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Tips for PowerPoint: How to use PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop and other programs to make better presentations. Discover how energy consulting firm Refined Solar transformed their bland and boring 32-page PowerPoint presentation into a focused cornerstone of corporate communications for prospective clients and business partners. Tips to help you look at presentation design as more of a science than an art, so you can put a "managed methodology" behind your work and work more effectively. See how Cox Communications transformed their bland and ordinary PowerPoint presentation into a bold and graphical sophisticated show for a Leadership convention. Discover the secrets to transforming a boring and basic PowerPoint for Mona Vie into a high-impact presentation to showcase the power drink's business potential. Communicating job responsibilities to new employees is a little easier thanks to Microsoft PowerPoint and a new look for its regional manager presentation. Read the story of how Trevor Franklin of TD Waterhouse created a focused but impactful presentation to support his 20-minute "Building Trust in Financial Services" keynote speech for a local business group. Read the story of how Hawthorne Power Systems worked with a presentation design team to create a page-for-page enhancement that improved audience attentiveness and retention. The engaging story of how a New York airline parts company transformed their old printed catalogs into a digital money maker. Next to graphics, type and fonts are the most effective way for communicating your message.
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There is SO much research on what makes an effective presentation.  A book that puts most of it together is Speaking PowerPoint, by Bruce Gabrielle. When executives see what’s possible, they may like it!  For example, if they see the above alide turned into these slides, they may agree to try the new way of presenting.
TED talks, recordings from industry conferences, and so on are all ways to show executives what others (and maybe their competitors) are doing. Under Insert tab  a new slide, click on the new YouTube add-in button,  and follow the wizard prompts. Digital Photography School has put together a fantastic collection of links for their best articles on macro photography. Photoshop Etiquette is a site dedicated to offering some best practices for web designers using Adobe Photoshop. I don’t dislike them because the idea of looking at slides on a large screen is bad, but because the people who create these presentations are generally out of touch with what inspires the very people they create them for. Giving a great PowerPoint presentation is relatively simple once you understand a few of the basics in giving a memorable presentation. There are no set rules to arrive at a successful portfolio, but here are some sure-fire ways to set it on the right path. Pets fill very quickly their place in our hearts and families and we enjoy having their pictures framed on our desk or wall! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Stories enrich our everyday life and make it easier for us to bear the little annoyances that the daily routine tends to have. Try not to read from a paper or recount facts; your voice may become too soothing and monotonous for the listener. To sum it up: The more emotion you can stir in your audience, the more your presentation will stay in their memory. A wisely chosen picture can be more memorable to your audience than words: always use graphs and good pictures to underline your stories (of course the picture should fit the subject). There’s a great discussion going on at The Official Toastmasters International Members Group on LinkedIn. Recently, one of our members has pulled me aside and indicated how rude he thinks it is for the speaker to assume that the captive audience should appreciate being held hostage without a thank you. The audience remembers the last sentence best, so what do you want them to remember— the point you are making, the thing you want them to do, or thank you? This concept has become so ingrained in me that I don’t think I could close that way if I tried.

