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Often when I suggest Linux as an alternative I hear, yes i like it unfortunate that there is nothing as software for processing digital audio, so I must stay with Windows. A sufficiently powerful computer with good quality sound cards, can become very suitable for a hobbyist recording studio, as well as an excellent solution for a teaching laboratory, although there are already those who use the programs that we are to speak at semiprofessional. Rosegarden is a well-rounded audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor, and general-purpose music composition and editing environment. Rosegarden is an easy-to-learn, attractive application that runs on Linux, ideal for composers, musicians, music students, and small studio or home recording environments. With this short article I hope to have given you some more information about this field and have you show that you can switch to Linux also to do professional work in music. Designed to have all the studio features you need without the clutter, MixPad lets you mix multiple audio tracks together quickly and easily. Work with an unlimited amount of tracks and enjoy using MixPad's intuitive user interface for rapid response mixing and recording.
MixPad has many powerful recording features including the ability to record several different sources into different tracks at the same time.
MixPad's powerful track control panel allows you to apply changes to individual tracks such as mute or solo (mutes all other tracks).
There is a great collage feature in this app to, which lets you create amazing collages instantly. With a little patience and expertise in Linux, you can indeed create a workstation for processing digital audio at no charge for licenses.

JAMin is a software module, rather than a direct replacement for complete proprietary systems such as Sonic Solutions or SADiE.
With Ardour (which runs on both Linux and Mac OS X) you can record audio sources on how many tracks you want and edit with a set of filters is much more flexible than that of Jamin. Drumming is Hydrogen drum-machine for Linux, exported in a MIDI track into Rosegarden MIDI sequencer.
If this is the case and you can not or want to spend time to compile everything from source, it is worth trying one of the distributions created especially for engineers, professionals and amateurs. Navigate the timeline of your audio files easily using the project cursor, and add fade points at precise locations to adjust volume or to pan the audio. Simply enable the Rec button in the track control of any track(s) you would like to record to. Produce high-quality audio files with sample rates up to 96 kHz for HD- and DVD-quality audio. MixPad also features a high quality audio recorder as well as a number of useful audio effects.
There are regular features such as crop, rotate or overlays, and there are more than 2 million combinations for borders and overlays, and you get all these effects for free. There are pre-defined collage dimensions already given with the app, but users can also input their custom dimensions to make collages.
The Open Source products for this type of work most suitable and popular right now are probably Ardour, Jamin and Rosengarden.

At this early stage in its development, it features 30-band and 1023-band equalisers, a spectrum analyser, a three-band peak compressor and a look-ahead brick-wall limiter. Once the track(s) are in record standby mode, simply press the main record button and MixPad will start recording. Or, for recording your own audio tracks, simply click the 'Record Clip' button on the toolbar. You can share photos through Facebook or even through normal email, and there is a one-click fix for images, which fixes colours and bad lighting conditions instantly in an image. Planned additions include multi-band stereo processing, parametric EQ, a loudness maximiser, and preset and scene capabilities. Other important functions of Ardour are automatic compensation for the delay between one track and one support for several audio formats in output, and an interface for controlling musical instruments and MIDI devices.
You can easily record to multiple tracks by putting more than one track into record standby mode. While JAMin could be run on a mixed-down stereo track, it is designed for the user to be able to reach back into the multitrack mix and fix the root cause of problems that conventional mastering techniques have to work around — in real time.

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