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September 13, 2012 by Melonie Dodaro Comments As 2012 evolves, Pinterest marketing continues to show huge promise with new stats revealing that it’s overtaken Yahoo search for referral traffic.
The visually stimulating powers of Pinterest have given your consumers a new way to come together and network based solely on their interests. They no longer need to be segmented by geographic location, place of work or even whether or not they know each other – they are now connected based on their passion, projects and interests; making Pinterest a very powerful new marketing tool.
The most advantageous part of Pinterest is the ability to connect with users by becoming part of the conversation, similar to the way Twitter allows it’s participants to identify hot topics or buzz words. The thoughts appear on the virtual board with large images and small captions, a very visually stimulating and easy way to identify what the messaging is. Social media marketing has become all about the copy and capturing the right tone to appeal to a targeted audience. Pictures are self-explanatory.  Pinterest marketing has made it possible to capture emotion, control the imagery and truly brand without having to focus on anything other than a picture. Users can choose to share your image and give their own interpretation with a personalized caption; which therein lie’s the secret.
You don’t need to read a media kit to find your core demographic – chances are, they’ve made themselves incredibly easy to target based on their current pinning activity.
Sure, you may know the advertising habits of your competition and what kind of PR they received last year – but now you have an even more personal way to keep track of their activity. You can rest assured they are doing what you are doing; following the right consumers, sharing their accomplishments, and creating as much image content as they can. Ensure that what you are doing is fresh, that it pushes the envelope and that your pins are always one step ahead of the curve.
The key to successful Pinterest marketing is to brand everything subtlety – the competition might even share it without realizing that it’s yours. Social Media Marketing You’ve probably heard all the reasons your business needs social media. Social Media Strategy Social media is a wonderful tool is for attracting more leads, customers and sales for your business. LinkedIn Marketing LinkedIn is #1 business network and an absolute must if you are an entrepreneur, professional or sales person.
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Let me know what questions you have about using Pinterest as part of your visual content marketing plan. And if you would like to book a consultation with me to discuss the issues covered in the live event you can book a Google Helpout with me here. My name is Krishna De and I'm a brand journalist, digital marketing and social media speaker, strategist, educator and mentor. You will find the resources on this site of assistance if you want to be more effective with your digital marketing, enhance your online visibility and manage your online reputation. The incredibly organized and consumer lead-sharing cycle has created endless opportunity for very targeted viral impact. This social network takes that notion one step further and organizes every thought by themes and categories.
Think of Pinterest as a collage of your favourite magazine content carefully crafted, labeled and pinned up by you. Challenges can arise with saying the wrong thing and offending the masse, often due to a misunderstanding in tone – one of the challenges of communicating exclusively through text.
Your picture will remain unaltered through the exponential shares, and allows your Pinterest marketing message to go viral.
You have the power to make an impact by doing what you love and documenting it – or finding the things you love about your business in imagery that just makes sense. You simply need to start following those who have identified what you are trying to sell as their key interests, and consistently sharing content that your ideal customer would love. Have you been struggling to work out how to make your Pinterest marketing more efficient and successful?
In the next episode of the Visual Content Marketing Show I am delighted that Melissa Megginson, Marketing Manager of Pinterest marketing tool Tailwind will be joining me.
I write about digital marketing research and trends as well as sharing resources and events I think will be of interest to you.
Be sincere and jump in to the conversation – you’ll be a Pinterest marketing expert in no time.
Women do already outnumber men on almost all the big social media networks, but on Pinterest is where they really take the lead. Clicks on your website and profilesThese are going to indicate an interest in your projects and websites as a whole and this could be very valuable information for you.

The things that are being re-pinned are often popular, which is going to work well if you can find a way of exploiting that fact for your own personal or business gain.
You can see which posts or parts of your website are getting the most clicks.Some feel that clicks are the most important metric to follow.
Some feel that clicks are as important as page visits on websites when it comes to measuring the metrics. There is a good chance that people enjoy your website and want to show it off, and if that is the case then you know that lots of clicks means that you are doing something correct.2. The reach of your pinsYou will have to use the metric systems for a while before you will be able to get a grip of your reach, but it is still a metric worth following. The reach of your pins is the amount of estimated people that see your pins and see your re-pins.If you know the reach of your pins then you may be able to judge how much of an effect your efforts are having. For example, you may get a small number of people looking at your boards or your website and think that you are having a bad week, but the low numbers may disguise the fact that you have a small reach.
If you know you have a large reach, then low responses will mean low quality and not that nobody saw your pins.3. Your top pinsYou can see which pins are the most popular and which are being re-pinned at the highest rate and the most often.
You can find ways of reaching out to your fans and influencers and hopefully you will be able to create a more dedicated and loyal following.
You can even try to influence the people who are influencing others so that you may leverage your special relationship with them.5.
The pins you get from your websiteThis may actually show that your other online campaigns are successful, but it is a mixed bag.
It may be that people are looking at your website from the Pinterest website and are then pinning things, or it may just be that you naturally attract Pinterest users from other places such as the search engines. You can have a look at the pins you are getting from your website to see which elements and images are popular.You can use this information to create your own board that is full of your most popular images. You can create your own board and fill it full of the things that you now know your viewers may like. He writes articles regarding Mobiles, Tech, Gadgets, Games, Web Applications, Social Media and much more.

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