacts. A refined mailing list distributes information to a wide range of specific, potential customers at a relatively low cost.
Compared to other media investments such as direct mail or printed newsletters, it is less expensive.
Email marketing is often reported as second only to Search Marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic.
These can be used to measure open rates, positive or negative responses, correlate sales with marketing. Specific types of interaction with messages can trigger subsequent messages to be automatically delivered.
Online marketing offers many new channels for finding and growing potential new customers or clients—from 2.0 websites, email marketing, and video to social networks, micro-blogging, RSS channels and applications. This form of search engine marketing requires advertisers to bid on keywords they expect a target market will use as search terms when looking for a product or service.
When we develop PPC campaigns, we start by looking at the specific products or services our clients want to promote. We start by putting some conversion goals in place for the type of behavior we want to measure, i.e. PPC is not the only way to drive traffic to your website, but it is one of the most measurable forms of online marketing.
Create a comprehensive Online Business Optimization Program to increase higher traffic and awareness via searches, links and target engagement. These are the questions a sound online strategic plan will answer and help you decide which online marketing tactics make sense for your business. If done right, organic optimization will help increase the number of times your site appears via search engines like Google and Yahoo. Organic SEO is an ongoing process that can take more than six months to yield increased traffic to your site, but in the long run it can be the most effective.
Linking your website via directories, blogs or other relevant websites is key to driving your organic search rankings. You can also trade links with business partners, share blogs you like, or provide a link from your blog to your web site. Email marketing is the most cost-effective way of engaging and activating your existing customers and clients. Blog Marketing can reinforce your position as an expert in your field while increasing links and raising your visibility in organic searches. While there aren’t many strict rules about using social networks, there are do’s and don’ts, as well as strategies to employ to get ahead. So if your small business is looking to grow by stealing market share or protecting what you have, optimize your business online. Bookmark this blog now or sign up for our RSS feed, as we will be doing deeper dives on each subject later this month.
So… how can your business use the power of social networks for a competitive advantage and maximize your exposure and connect with your customers, clients and employees where they interact, network and commune everyday? Now that things like Facebook and Tweets are household words the question is how to make it work for your business or company.
By effectively engaging your audiences within these communities you can increase dialogue and participation with your brand and company significantly impacting your business. You can search for your name or by topics that you think your customers may be involved with.

If you hear someone comment negatively on your business, you have a chance to dig further and maybe resolve the issue.
Start a Facebook page or LinkedIn group around your company’s passions and those of your employees, clients, or customers.
Not too many companies have the brand affinity of a Nike or Starbucks where you can naturally attract and build a community.
If you are active in local or regional community causes, Facebook is a great way to share the passion.
About UsPartners Tom Casale and Bill Kamper come from two different worlds; Tom is a former CNN Interactive Producer and Enterprise Software Guru. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Use catchy slogans and attractive logos on your website so that your customers remember you. Short slogans and logos tend to stick in people's minds, and can be the way they remember you.
Submit free materials to the various online directories who will list them without charging you.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I am a big fan of common problem niches or phrased differently problems that many people may face in their lives and the more difficult the problem is to solve the better for conversions. There are hundreds of niches focused around money but some of the most profitable revolve around credit and debt. The variety of niches here is enormous from day to day topics like acne and teeth whitening to far more serious topics like cancer, targeting addictions is one of the oldest and most profitable methods so do not for a minute think that all the quit smoking and weight loss sites on the Internet are there for love and charity. Obviously you need to be very careful in these niches since there are laws and regulations in each country and you do not want to overstep any boundaries. Online dating, relationship advice and similar topics generate insane volumes of traffic and of course income.
I 100% support useful and helpful content or products that truly benefit the intended audience.
Outsourcing to an agency allows you to do what you do best-focusing on your business’ big picture. An online marketing agency knows how to manage the details of maintaining your PPC budget, crafting ad copy, keyword research and the many other factors involved to optimize your online advertising successes. Do you really want to try and do this in-house?  Consider the time and financial resources of keeping up-to-date on the most recent trends and analytics associated with paid search. It’s important that you play by their SEO rules to get your website ranked and indexed properly. Make sure each of your pages has a different title that begins with a keyword related to your business. Most inexperienced web writers would write something like “About Susan’s Designs” as the first paragraph or topic heading. Make sure you include the same keyword or key phrase a couple of more times in the page especially in the first paragraph. The easiest way is to pull from your list of keywords and use a different one to start the title of each page. The more relevant inbound links that point to your site, the better your site will get indexed by Google. It is the most efficient way to push out targeted, timely and impactful messages to your customers and consumers on a regular basis. You are bidding to have your ad appear in the “sponsored listings” section of search engines like Google or Yahoo. For example, if you are selling tax services, make sure they land on the tax service page versus a page that lists all your accounting services.
If you want to be successful in PPC, you must let the keyword research and analysis tell you which terms are most relevant and produce effective searches for your services or products.
It is best to create multiple text ads per group to see which will perform best before we narrow it down. And if you need some action fast, PPC can be extremely effective for driving traffic, leads, and sales for growing your business online. This means you have to correctly align your page titles, headlines and copy on each page using relevant keywords.
Maybe it’s time to supplement your traditional PR efforts with digital or online PR strategies.
You can create a blog for maximum exposure and impact, adding features like RSS channel news feeds, email sign-ups, links to your business website or social networking communities.
All you have to do is write about what you know on a regular basis and promote it a little. During key sales periods, or for breaking news events, a PPC program can drive substantial qualified traffic using specific search terms. This offers you several micro opportunities to target customers with specific niche interests.
It may just be the answer you are looking for as you think about your marketing plan this year.
If we are talking about a blog or a forum, maybe you can offer expertise or comment on a subject you are passionate about.
On a site like Yelp you might even want to thank customers for their favorable comments with a free offer. So what are your options if you’re a local retailer, real estate firm, bar or staffing agency? To make it work, you really have to understand your audiences and how your business and culture fit in on Facebook.
Amazingly people will spend money to get out of trouble because they spent money, desperation seems to be a strong selling factor here and understandably given the massive levels of debt around the world there is no shortage of potential customers. Although slightly different from normal Internet Marketing these niches are cash cows worth the effort if you do not have any moral obligations.

