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As you can see, the plot of this movie is all over the place and I’m not even halfway done describing it. All in all, this is a classic case of the studio meddling in a film and the director obviously being burned out on the franchise. Spiderman 3 was awesome,I don’t know why everybody hates this movie, sure it could have been better, but the fight scenes in particular are amazing. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A chronicle of the most lethal sniper in US Military history, American Sniper offers the tools to director Clint Eastwood and star Bradley Cooper to give us a film that respects an individual of pure heroism throughout the horrors of the Iraq war, and they do a solid job, with the worst part being that they may respect him too much. Based on Chris Kyle’s autobiography of the same name, the film depicts Kyle’s entry into the armed forces and his four tours of Iraq, the many kills he confirmed, the horrors he witnessed, and the strains of post-traumatic stress when coming home to his family. The outline sounds like a fairly generic warfare story arc, and for the most part the film goes through Kyle’s journey is a reasonably expected way, though that said, there are moments of unexpected brutality and awe. The film is a very solid piece of work, yet this is where the limitations of its own success shine clear. One can only think of what this film would be like under the direction of Steven Spielberg (originally signed to direct, pulling out due to concerns with the budget), one imagines a deeper sense of dread and horror would have been incorporated into Kyle’s experience and psychology.
By now, with the amount of cinematic and televised attention our two world wars have received, we’ve pretty much established that war is hell on earth. The introduction and set up to our tank team is embedded with somewhat generic undertones – four hardened veterans have a freshly commissioned rookie dumped upon them, and then gradually as things progress the newbie is toughened up and endures the terrors of war, steadily being moulded into one of them. Logan Lerman is the newbie Norman Ellison, a typist who has not even seen the inside of a tank, being hurled right into the gritty fray, beginning with cleaning up the remains of the previous assistant driver’s face from the seat. Ayer’s desire to thrust the audience into the horrors of war cannot be faltered – the battle scenes are crafted with a hand that truly wants to be in the heart of it all, and for nothing to have any soft edges. When discussing a World War Two film it is near impossible to not refer to Saving Private Ryan, because that’s the level that Ayer has attempted to reach for with Fury.
To recognise this trend we're offering ?1500 to the most creative mash-up of Channel 4's Film4 RSS feeds.
Since we're not going to be hosting these mash-ups, you're free to develop them in whatever language you're most familiar with, and deliver them as bite-size widgets or full-blown apps. As an example of the kind of application that can be created using the film site's content, check out the Movie Tag Facebook application. Channel4-ness: Does your mash-up embrace Channel4's values (Do It First, Inspire Change, Make Trouble)? By entering the competition you are agreeing to the above rules and the Terms & Conditions. Raimi decides to rewrite the history of the franchise by making Flint Marko the guy that actually killed Uncle Ben. This leads to him changing the way he dresses, his hair style, and eventually into a song and dance routine.

