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The difference between a successful and unsuccessful marketing campaign can often come down to the conversion rates of your website. Finally, the overall goal for landing page optimization is to ultimately increase your conversion rate, whether it be sign ups, sales or form completions. All the copy that you include on your landing page should be carefully thought out and planned.
A good balance of content and images can be the difference between a high converting landing page and a poor one. Asking for too much information creates a lot of friction and will often scare visitors away. Trust can be built in a variety of different ways and is effective in increasing conversions. Alaister Low Alaister Low is a co-founder of Growth Giant which is a tool that uses the Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithm to continuously test landing pages.
There are several things that can be considered important when it comes to advertising your online business.
The good news is that by making a few small changes you can increase your ROI, save money and give your business a necessary shot in the arm.
There are quite a few things that can be tested on your landing pages, and they will typically make a significant difference. As you continue to improve your website and see an increase in your ROI, you should branch out to testing even smaller factors, such as the font size and its type.
Unwanted keywords may also be included in the search phrases that people are typing into Google’s search box.
You may also wish to include negative keywords that would be searched for by those who are looking for a job in your niche, for example.
First of all, it is typically going to require at least an additional mouse click, unless your homepage is your sales page.
Your homepage can’t be properly optimized for each search query, and this will make you waste precious advertising cash. In addition to this, by tracking your ads you will also be able to improve your quality score, which in turn, can help boost your ROI. There are plenty of good quality tracking programs, and some of them provide a lot of in-depth information.
The first step is to generate a conversion tracking tag from within your Google AdWords account. Google looks at several different factors to determine your quality score, including the relevancy of the landing page, the keywords that are being used and how well they are converting. As a reward for making their advertising program both attractive and effective, Google will improve your positioning, and you will get the lion’s share of the traffic, while minimizing your advertising costs.
Use AdWords’ custom ad scheduling to prevent your ads from running during the times when they don’t convert well, but still cost you money due to useless ad clicks.
This may make some of them avoid clicking the paid ads, and rather concentrate on organic search results, websites that appear on the first Google page because they are being recognized as industry leaders. Nevertheless, when you use keyword insertion, including people’s searched-for keywords in the ad, your advertisement will definitely attract their attention, because it perfectly matches their queries. The searched for keywords will be displayed in bold, rather than showing up in regular font.
When you look for additional keywords, it is likely that you will find several gems that are inexpensive and have a very low AdWords competition. While it is true that Broad Match settings lead to bigger monthly search volumes, you risk wasting your money by displaying the advertisements in front of people who will click your ads without being interested in purchasing your products or services. A much better solution is to use exact match keywords and constantly expand your keywords list, as shown above. When you use exact keyword match, there is no need to be concerned about negative keywords or untargeted traffic. The Internet provides VIP and celebrity personalities with an unprecedented opportunity to reach out and interact with fans. As the Internet matures, most businesses are developing specific procedures to address negative online publicity.
Online reputation management for physicians and medical institutions is absolutely necessary today. You undoubtedly realize that the Internet offers one of the greatest marketing opportunities in the history of business. Many people love search engine optimization, because it offers them the opportunity of getting free traffic to their websites.
Free Ebook: Optimize Landing Pages for ConversionsBuild and promote landing pages that generate more leads. This means that your landing pages need to be optimized for every stage of the marketing funnel.
Grab your free copy of this guide on landing page optimization by filling out the form to the right! Landing pages often go overlooked in ad campaigns, learn how to optimize your landing page by properly structuring it and presenting the appropriate information to the user.
Landing page optimization for PPC is the process of creating well-designed pages for PPC visitors and optimizing each element on the page in order to maximize the percentage of visitors that complete your desired goal.
In a nutshell, landing page optimization leads to more conversions, which raises the ROI of your PPC marketing campaigns. More PPC Leads: When your AdWords landing pages follow best practices, more of your clicks will lead to conversions.

