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Please note that in order to protect your privacy, we do not collect payments over the Internet. Please see the Ensemble Program page for tuition information; the Registration form for this program area also includes tuition information. Please check the summer program page and registration form for tuition information related to summer programs.
Private Lessons are charged at the school year per lesson rates as noted on the Private Lesson Tuition Page. Because consumer experience is a critical component of quality of care, giving more prominence to patient engagement is a crucial change to the PCMH program. The ability to understand what is most important to an individual is foundational to the provision of person-centered care.
Quality of care for people with complex needs begins with a person-centered assessment and care planning process that addresses what is most important to the individual. Contraception and reproductive health are important aspects of women’s health and of comprehensive, patient-centered care.
A March 2013 white paper, developed with support from The SCAN Foundation, describes a strategy for evaluating the quality and person-centeredness of integrated care. Nanotechnology-based products in consumer markets are already growing at a staggering pace with well over 1000 products on the market today, compared with a little more than 50 products in 2005.

This acceptance of the application of nanotechnology in everyday products foreshadows what is also expected in the life sciences, including medicine, devices, and diagnostics. Engineering particle morphology and chemistry in order to achieve highly targeted and efficient delivery to tumors. Engineering monodisperse, precisely sized and shaped particles that deposit preferentially on the surface of the skin, as well as developing PRINT-enabled microneedles for more precise transdermal delivery.
Engineering particles of specific chemistries and shapes to protect nucleic acids for efficient delivery to targeted tissues and cellular compartments. Engineering monodisperse, chemically tunable beads for more efficient sample preparation, amplification and multiplexing.
Engineering particle morphology to achieve efficient nose-to-brain delivery, as well asparticles that can target and transit the blood brain barrier.
Developing unique PRINT particle formulations designed to achieve high concentration, low viscosity subcutaneous formulations.
Leverage engineered PRINT particles to develop safer, more effective vaccines for companion and production animals.
The Creative Movement Program is offered to our Kindergarten Enrichment class and some of our afternoon Four Year Old classes. Our Kindergarten Enrichment Program places an emphasis on reinforcing the skills children learn in Kindergarten with activities to stimulate the children's intellect.

We will contact you via telephone regarding payment once we have received your registration form. NCQA’s Multicultural Health Care (MHC) offers distinction to organizations that engage in efforts to improve culturally and linguistically appropriate services and reduce health care disparities. NCQA developed the optional Distinction in Patient Experience Reporting to help practices capture patient and family feedback through the newly developed CAHPS PCMH Survey. The ability for providers and care managers to communicate and coordinate care based on a shared understanding of the individual’s goals directly impacts the outcomes and experience of the person receiving care.
Better integration can improve care for people with complex needs, but failure to rigorously measure quality could result in cost savings at the expense of quality. With growth of nearly 500 percent over the last five years, health and beauty is the largest and fastest growing category of nanotechnology-based consumer products. The ability to successfully achieve or exceed this rapid growth is dependent on the development of manufacturing and particle engineering platforms that can rapidly produce safe, effective and cost-effective products. The children attend the Posey School of Dance where activities using music and movement are incorporated into a language based program.

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