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Here is a tale of three sisters, two of whom became European princesses and one who became an American princess (that last one is a bit of stretch, but work with us here).
They have four children, Isabelle (1993), Robert Maximilian (1996), Conrad (1998), and Maximus (2002). She is not as in the public eye as her two sisters but has worked for Sephora and has a couple of documentaries under her belt. She met Pavlos through a family friend and they became engaged over Christmas in Gstaad in 1995. The bride’s title thus became Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Greece and Denmark. Marie Chantal now runs the children’s clothing company Marie-Chantal which has seriously cute stuff (Princess Estelle of Sweden is often seen wearing it). There has been some press speculation that Prince Harry and Marie-Chantal’s daughter Princess Maria Olympia are an item.
On 28th October 1995 (1995 was quite a year for the Miller family!) she married Prince Alexander von Furstenburg, the son of Diane von Furstenberg (of the infamous wrap dress) and Prince Egon von Furstenberg in a lavish wedding in New York City. Alexandra worked as Creative Director of Diane von Furstenberg for ten years, during which time she helps to relaunch the iconic wrap dress. The couple had two children, Princess Talita Natasha (1999) and Prince Tassilo Egon Maximilian (2001). Alexandra now runs Alexandra von Furstenberg which makes beautiful acrylic furniture and home furnishings (I love their trays!). Alexandra married her longtime partner Dax Miller in July 2015 at their home in Los Angeles. The corporate office for Duty Free Shoppers (DFS) is in Hong Kong so I believe that’s why the Millers lived there when their daughters were young and they still have a home there. By Cynthia 1 Comment This question was asked by one of my readers as part of the DWD etiquette Q&A series. If someone who’s not invited to the Jamaica wedding gets wind that your friend is getting married but they didn’t get a save-the-date or invitation in the mail, they could get upset thinking that they’re not invited to the wedding at all. The invitation for the at-home reception almost doubles as an announcement of their wedding and invitation to the hometown celebration.
For more ideas, check out this post with 21 at-home reception invitations featuring unique designs and wording. Wedding and Wedding Planner tips and updates from The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc.
The Irish have always had a lot of tradition incorporated into their weddings and I thought being of Irish decent, I would share some of my culture with all our beliefs and tradition that I think are not only important but a great part of my heritage. The tradition of Matchmaking was common in Ireland up into the 20th century and many localities had their own matchmaker. The Claddagn Ring has been named after one of Ireland's oldest fishing villages, Claddagh . It was during the Victorian Era that the favored color became white and became a tradition which spread from Victorian England around the world. Centuries back, many Irish brides wore a wreath of wildflowers in their hair and they also carried them in bouquets for luck.
It has been told that the wedding party should always take the longest road home from the church. Known as “Strawing” a wedding, it was said to be very lucky if the straw boys came and danced at your wedding. In the old days, there was an old ancient custom that had the couple eat salt and oatmeal at the beginning of their reception.

