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It is a great add on which not only shows the time but can be upgraded throughout the game with more applications such as calculator, pedometer and shows how your pokemon are doing in the daycare center and how happy they are. People of all ages love to play these games ,it is not just younger children who enjoy Pokemon games anymore, teenagers and adults are also playing and enjoying them.
Pokemon game has reverted back to the original gameplay of the classics but has used the power of the DS to take the game to another level.

The new 3d graphics look of the pokemon game looks fantastic to play and give so much more depth to the scenary than that of previous games. There have been many Pokemon games released for playing on a lot of different platforms including Game Boy and Nintendo.
The real time play is a nice little touch as some Pokemon games can only be found during dark hours for playing and others only during daylight and there moves power can change depending on the time of day.

You can trade Pokemon games to play on, battle or even chat with anyone accross the world.

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