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While creating an explainer video has its benefits, it can be quite a stiff investissement for some bootstrapped startups or micropreneurs, and having a video produced by professional studios may not always be an option. Now Miguel is back at it again and just released a new course to achieve similar results using only Keynote. Another option, if you decide to go the DIY path, is to look at the promising Do-It-Yourself animated presentation tool Powtoon. Finally, you can try to find and hire a studio or freelancer willing to work within your budget specifications. We hope these links and resources will be helpful for anyone trying to get an explainer with a limited budget. Sebastien Lhomme is the co-founder of thinkmojo, a creative agency helping cool startups explaining their products and services with neat, engaging videos.

So today we wanted to share a few links and resources for those looking to get their own “startup video” on a shoestring budget. Andrew gives a few insider tips on how to create an explainer video with a budget of $100 or less. Simply use the coupon codes: GRUM0150 for the first course (After Effects) and GRUMO99 for the second course (Keynote).
The platform lets you drag-and-drop objects onto slides, choose the animation and duration, then add text and a soundtrack. The idea is to find a template that is as close as possible to what you need so that it requires minimal customization.
And of course, if you need inspiration for your startup video, we have a pretty solid collection that may come handy to you!

He basically recreated his popular PadMapper video entirely in Keynote and looks 90% the same.
The platform very intuitive and easy to use and definitely does a decent job at helping you create simple but effective explainer videos.

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