One thing that has always been certain at any Irish wedding new or old, is that there will be some Waterford Crystal and some Belleek Parian China.
There are many other customs such as the top tier of your wedding cake should be an Irish whiskey cake which is saved for the christening of your first baby.
Years ago, there was one strange custom where the groom was invited to the bride's house right before the wedding and they cooked a goose in his honor.
So here’s to all future couples…….I hope that during all the chaos of planning that you use timeless tradition to sweeten your celebration. So, if green is bad luck, does that mean i just can't have a green dress or does it include green accents?
NEXT POSTOur Irish Wedding Adventure ~ National Trust Properties (Post 11 of 12) A look at the National Trust properties in Fermanagh, Ireland and their use for weddings. They are the children of American entrepreneur Robert Miller (the co-founder of Duty Free Shops) and his Ecuadorian wife Marie Chantal Pesantes and they have all lived pretty fascinating lives so far.
Born in 1966 in New York, Pia grew up in Hong Kong and, along with her sisters, went to boarding school in Switzerland. She was born in London in 1968 and like Pia, went to boarding school in Switzerland. After that, she hopped around trying different things. The picture below is of Olympia at her brother Constantine’s christening in April 1999. She studied at Parsons School of Design and Brown University and has had a varied career in fashion and home furnishing design. They separated in 2002 amid claims of extramarital affairs on Alexander’s side (speculation around their relationship can be found here) and are now divorced, but seem to be on friendly terms.
They are only inviting close friends and family to their destination wedding in Jamaica but are also having a wedding back home for everyone.  Everyone who is invited to the wedding is invited to the at-home reception however, not everyone who is invited to the home celebration is invited to the destination wedding. They are thinking they need to send out a save the date for the people coming to the wedding and second one for the location back here. I don’t even know where to start with those, but luckily I do have time to help them with that.
But if they get a save-the-date to the home reception, then they’ll know it’s the destination wedding they’re not invited to, which in most cases is perfectly understandable since destination weddings tend to be more intimate in nature with family and close friends.
Cynthia uses her experience and genuine passion, to inspire brides who are planning their dream wedding away from home.
From their incredible re-creation of the Great Hall to their impeccable wedding cakes (yes, there's more than one!), Alicia and Robert's wedding will whisk you away to Hogwarts. The dark half commenced on November 1 and continued until Beltane or May 1st known as May Day. It is located just outside the walls of Galway City where the Corrib River meets Galway Bay. They solely believe it will bring good luck to the bride and groom; the traditional old Celtic cultures often favored blue and other bright colors for the same reason. Pipers play as guests arrive or after the ceremony the piper could pick up the recessional tune and continue it outside as guests leave.
In Wales, brides carried live myrtle and gave a sprig to each bridesmaid which they were to plant. While there are several different versions of how they came into existence, I seem to favor the story of young men who were being chased because they were rustling the landowner's sheep would sneak into a wedding reception and mingle with the guests. The difficulty will be in deciding which pieces to play considering the night won’t be long enough to play it all. In the old days, it was consumed at weddings because it was thought that it promoted virility.

This is one of the most delightful customs, it involves having the bride carry a special hanky that with only a few stitches it can be turned into a christening bonnet for the first baby. She studied at Bernard and in 1992 she married Christopher Ronald Getty at a wedding in Bali. These rings have been in use in Ireland, particularly in County Galway, for several hundred years. Many couples use the symbol of the Claddagh wedding rings, the design can be used on invitations, the wedding programs and thank you cards.
Crochet Centers were set up all over Ireland by the Ursuline Sisters in order to provide employment during the famine. Many couples currently have them play as your guests arrive at the reception and when you both make your entrance. Also, when a couple is dancing, the bride can't take both feet off the floor because the fairies will get the upper hand. Here you will find printable paper goods like calendars, planners, greeting cards and wall art to beautify your life. How do they keep things separate with still letting people know what they need to know and who is actually invited to what?
Families held tightly to their land and social status and tended to move within their respective economic circles. There is plenty of conflicting information with respect to the best time of year for marriages. Lughnasadh, another very important day on the old calendar and falling on August 1st, was considered by many to be the most auspicious day of the year for weddings. Rumor has it that the very first Claddagh ring is believed to have been crafted by the blacksmith Richard Joyce around 1690. It is designed with a heart at the center, a hand either side of the heart and a crown on top. If you shop around you will find Claddagh vases that can be used for centerpieces and chocolate boxes with the Claddagh symbol serve as favors. Couples also drank it from special goblets for a full month following the wedding, which is supposedly where we get the word honeymoon. You can get porcelain horseshoes which most Irish brides carry these days, even one’s made of fabric which the bride wears on her wrist.
Nowadays, finding these “magic Hankies” are hard, unless you’ve had one passed down or you could search any local Irish Gift Stores.
The hands on either side represent friendship and the crown represents loyalty and fidelity. Irish Lace was used to make dresses and to decorate blouse bodices and cuffs, trimmings and ruffles. Relatives will tell you it's also bad luck for anyone to wear green at an Irish wedding - but I think it really only applies to the bride.
Now I’m going to try singing.’ I knew I was artistic, and I wanted to do something in the arts. If worn on the right hand or with the heart facing away from your heart - it means that you are free to love. This horseshoe tradition is also carried on into the home where it is placed over the door again turned up so the luck won’t run out.

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