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We have analyzed the top 10,000 websites in the world to find out what web server software they are running.
It’s worth noting here that nginx is sometimes used as a reverse proxy, often in combination with Apache, so behind some of those nginx numbers there are also Apache web servers. We have included a more comprehensive list at the bottom this article if you want to look closer at the numbers. We have mentioned before how the Web could be considered the greatest triumph of open source software, and this clearly extends to web server software. Amusingly, a few sites felt the need to point out that the server was confidential, instead of just leaving that header out.
Thanks to the large number of localized Google Search sites that show up in the top 10k, Google’s web server (GWS) made a strong appearance with 128 sites. As we promised, here is a table with a more detailed breakdown of the web servers we found.
Sometimes the web server landscape may seem like a three-horse race between Apache, nginx and IIS, but as you can see, there are many other web servers out there.
Methodology: The starting point for this survey was the top 1M sites list (in the world) provided by Alexa. Softpedia NewsThe developers of the open source GStreamer multimedia framework have announced a few hours ago the release and immediate availability for download of the first maintenance version of the GStreamer 1.6 series. Enterprise Apps TodayThe rapid adoption of many Big Data projects is due in part to the fact that the software required is open source and can be downloaded and adopted at a departmental or even employee level before being embraced by the IT department. TimeLive - Open source web-based tool for timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation.
Online Web Timesheet software for timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management.
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Nova is a pack of 350 icons crafted in both line and solid styles following the Material Design guidelines and released in Sketch, AI, SVG, and PDF formats. A set of icons in AI, Sketch, and SVG format icons that feature a nice multi-line and 2-tone flat filling style depicting musical instruments and items. A humongous set of flat icons containing over 5000 flat icon combinations in vector format depicting video and multimedia production available in AI format as well as previews ranging 24 to 512 pixels. A bundle that consists of around 40k Material Design icons in 15 sets depicting different industries like education, security, multimedia, and more. A cool set of photorealistic mockups in INDD format featuring three different placements for a company proposal brochure which are open top view, open isometric and closed isometric.
An amazing pack of 70 poster designs crafted in a vintage style featuring 42 combinable images, CMYK profile, and ready to use in AI format. A neatly designed resume template that features a nice office environment style and that comes in AI, InDesign, and PSD formats. Square is a clean and minimal web PSD template suitable for a photographer or agency portfolio there are 5 different pages besides the home page.
A UI kit designed for iPhone 6 by Adrian Chiran following the iOS guidelines and featuring 12 neatly crafted screen compositions in both PSD and Sketch format. A nice responsive web UI pack that comes with flat style element compositions for the top navigation bar and several cards and widgets for media players, messaging, and more.
A minimal style UI kit made for designers to get inspired, containing 20 different elements in a black and white scheme. A clean and minimal web resume template that comes in 2 PSD format files including the actual whole resume page and a vCard. Accent is a typeface that features irregular thin lines that join through seamless filled in curves, designed especially for short words in titles or logos. Nazare is a typeface crafted out of hand-drawn rounded-end lines comprising of uppercase characters, with alternates.
Bonie is a regular slab typeface that comes available in uppercase, lowercase, numeral and accent characters featuring nice curves and a narrow design. Carosello is a vintage font crafted in Italy that features a cool 50’s poster-like design. Everest is a web template crafted by Jajang Irawan in PSD format that was inspired by the Everest movie featuring a neat clean style and layout.
Cahee is a web PSD template that features a nice flat style for its screen-size containers which contain transparent-background images as well as several web elements. Damiao is a blogging website template in PSD format that features a nice and clean style as well as a creative layout where post containers are attached to a central vertical timeline. Chosen is a clean WordPress Theme crafted in a minimal style for blogging purposes that features a double column post layout, as well as side pages for about, services, and contact sections.
Cosimo is a WordPress Theme that features a nice responsive layout composed by a top navigation bar, a full-width header, and a responsive grid layout container for paginated posts.

