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Steve Neighbors is an Idaho multi-entrepreneur with over 40 years’ experience in business start-ups and restructurings.
Steve founded SOS in 2001 and currently serves as President of the company and SOS’ strategy specialist.
Steve created SOS as a way to meet the growing demand for his skill set because he has an insatiable drive to help others excel.
Why make operational improvement a perpetual process when you can make business growth a perpetual process? Design for Operational Excellence provides the design criteria and guidelines that enable you to grow your business organically by refocusing management’s attention from running the business to growing the business. Case studies illustrate how companies that applied Duggan’s methods grew consistently over time by designing and implementing a lean flow of product to the customer.
Operational excellence is something that all organizations strive for, but most operational excellence plans tend to revolve around vision statements that aren't actionable.
Duggan defines a very simple, logical path companies can follow to jump to an operational excellence destination that is real and teachable--something that will bring tangible business growth to organizations that follow his roadmap. The Institute for Operational Excellence is a recognized leader and expert resource for organizations and individuals who want to design their enterprise to achieve Operational Excellence. Though your profitability depends on a number of business parameters, Operational Excellence (AKA Business Optimization) is the most important metric to pursue, and this is achieved primarily thru’ the power of IT.

The ‘Operational’ and ‘Tactical’ layers of the above pyramid hold the key to achieving Operational Excellence.
To develop and execute on a business strategy to drive profits using the power of technology is indeed a challenge.
A Human Resource Strategic Plan and Operational Plans provides a framework to guide the application of all aspects of a company’s human resource practices.
A Human Resource Strategic Plan and Operational Plans provides a framework to guide the application of all aspects of a company’s human resource practices. Like all of the other major business functions, human resources must accomplish a wide range of activities from basic transaction processing to strategic planning in order to be successful. These two templates, one for the HR strategic plan and one for the operational plan, cover all the relevant areas, serve as a reminder for important areas such as budgets, and save you time. Because Duggan's strategy changes process improvement from a long-term series of projects toward some vaguely defined future state into something community banks can plan for and accomplish in pretty short order, using just a few of the continuous improvement tools developed over the past 30 years. Neither “optimizing in experimentation stage” nor “experimenting in optimization stage” will produce the bottom-line results you are looking for. SP Sysnet has been offering technology Consulting, Solutions, Products and Services across operational and tactical layers to help grow several organizations, profitably.
The importance ascribed to each of those functional activities in large part represents the company’s human resource strategy.

Everything from insurance, financial, and banking organizations to hospitals, mining companies, universities, and even government can benefit from the bottom-line and topline business results Duggan’s methodology offers.
However, Startups focus on achieving product-market fit and are not bothered about revenues and profits. Design for Operational Excellence is the next great leap in the evolution of sustained business growth.
Mid-sized organizations in a growing market forsake profitability in the interim to grab as much market share as possible. So, if you are neither a startup nor a mid-sized top-line chasing organization, then your goal is profitability. Instead, position your operation to provide customer solutions in changing markets, which will lead to profit and growth in even the most severe economic and market downturns.

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