To be fair this is a difficult area to tackle since it often requires an active community but finding niches with low competition could be a ticket to riches. For example, a website for a home staging consultant with a homepage title of “Susan’s Designs in Tampa” tells Google nothing about what the business does. Write down 5 or 10 of these search terms or phrases and use them throughout different titles and pages in your site. The more Google Friendly text should read “Real estate staging in Tampa for more than 15 years.” This way Google is beginning to understand that this page must be all about real-estate staging in Tampa (after reading the page title and first paragraph). Try, “I have been doing real estate staging in Tampa since 1995.” Bingo… Now Google correctly assumes what this page is about and is more likely to index it properly. For example, you can create a separate blog that talks about trends in your industry and links to your website. But if you rely on a company website to showcase your services, an e-commerce site to sell your products, or you just want to be found, period, search engines are still king. So if you budget $500 for month for your ads to run Monday though Friday, and the cost per click is $2 to be in the fourth position, we would set a daily budget of $30 per day. It’s more of a science than an art so consider hiring an agency that has paid search experience to deliver better results.
Pay Per Click requires you to bid on keywords you anticipate a target market would use when searching for a product or service. We recently implemented a Facebook PPC program targeting students at the top small universities around the county, with school-specific messages. But in today’s hyper-connected world, Social Marketing should be part of your integrated online marketing plan. But the ability to influence discussions, manage your online reputation and spread the word virally, and even generate leads, can return rich rewards.
Is there a place for your business to get involved and engage with social networks such as Facebook?
Once you’ve figured that out, you can turn your attention to recruiting people to join your Facebook page.
Selling or marketing good strong products around credit, credit card, loans, bad debt, debt consolidation and general banking systems is incredibly lucrative. Another good source of an inbound link can come from a listing in a directory or through membership in a professional association.
Because there may be less advertiser competition for keywords, some of these engines can actually cost less and be quite efficient. For example, you would have one campaign for your video production services and another for website development. PPC text ads limit your characters (25 for the headline and 35 each for the next two lines), so think about using keywords liberally in the copy that match specific searches.
Then several times a week we monitor how the ads, keywords and bids are performing against each other. Your competitors may already be networking and micro blogging their way to a stronger Web presence, enhanced credibility, and more customers.
Basically, you pay to have your site appear in the “sponsored listings” section of search engines like Google or Yahoo. Don’t just talk about your products or services, but provide clear and objective answers or feedback. You just have to be patient and gain an acute understanding how to make it work for your business. On the other side of this coin you can also make a fair amount of money by marketing ways to make money particularly ways to make money online and once again the fact that you are reading this post is evidence of that. Using a combination of search engine and PPC programs can help you achieve your goals in a more cost effective manner and deliver better ROI.
Everyone wants the main terms so they cost more and in some categories like “insurance,” a lot more. The key is to find a mix of popular and niche words to keep your cost-per-click at a reasonable rate.
By comparing effectiveness and efficiency of each of these key factors we can make adjustments to optimize performance.
We distribute keyword-targeted news articles and information, including images and video, through syndication channels for many of our clients. Also try starting a discussion to generate a dialogue around something you have a passion for.
Yelp, a peer-to-peer review site, has become a very popular site for folks to weigh in on everything from companies to their favorite places. You want to learn who the big influencers are and to get a sense of the tone and tenor of the dialogue. Google Analytics code should be added to each page and order confirmation to track results.
Bids on Google are higher than some of the other search engines, so we recommend a mix of ad platforms to average out your bid prices. Our goal is to have a reasonable cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPI) measured against a reasonable cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Create a list of objectives and then decide what is the best social media strategy for your small business.
You might actually be surprised what word combinations and phrases people use to search when they are browsing versus buying.

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