Spidey gets caught and is being pummeled by a giant Sandman when Harry shows up in his Green Goblin gear and turns the tide of the battle. Platform Nation is a collaboration of several gaming podcasts who decided it would be best for our gamers, the podcasters and the rest of the gaming community if they came together to share efforts. Clint Eastwood knows how to stage his warfare, all action sequences – be them tense or fully blown out – are executed brilliantly, and with them provide an insight into some of the most lethal of the 160 recorded kills that Kyle carried out. It’s attempting to be something more, something more personal, to add signature perspective on the Iraq war, and sadly this doesn’t feel thoroughly signature. For what it is, American Sniper is a fine piece of warfare on film with strong performances and pays the utter most respect to its heroin, but with only a certain amount of psychological ingenuity.
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And this message is basically what director David Ayer is reminding us of with Fury, depicting the journey of a five man US tank crew through the final months of the Second World War in Nazi Germany. Lerman delivers the psychological journey of a war rookie convincingly, with plenty of angst and battle hardened energy by the film’s conclusion.
Occasionally the real gritty final touches are cut away from too quickly, but the majority are as solid as the tank depicted. But nothing with ever reach to Spielberg’s archaic level of emotion, integrity and intensity. And we recognise that some of the most inspiring online work is coming from the bedrooms of passionate hobbyist coders - not always the big name agencies and software giants. If you'd like to pull in other Channel4 content into your app, refer to our RSS Central Page for some of our more popular content feeds. These will then be distributed to the judging panel to be assessed and winners will be announced as set out in the timetable. If you want to make a TV programme or a film for us you'll find everything you need right here.
A meteor lands in the park near where he and MJ are hanging out and the venom symbiote comes out and attaches itself to Peter’s moped. Meanwhile he’s introducing the symbiote out of thin air, putting MJ and Peter’s relationship into turmoil, giving Harry amnesia, and introducing Eddie Brock as Peter’s rival at the Daily Bugle. A new Peter Parker has been cast and the movie will be based on the Ultimate Universe’s Spider-Man.
Together we have a larger voice in the community for the gamers that we strive to speak for. Bradley Cooper provides his usual strong magnetic work in the central role of a veteran who is committed to his country and prepared to die for it, and during the scenes at home he envelopes the persona of a psychologically pressured veteran out of his comfort zone with nuance and warmth. The truth is that Eastwood is being too respectful to Kyle that he doesn’t seem to know how deep and disturbing to take Kyle’s PTSD, or indeed how much of the horrors of warfare to show the audience. It’s a rock solid juggernaut of a war film, but it falls slightly short of some of its big sisters.

Brad Pitt’s character of Don “Wardaddy” Collier, the commander of the tank squad is somewhere between his smarmy, Nazi scalp-slicing renegade persona in Inglourious Basterds and the quiet and consoling Benjamin Button.
Shia LaBeouf is for once very well behaved in his role – a man resigned to the fact that men become monsters in order to win a war, with a mind-set of allowing men to commit atrocities in order to secure a victory.
The final act is one of sensational tension, five men and a disabled tank against an entire SS platoon, with the backdrop of a burning building and smoky darkness – Ayer has clearly taken inspiration from the likes of Spielberg and Skyfall. Hats off to Ayer for trying, but fundamentally what he has created is an earnest, raw and impressive war film which holds cinematic style and energy – but it doesn’t breach a huge amount of new ground.
I don’t know if it’s because Raimi wrote and directed it instead of the guys from the first two movies or if the pressure got to them to try and top the second film. When Peter finally realizes he needs to get rid of the black costume he heads to a church tower and uses the bell to assault the symbiote with sonic waves, its only weakness. After Spider-Man 3, I’m glad to see some new blood being injected into my favorite wall-crawler. Granted there are a few genuinely disturbing scenes – most notably the torture of an Iraqi family with use of a drill – yet the vast majority of its two hour fifteen minute run time, the film feels rather risk averse.
He’s a firm but fair soldier – he knows what men need to become to get through the war, but also sets the humanist boundaries, a role which demands complexity and patience – both of which Pitt has.
Plus you have Jon Bernthal as the team ape, delivering the blunt and brutal with ease, and acting as a polar opposite to Norman. There is emotion, strong performances, interesting ideas and solid battle scenes, and considering the effort made – there really isn’t anything wrong with just that. Either way, Spider-Man 3 hits every comic book movie pitfall on it’s way to the top of the Marvel movie charts since it’s the highest grossing Marvel movie of all time. During this, we find out that Marko was actually the criminal that shot Uncle Ben in the first movie. In another huge coincidence, Eddie Brock is there and the symbiote bonds with him, their mutual hatred for Parker fueling their desire for revenge.
It is an admirable misfire in attempting to reach set standards of war drama, but succeeds in doing everything else it wanted to bring to the table.
The full guidelines of the competition, including how the projects will be judged and the timeframes for getting your entry into Platform 4, are outlined here. He’s attacked by Harry in his new and improved Goblin gear resulting in Harry getting amnesia.

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