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Online retail fell 3.6 percent to 80, as customer satisfaction with smaller e-retailers dropped significantly. Customer satisfaction with online travel is up 1.3% to a new all-time high of 78 and an increase of 4% since 2008. So I was ahead of the curve because I quit in 1991 but I'm 58 so I put the graphs in a little larger for old boomers like me. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. A seismic shift may be in store for the local entertainment industry after tech giant Kakao’s entrance to the market, upon its acquisition of Loen Entertainment, the operator of MelOn, Korea’s top music-streaming service. The music industry here has already been strongly criticized for bifurcating the country’s music content into K-pop music and non-K-pop music, and some music insiders view the acquisition as potentially making it even more difficult for non-K-pop artists, or small-time pop music agencies, to penetrate the market with independent content. By combining forces, Kakao and MelOn are expected to ride K-pop’s popularity in the broader Asian market to further expand and strengthen Kakao’s presence overseas. However, aside from dominating online streaming in Korea, Loen Entertainment is also the country’s No.
The company’s Loen Tree agency is home to popular K-pop starlet IU, while its Starship Entertainment is home to music heavyweights Sistar and K.Will as well as idol boy band Boyfriend.

Late last year Loen also became the majority shareholder of A Cube Entertainment, buying a 70 percent stake in the company. In 2013, Kakao made its first foray into the local music market by launching its social networking music service KakaoMusic in collaboration with Bugs Corp. Along with its ventures in the music market, Kakao has established many platforms in the communications and entertainment fields, including KakaoTV, a video sharing platform that offers free Web dramas and video-on-demand movies and that also allows users to watch clips with friends. Kakao announced that the initial plan for its music industry endeavors is to fuel demand by adding to existing services and create new music services incorporating social networking platforms. With cheaper prices and faster availability, online sales and streaming services are poised to eclipse the physical market altogether before long. 1 online music-streaming site, controlling about 50 percent of the market with roughly 28 million subscribers, including approximately 3.6 million paid subscribers.
1 record distribution label and leading managing agency to a number of big-name K-pop acts, on-screen stars, writers and producers. A Cube is home to Apink and singer Huhgak, and is a subsidiary of Cube Entertainment, one of the country’s biggest K-pop agencies, which manages some of the industry’s top-name acts, including 4minute and Beast. Amazon (+1% to 87) and Netflix (-1% to 86) switch places at the top of the industry, and eBay gains 3% to 81.

The Wall Street Journal has shared data from the Digital Entertainment Group that shows just how far Americans have moved from buying physical copies of their movies. The acquisition announced Monday by Kakao, which has roughly 150 million users worldwide, is projected to further increase MelOn’s music streaming monopoly.
Amazon may have had smaller profits than predicted, but it grew its market share and is in position to continue to lead the industry in sales. According to the data, digital movie sales are up 47% from 2012, which makes them the fastest-growing category in home entertainment revenue. Following Monday’s announcement, it was revealed that that service will continue after the merger, although many industry insiders remain skeptical as to its continued operations. Netflix may prove to be ahead of the online entertainment curve by offering less expensive streaming-only accounts.

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