Better Quality Scores: Targeted, well-designed landing pages achieve better Quality Scores, because they are more aligned with the searcher’s intent. It’s clear that landing page optimization is essential to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Optimizing landing pages for relevance is a complicated process that can yield uncertain results.
A strong headline that is relevant to your PPC keyword and ad text and compels the visitor to stay with you.
Clean, attractive design that looks trustworthy and professional and is consistent with your brand.
If you drop the ball on any of these elements, you could end up paying for a lot of clicks that never turn into high-quality leads. But with smart landing page software, you can build and optimize landing pages on your own, quickly and easily, without the help of your IT team. It’s Complete: You can’t build landing pages in AdWords, forcing you to jump between different applications to complete the PPC puzzle. Some visitors will only read the headline, so be sure to write a strong headline that is clearly relevant to your keyword and ad text. Choose the fields you want to include and which fields will be required, including standard fields and custom fields. Once you’ve completed the setup process, you can save your new landing page as a draft, preview it, or publish it with one click. The AdWords Landing Page Performance Grader is packed with valuable info that will aid you in boosting conversion rates and ensuring that your landing pages are set for optimal performance. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget. It covers a lot of interesting points about website optimization and we wanted to elaborate on the main points in the diagram to give you more details on how to get the most from your website. There are literally millions of different websites online and it’s difficult to stand out from the others. Optimizing your site and landing pages allow you to potentially make more revenue with the same traffic. Each bit of text should serve a purpose of either informing the viewer about something or convincing them to do something. Make sure the message and the content on the landing page matches the copy in your ad creative. The purpose of this landing page is to get viewers to do one thing and that is take action on your CTA. This will make visitors feel a lot more comfortable on your site and increase your conversions.
Ask for only what you need and you’ll find that more people are willing to fill in your form or survey.
Building trust is a way to make customers feel more comfortable and secure spending money on your site.
User or customer testimonials work well to increase conversions as they provide comfort for people who are on the fence considering whether or not to invest their money in your product or service.
Each landing page should have a single purpose and everything on that page should be organized in a way to promote that goal.
It automatically directs traffic to your better performing pages to ensure you get the maximum conversion rate.
It can be as simple as testing a headline, or perhaps the color of the call to action button.
You end up losing many customers, because they will back out of your webpage, rather than looking for the proper call to action button or website menu entry.
Always create landing pages that are specific to your keywords and your business’ ROI will increase.
The good news is that Google’s free conversion tracking tool will do a great job most of the time. You should also track conversions, of course, thus making sure that the ad is also converting well when people land on your website. Google AdWords’ keyword insertion can make a huge difference in your click through rate and ROI.
Use industry jargon as a base for your Google Keyword Planner queries, and don’t be afraid to use the databases of other online giants like Wikipedia and Amazon, searching their websites for keywords that would never show up in Google’s Keyword Planner. With exact match, your ads will only be displayed when somebody types in the targeted keyword phrase in its exact format.
In addition to prospects, many repeat visitors or customers will come across your landing page.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. The ultimate goal of PPC landing page optimization is to build pages that better engage your target audience so you can drive more leads through paid search. To do the job right, you typically need a graphic designer, a developer, and other IT resources, plus a hosting environment. Landing Pages & Leads, a robust feature set within WordStream Advisor, includes a Landing Page Builder that guides you through the process of creating and optimizing landing pages for PPC. But WordStream Advisor is a start-to-finish PPC management solution, with all the tools you need to get started in PPC and then cross the conversion finish line. Your page’s theme should coordinate with the rest of your website, strengthening your brand.

Google looks for relevance between these three elements when determining your landing page Quality Score. Remember that adding more fields gives you more lead information, but may reduce your conversion rates, as visitors tend to be less inclined to fill out long forms. You can upload an asset, such as a white paper, and paste in your conversion code so you can track form completions.
Visitors will be able to more intuitively navigate and use your site which will work to improve the overall experience.
This allows more budget to be placed into marketing and gives your team more scope to try creative marketing campaigns. Make sure the content you use is relevant to what the landing page is about and emotive enough to get them to take action. Use contrasting colors, large font sizes and prominent placement to emphasize your CTA buttons or text. Adding a Facebook widget that displays peoples friends that have also used a product or service is also a great way to build trust.
There is only one group of people that will tell you what converts best and they’re your own customers and visitors.
You could have the perfect landing page with an incredibly high conversion rate, but if visitors have to wait too long they may just leave. This will ensure that you’re getting the most from your website and not loosing valuable customers and revenue. This is especially true if you are spending money for any type of advertising through pay per click (PPC) ads.
One of the most important things that you can do to increase your ROI is to tweak and test your website regularly. Google AdWords’ control panel includes an often underused section that can help you save a lot of money, allowing you to focus the ads on a tighter audience.
If your company provides marketing services, but doesn’t offer a free service, you should add “free” to the negative keywords list.
It is very important to set up conversion tracking; this way, you will be able to determine which keywords are working fine, and which should be avoided because they aren’t bringing in revenue. Google provides a thorough, easy to follow tutorial, so I won’t waste your time describing the process here.
An often overlooked way to improve your ROI is to improve the positioning of your advertising.
Test the copy on your landing page, but don’t forget to test the effectiveness of your ads as well. When you first set up your Google AdWords account, you will likely generate and pick a set of keywords. Then, about 95% of the advertisers are bidding on the same keywords, increasing the ad costs. And don’t forget to read the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tutorial, which shows several outside the box keyword research methods. There are so many potential bottlenecks that many AdWords advertisers end up sending PPC traffic to their home page – a huge no-no for conversion rate optimization! Best practices are built in, so you’ll know that your landing pages are optimized for PPC success. We also provide a ready-to-use hosting environment while still enabling you to publish to your own subdomain. For the body, write clear, concise copy that communicates the unique benefits of your offering, so users want to take the next step. There are a lot of specific ways to build trust which can also help with increasing conversions. Helping users effectively and quickly use your site is crucial for conversions and website optimization. Answers to these questions will help you figure out how to go about creating your landing pages and what content to place on the page.
This way, you will not waste money on clicks coming from people that are only interested in free offers. And you can do this without increasing your advertising budget if you improve your quality score.
And if your advertising campaign has been running for at least a few weeks, you will discover that your traffic is converting much better at specific times of the day. It is likely that they have used world’s biggest search engine in the past, and they may be aware of the fact that you are paying for advertising. It is crucial to regularly scan for new keyword ideas, and then test them in your AdWords campaigns.
Many people start their campaigns using Broad Match, because they want to have access to a large pool of potential buyers. Google has included a free landing page optimization tool named “Content Experiments” in its Analytics package.

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