Urku is a website template created in HTML5 that features several layouts for portfolio showcasing counting on fully responsive and auto fit grids.
Solid state is a web template created in HTML5 that features full responsiveness for its full-width layout featuring smooth trimmed corner images and buttons. Auberge is a clean and flat web template that features big transparent images as well as a responsive layout and a retractile left sidebar menu. An awesome concept for a login widget that places a tick on the text area as your credentials are input, lays back as a second box reports authentication process then both merge into a single one. A snippet developed in CSS, JavaScript and HTML that allows you to create personalized web context menus. A code snippet developed in pure CSS that generates a very accurate on-screen Apple keyboard featuring the visual effect of pushing its keys. A toggle web element developed in pure CSS that comes in day and night schemes for its binary states featuring a nice animated transition where sunbeams become stars and vice-versa.
An open source repository created by Maxim Abramchuckcreated featuring a stunning collection of interviews about development related topics. SennaJS is a super quick single page application engine that provides you with several low-level APIs to build modern and lightweight web-based applications. Mail in a Box allows you to become your own mail service provider by turning a fresh cloud computer into a working mail server in a for-dummies way. Lineman is a command line utility that is mainly focused in client-side application development counting on the most relevant features of server-side apps. Toshi is an open source Bitcoin node backed up by PostgreSQL and powerful APOs that was built to boost web applications of large scale.
Open Campus is the largest resource library on professional certifications with which you can understand which one is right for you, know the top ones to propel your career, and more.
Cerberus is a library of HTML templates developed for boosting your responsive emails with fluid, responsive, and hybrid templates. Waveformer is a simple web application that allows you to visualize audio waveforms in vector format once the audio file is uploaded. Hospital Run is an open source and offline-first application developed with Ember, the aim of which is to make a cloud-based information system for developing world healthcare facilities. ChocolateChip-UI is a mobile and hybrid app development tool that uses standard web technologies, is built on jQuery library, is powerful and easy to customize. A WebGL JS built panorama video player that allows you to navigate your videos in 360 degrees featuring hardware-accelerated rendering, customizable controls, full-screen support, and cross-platform compatibility.
ScrollReveal is developed in pure JavaScript and requires no dependencies to scroll along the website and discover new containers that fade in and out.
Ally.js is a JavaScript library that simplifies accessibility features, functions, and behaviors by providing certain standard functions for web platforms.
Unslider.js is a jQuery plugin that allows you to set up and run sliders in a matter of seconds, requiring only some valid markup, jQuery, and some extra CSS.
BookingJS calendar widget that you can easily embed into your websites or web applications featuring compatibility with Google Calendar. Responsify is a jQuery plugin that makes images incredibly responsive by integrating a content-aware algorithm that never loses focus of the image’s main subject. Embed.js is a pure JavaScript plugin that allows you to embed several sorts of things from sites like codepen, Twitter, JSFiddle, vine, Github and others, as well as simply mp3 songs, HTML links, and many more. Ayre is a responsive grid system powered by Sass that dynamically adjusts its own parameters based on the viewport size, and allows you to specify margins and breakpoints in grid units. Dwolla.js is a bank verification that can be used in 4 simple steps powering ACH transfers and instant bank verification within your application, avoiding server leaks of customers’ sensitive financial information. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! If you’re looking for a nice icon set for design your iPhone app or Android app, here is a nice set for you. In recent years, open source software has become more frequently used by businesses and individuals alike.
Open source software is frequently made by people that have a real drive and interest in the software they are working on. Such vendors often dictate their own vision of their software which may conflict with your business practices or requirements.
In contrast to this, open source systems allow users to be in control of many of these decisions. As open source projects generally have no need to use proprietary file formats, they are generally more compliant with official standards. Proprietary solutions typically force end-users and business owners to incur expensive licensing fees, often per site or even per machine. Of course, all this being said, your business should not necessarily use open source software for everything. Open Source development is a Web Development methodology, which offers practical ownership and total accessibility to a product?s source code.
It is most certainly relevant today as we tend to term attractive websites as more popular.

In a nutshell, open source development promises better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.
Open source software is considered much more efficient than proprietary software at adhering standards. Open source software is owned by the community, and thus no single person can control or monopolize access to it. ABOUT USNews Ghana is Ghana’s leading online news publication for business executives in West Africa and around the continent.
This largely thanks to two massively popular open source projects: The Apache web server, and the nginx web server. Others that make an appearance in the top 10k include Lighttpd, Apache’s Tomcat, LiteSpeed, Resin, Zeus, Jetty, Tengine and many others. That said, nginx has risen quickly over the past few years and is becoming quite a contender. Out of the top 10k, 79 sites responded with server “cloudflare-nginx” (we folded those into the nginx numbers). If you absolutely want to see every single web server included, we have attached a zipped CSV file where you can check out the raw server headers if you’re interested in that kind of thing. As a bonus, the diverse landscape we’re seeing should spur on competition among the different development teams. We extracted the top 10k from this list, and downloaded the server response headers from each of the sites. We love to work with the freedom of free software and we also collaborate with some projects.
Whether you have a big or small website, we offer a range of options that suit you — always with a free 14-day trial. That's not bad for a company whose flagship product is freely and legally available to download from the web. We’re back again with another roundup of some of the best freebies available for designers and developers. With programs that do not have the code publicly available, you must rely upon the vendor to identify security issues. This can be done by using custom protocols, undocumented file formats or otherwise not complying with established standards and best practices. Additional hardware may also be required to run the latest and greatest version of their software package. With vendor lock-in in effect, this can result in a high initial outlay as well as potentially prohibiting growth of the company’s information technology resources. However, with all the benefits open source solutions and its community can offer, it would be neglectful to not seriously consider use open source solutions in at your company. Open Source Development is considered the most preferable method to develop web applications due to several other factors?
If you value interoperability with other businesses, computers or users, and wish to be free from proprietary data formats, open source software is definitely for you. For example, we suspect the rise of nginx has given the Apache team some extra motivation and inspiration, and vice versa.
However, a lot of the quality present in open source software is the result of users participating in its design and development. This ensures users and companies that use the vendor’s software will be forced into upgrades, new versions and compatible software in order to continue accessing their data. Therefore, as a business, you may often be at the mercy of your proprietary software vendor(s). Not only is the code available, but with any significant open source project, there is typically a large community of developers and users willing to help with this.
Standard file formats and network protocols enable your company to integrate open source solutions into a variety of applications. This means large open source projects are frequently reviewed by the community, allowing security vulnerability to be spotted and resolved quickly and effectively. This can be as simple as reporting bugs or suggesting features or can be as involved as having meetings regarding the program’s design or even digging into the code itself. If the company is able and willing they are also able to make modifications to the open source software they use, in order to meet business requirements, rather than be at the mercy of their vendor to implement a required feature. It is a platform where the source code of the program is accessible to the community which means it is open to change. You can add, update or alter the original code; which you cannot think of doing with proprietary software! Using an open source development solution is not entirely free, but it is considerably less expensive than commercially-licensed solutions in several key areas.

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