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The European electricity transmission grid is one of the largest and most complex physical man-made systems in the world. For example, TSOs analyse in advance whether there will be enough electricity  generation to meet customer demand (known as adequacy analysis) and plan the movement of electricity to ensure the transmission system can cope with it in a secure way (known as operational security analysis). In practice, TSOs forecast and plan the operation of the system, exchanging the “schedules” of planned electricity flows, adjusting these forecasts where necessary due to short-term changes (e.g.
The last decade has seen enormous changes in the way in which electricity is generated (with much higher levels of generation from unpredictable electricity sources, such as wind), traded (100% growth of intraday trade in one year alone) and consumed. These changes make the job of planning and scheduling the electricity transmission system much more challenging. The Network Code on Operational Planning and Scheduling introduces a set of rules, which all TSOs must adhere to in order to ensure the smooth operation of electricity transmission systems at both a national and European level. Firstly, the NC OPS introduces common methodologies for operational security and adequacy analysis. Finally, the code ensures that every actor involved in system operations and electricity markets knows what is expected of them.
When implemented, the measures proposed in the OPS code will enhance TSOs’ capacity to maintain operational security, support the efficient functioning of the European internal electricity market and facilitate the integration of intermittent renewable generation.
TSO cooperation on operational issues in the Continental Europe synchronous zone is today based on a voluntary set of agreements (called the operational handbook).  This is similar, but not identical to the NC OPS.
With the entry into law of the NC OPS, each TSO and each user required to provide information under the NC OPS will need to update their existing systems and processes to ensure compliance with the network code.
The NC OPS has strong links to the two other operational codes (NC Operational Security and NC Load Frequency Control and Reserves). The NC OPS is also linked to the NC Capacity and Congestion Management (CACM), specifically to the section on capacity calculation.

The 55th Annual conference of the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) will be held in beautiful Vancouver from May 27 to 29, 2013. Since 1993 we create scheduling applications that use smart software technologies for several industries.
Our proprietary software products are complete solutions adapted for a specific industry or industry segment. We have over the years build up an international client base and now have clients in several industries and in thirteen countries worldwide. We have a series of ready made products that can be deployed within your organisation in a short time period and we have experience in different industries where we have created custom solutions tailored to specific clients. It will ensure that TSOs work more closely together and will implement a common approach to assessing the operational security of the European transmission grid.
By doing so, it allows the different TSOs to work together in a coherent and coordinated way across Europe to ensure the most efficient preparation for operating the transmission system. Since all power plants and all transmission lines can’t be taken offline at the same time, TSOs prepare and share coordinated availability plans to ensure adequacy of the grid, generation and demand.
It determines the roles and responsibilities for transmission system operators (TSOs), distribution system operators (DSOs), significant grid users and market players with regard to the operational scheduling procedures, and prescribes how these different parties will exchange data. The level of change will depend on the region in which the TSO is located.  Generally speaking, the TSOs of GB, the island of Ireland and the Baltics will need to make more changes than those in continental European area as those systems have been historically operated less closely with other countries. NC OS sets the operational security principles on which the methodologies, procedures and detailed technical principles in the NC OPS and NC LFCR are based. The NC OPS provides the principles needed to establish coordinated processes to calculate capacity available on the electricity transmission system.
Smart schedules are optimized schedules taking into account certain business constraints and are usually optimized on minimal costs, maximum use of resources and optimal financial gain.

Unlike other software providers who may offer general purpose software or software components for integration.
Clear communication and coordination among all European TSOs are key to planning and scheduling the transmission system so that it operates securely at all times. With electricity flows increasingly crossing borders due to greater interconnection, these availability plans affect operations in neighbouring countries. CORS 2013 will provide a great opportunity for both academics and professionals to share their ideas and to network with people in the field of operation research. All our applications are highly visual and use cutting edge technologies from the field of Artificial Intelligence.
Our products can usually be implemented within your organization in a very short time span. Therefore, the NC OPS will improve efficiency by ensuring that the TSOs coordinate their availability plans. Applications run on Windows platforms in stand-alone or networked multi-user configurations.
No need to plan for a long introduction path, we offer a short learning curve and no open-ended financial commitments.

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