I usually try to put a thank you in the transition leading to the conclusion – that way I make my personal thanks known (and signal the audience that the end is near) without muddying the conclusion.
If you NEED to thank the audience, (for going out of their way to hear you, or for them giving you an opportunity to speak), you can do it towards the end, but it shouldn’t be the last words. I almost always thank the audience, but I don’t think I did so when I was in Toastmasters. The program can be presented on-site at your facility, conference center, or at our Washington, DC training facility. Our PowerPoint Training provides creative design techniques, time-saving strategies, and valuable proceses to raise presentations to the next level. Discover how Oracle's updated PowerPoint presentation design blends legibility and brand identity to enhance image and impact. Although I disagree with some of Bruce’s conclusions, I return to his book regularly for the research that he documents. Many of them also work in older versions of Acrobat, though the locations and names of specific menu items may be different. They appear to be more interested in taking advantage of every feature found in PowerPoint or Keynote.
In 20+ years of being in the design business, I’ve seen some really great portfolios that left a long-lasting impression, and enough bad ones to pave a freeway with.
These tips apply mostly to a Web-based portfolio, but most also apply to a print version as well. The same composition rules that apply to day apply to night, except with night we have our long exposures to take advantage of, but in this article, Robin shares some great advice to help you get started. Every person has their own biography and every day we live through moments we want to recount to others (be it in person or digitally). This may seem quite obvious at first, but after thinking on the issue, one question seems to arise: what exactly is storytelling? To get an idea, take reports and documentations from the journalistic world: with an interesting introduction (headline) you get the attention of the audience. If you are emotionally involved with your subject, it will be easy for you to present it in a passionate way. It is always better to involve your audience by taking anecdotes from your real life – just stay natural. By highlighting contrasting points, you can show the development or success of an issue in a simple manner. However, please revert from being overly melodramatic – authenticity counts as much with your audience as it does with your friends or neighbors. The belief exists that the audience should be thanking the speaker for taking the time to prepare and share their thoughts. Instead, just close with your prepared ending, nod at the Toastmaster of the meeting, and say, ‘Mr. I prefer to pause for a few seconds (2-3) after a power-ending before handing over the control to the Toastmaster. You’re not thanking them for sitting and hanging on your every word, rather for inviting you, organizing the event, contributing questions, etc.
However, a good alternative would be to (sincerely) wish the audience well with whatever the topic of your speech has been. Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY." Need training?
If you've ever had difficulty developing a presentation, the solution may be as simple as "organization".
For many projects, one font isn’t enough to create visual interest and establish the information hierarchy. Pets, unlike humans, do not understand what we are trying to do and won’t just pose for the camera! These moments can be full of suspense, fun, embarrassment, anger or disappointment – they always tend to be worth a chat.
How do I integrate normal stories into a presentation which is on a completely different topic (and may mainly show graphs and numbers)?

To get inspiration, just keep your eyes and ears open – you will soon see something in your daily routine which perfectly fits to the subject you are trying to discuss with your presentation. Of course the main body of the story should be interesting as well – but the main “learning” or crux of the story is always summarized in one key statement at the end. If not, do not despair: just take a subject you are impassionate about and find some correlations with the subject you are presenting on –emotionalize dry subjects with anecdotes from a different field. These types of comparisons more easily stay in a listeners mind than unclear and confusing tables and listings. That is a clear signal that the speech is over and should leave them with a favorable impression. At Rotary, at a professional venue, or any public presentation, I would ALWAYS thank the audience. If your CEO gave you some of his precious time to hear a pet proposal of yours, of course you should thank him or her. By organizing your thoughts, your workspace, and your PowerPoint "universe", your next presentation can come together quickly and easily.
But executives at their organization are comfortable with the old way of using the slide as a teleprompter, even though the audience hates it! The PowerPoint tutorial collection at Bright Hub contains guides on a variety of topics written in a manner that’s accessible to even the most novice user.
So why not use stories and little anecdotes from your life to weave them into your own presentation?
Also try and gather everything that could be interesting concerning your company – be it newspaper clippings, pictures, videos or news on your company or its products. This way the audience will keep the success story in mind and view the subject you are presenting in a positive (solution-oriented) light.
PowerPoint Animations One thing that has always made PowerPoint stand out is the ease with which it allows users to incorporate animations into slideshows. The four-part series on PowerPoint animations and special effects shows the different ways you can add these features to a  presentation to make it come to life. If the video that you want to include resides on your hard drive, check out the tutorial Embedding Videos into a PowerPoint Presentation. Using Sound in PowerPoint  Another type of media that can really spruce up a presentation is the use of voice, music, or special audio clips.
Users of the 2007 version of the software should refer to this PowerPoint tutorial series on using audio in slideshows. PowerPoint Macros and Add-Ins If you’ve upgraded to the 2007 version of PowerPoint from a previous release, one thing you may be missing is the macro recorder. You can still create macros in PowerPoint 2007, but you will have to use the VBA editor or import them from other sources. However, there are a few third party add-ins that you can download to add this functionality. One of them is the OfficeOne Shortcut Manager which allows you to create custom shortcuts for any PowerPoint command – even a macro.
Using PowerPoint with Other Office Products As part of the Microsoft Office suite, PowerPoint makes it easy to include other Office objects such as Excel charts and Word outlines in presentations. In other PowerPoint tutorials at Bright Hub, you can learn how to integrate several different applications with PowerPoint and use the software to create a basic website or make entertaining quizzes.
If you’re stuck for ideas on how to begin your slideshow, you may want to turn to a template. Just as with other applications in the Office package, there are numerous free templates for PowerPoint that can be found at Office Online and other sources on the web to complement the offerings that come prepackaged with the original software. This is just a sampling of the topics covered in the ever-growing library of PowerPoint tutorials and user guides at Bright Hub.

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