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Die HAK Steyr freut sich natA?rlich A?ber so engagierte Kollegen und wir freuen uns, dass auch unsere SchA?ler*innen von der Expertise von Prof.
I was at a graduation event last month talking to Sarah, a student from my entrepreneurship capstone class, and she passionately told me how proud she was of her semester long team project. We started Seelio to give students like Sarah a space to capture and share their experiences with the world and to move the conversation beyond GPAs, bullet points, and school diplomas to who they are as a person and what they know and can do. Three years ago, Seelio began with a simple prototype at a kitchen table in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Along the way, we realized that we could do more than simply provide a technology tool, but that we could really help students with the process of discovering who they are and who they want to become.
Today you’ll find every one of us on the Seelio team working to find a way to ensure that every student can achieve the maximum return on their educational investment. I want to acknowledge the amazingly talented Ann Arbor community, the best place in the world to start a company that can change the world. I also want to take a moment to thank the Seelio team for all of their effort to make Seelio what it is today. Imagine a children’s swing, it is regularly used by big kids who push it hard, going as high as possible. Metal fatigue happens when a component is repeatedly stressed even if the stress is well within the yield stress of the material. When a component is stressed there are usually places where the stress is higher than elsewhere. Alexander Kielland Platform, North Sea: The Alexander Kielland was an accommodation platform for oil workers in the North Sea.
The initial failure had been caused by a faulty weld that attached a metal plate to a hole cut in the support. As you might expect, the larger the stress on a component the fewer stress cycles are needed to lead to failure.
Why might an engineer want to test a new iron or steel component that is subject to cyclical stresses? The duration of the demonstration will depend many factors specific to your set up such as the thickness of the metal and the mass, position and speed of the eccentric cam, however each time the motor rotates microscopic damage will be done to the aluminium at the tip of the notch. There are in fact two distinct areas of fatigue; they are called high and low cycle fatigue.
With low cycle fatigue the component is likely to fail before it reaches 1000 cycles, the amount of distortion involved in each cycle will be so large as to produce plastic deformation of the material. Fatigue cracks tend to start at locations that have sharp internal corners or where manufacture, repair or maintenance has lead to high, permanent tensile stresses (the material is already under tension). So metal fatigue creeps up on you, it starts as a tiny crack and gradually grows deeper until one day, disaster. Ultrasound: You are probably familiar with the use of ultrasound to check the development of an unborn baby.
Dye Penetration: First the component is thoroughly cleaned and then a brightly coloured or fluorescent dye is sprayed on the suspect area. Which of the following examples might you expect to be subject to metal fatigue and where would you look for a developing crack? Kurt SA¶ser auf Einladung von Microsoft an der weltweit grA¶AYten Microsoft Edcuation Konferenz in Barcelona teilnehmen. Mal statt und versucht Innovative Lehrer und Lehrerinnen, sowie Schulen, a€zStakeholder und Change-Makera€? aus aller Welt zusammenzubringen und ihren innovativen Projekten eine groAYartige Plattform zu bieten.

Jahrhundert zelebriert und wenn Anthony Salcito (VP Microsoft Education) zu dir als Lehrer sagt a€zyou inspire Microsoft to work harder everyday, you are making the change possible!a€? dann ist das keine leere Marketing-Floskel, sondern man merkt, dass hier mit viel Herzblut und auch Geld (!) seitens Microsoft gearbeitet wird!a€? so die EindrA?cke SA¶sers A?ber den Einsatz von Microsoft im Bildungsbereich. That’s when we started partnering with universities to bring Seelio straight into the classroom to help students start preparing for their careers from day one. Talented people from across the country joined the adventure as advisors, investors, ambassadors, employees, interns, and volunteers. As you can imagine, building this technology and service model requires a lot of resources and expertise (by denise). Thank you to the University of Michigan, our first official Seelio partner, and Menlo Innovations, for letting us crash on your couch as a company during our formative stages. And thank you to PlattForm and all of our investors for believing in our vision and helping us grow. We couldn’t do what we do without you and it’s a joy to build something that we truly believe will make a difference in your lives. On January 10th 1954, after only 1,290 pressurised flights a Comet crashed into deep water off the island of Elba. It was filled with water then pressurised and depressurised (to simulate the change in external air pressure an aircraft experiences each time it completes a high altitude flight). On March 27th, 1980 there was a storm and high seas but nothing that the platform had not weathered before.
Bad design meant that the platform would fail if a single support were lost, bad construction meant that the support was weakened by unplanned additions to the design and poor maintenance meant that a 70 mm long crack had not been noticed in a critical component of the platform.
As an example, an aluminium component that is regularly subjected to a stress of 100 MPa can be expected to fail after about 1,000,000 cycles. It is the nature of fatigue that whilst in principal it follows a pattern, the individual results show a great deal of scatter even when all the variables are carefully controlled. The basic idea is that a pulse of high frequency sound is given out by a transducer which then travels through the mother’s abdomen. If there is a crack the capillary action will draw the dye in to the crack, this takes several minutes. These men walked the length of any train that was waiting in the station, tapping the wheels with a small hammer on the end of a long pole. Die Juroren waren von der Projektidee so beeindruckt, dass Kurt SA¶ser mit seinem Team in der Kategorie a€zpovertya€? den 1. Ich freue mich riesig A?ber diesen Preis!a€? Wie wichtig das Microsoft in Education Global Forum ist, kann besonders am Abschlussredner erkannt werden: kein Geringerer als Prinz Filipp, Spaniens Thronfolger, hielt eine flammende Rede A?ber die Wichtigkeit der Bildung im 21. That’s why we’re so excited to be able to partner with PlattForm, a company that’s been focused on changing lives through education since 1989. The only changes you’ll see are more innovations in our technology and service model, more friendly faces to help with your questions, and a continued focus on stability and growth for our platform. But along the way we get a leader and partner to help us grow and bring Seelio into the hands of more students and universities around the world so everyone has a chance to get the most out of their education.
After three thousand simulated flights cracks were found around a window in the roof of the cockpit. A crack formed in the weld which grew due to metal fatigue, this spread into the support itself which failed.
If the component is part of an aircraft fuselage that is only stressed once each flight then even if it made ten flights a day every day of the year then the component would last for over 270 years, far greater than the life of the aircraft. Eventually the crack will reach a critical length and it will grow rapidly across the remaining metal.

The section away from the notch will be rough, where the bar fractured suddenly due to ductile tearing. It involves relatively small stresses, always within the elastic limit of the material in question.
This is a major problem for engineers designing with fatigue in mind as they have to work to the worst conceivable lifetime even the vast majority of components will long outlast this. Engineers then plan for either plan for the component to last for the mean time between failures or for shorter than the earliest time to failure if it is a 'safety critical' component. From years of experience they could tell from the sound the wheel made whether it was safe or whether a small crack was growing in it.
We want to reach even more students because we believe the work we are doing can really change lives. You’ll still see the same folks here on the Seelio team, enjoying Waffle Wednesday, and thinking about ways to make your Seelio experience the best it can be. In the other aircraft metal fatigue would have caused this crack to grow until the fuselage suddenly ripped open. If however it were part of the undercarriage wheel that was stressed each time the wheel rotated it might be cycled several thousand times each flight and so would be likely to fail after a few hundred flights.
This means that so long as the stress that a component made of this material was subjected to was kept below 300 MPa then it would never fail due to fatigue. By listening for the echoes and timing them it is possible to build up a picture of the object producing the echo, in this case the unborn child. If they detected a fault they had the authority to remove the carriage or engine and have it replaced before the train could continue its journey.
Before the recovered wreckage was fully analysed the board concluded that the aircraft had been brought down by a turbine blade in one of the engines shattering and so causing an explosion in the fuel tanks. The square design of the windows had produced unexpectedly high stresses on the metal skin of the aircraft also the panels had been punch riveted, which increased the permanent stresses on the skin, rather than drill riveted and glued as per the design specification. Ultrasound can also be used to detect cracks since the crack surface will reflect sound very effectively.
A combination of poor design and a bad manufacturing lead to the deaths of fifty six passengers and crew. It should spring back slightly but not all the way to the zero position; this confirms that the material has exceeded its elastic limit. In its simplest form it does not even need to produce an image; just the presence of an echo from within the body of the metal is enough to raise suspicion. Even though the overall stress on the component is well within the elastic region of the stress – strain curve, at the very tip of the crack the stresses can be very high and well into the plastic region. Now bend the sample back to the -15° position and then return it to the zero position. Once a possible crack has been identified then the suspect area can be looked at in more detail. You might also look at the fracture under a microscope; it should be distinctly different from the cup and cone failure tensional failure.

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