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Controversial pharmaceutical company Valeant has received at least two subpoenas regarding its drug pricing strategy and now the stock is getting slammed.
I have written and spoken on this blog previously about the importance of pricing power as a key determinant of the quality and prospects of a business, and ultimately as a key driver of investment success. No one likes price hikes, but in the case of dynamic pricing, demand-based price lifts and dips could give you more bang for your buck. Effectively, Disney is offering its Premium pass holders a choice: accept a 35 percent price increase to keep coming to parks whenever they want or take a much smaller increase but be blocked out during the holidays. What is Pricing News?THE source for pricing strategy and industry news, events, thought leadership articles, blogs, reports, academic papers, resources, quotes and cartoons. Pricing News Daily is a digest of top pricing strategy in the news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership, industry news and events, and resources for pricing professionals, business owners, creative professionals, and independent contractors. As a business owner, you want to make changes to your store that will have a significant impact on your sales and revenue. If you’re going to carry a premium price, you have to do something to stand out from the crowd. Getting a grip on your products’ price sensitivity will help you categorize between elastic and inelastic products. Once you craft a pricing strategy according to your store’s brand image, you should look to your customers and understand how your prices affect them. Measuring price sensitivity from a consumer’s purchase path can give you clues on how to optimize your pricing strategy for long-term growth. If a product purchase comes from shoppers searching for it directly on your site, you know it’s popular and that competition is less of a factor. If your product sells well but doesn’t necessarily come from CSEs or search, then you may have more opportunity to take advantage of inelastic demand curves. Looking at you business’ bigger picture is the best way to build a plan for long-term growth and profitability.
Wiser provides a complete suite of solutions to give retailers, brands, and manufacturers the edge to stay both competitive and most importantly, profitable.Want to learn more about what Wiser can do for your business? Arie is the COO, Executive Chairman, and Co-Founder of Wiser, a dynamic pricing and merchandising engine for online retailers and brands.

On Thursday, the Canadian drugmaker disclosed that it received subpoenas from the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts and the Southern District of New York related to a number of concerns. The Wall Street Journal reported that Disney DIS, +0.49%   is considering implementing peak prices when demand is at its highest at its theme parks to help manage overcrowding.
A brand can only justify a price premium if it is seen by its customers to be meaningfully different from the alternatives. We also share highlights from top pricing discussions and publish articles from pricing practitioners in our Pricer's Points blog series. Things started late last year, when annual pass holders were hit with a roughly 15% increase for comparable passes. While focusing on short term impacts is useful, it’s an even better idea to take a step back and look at your store in the bigger picture. It costs a lot of money, and you can buy them lots of toys when they’re young to make them happy. If you’re a low-cost provider, your strategy is going to look very different from a premium brand. By dividing your customer segments, you can get a better understanding of how sensitive your prices are in the eyes of shoppers. Elastic products may not be positively affected by price changes, as consumers are very conditioned to the market-dictated price. If certain products get most of their traffic from comparison shopping engines (CSEs), you know that price sensitivity is high because they’re being placed side by side with your competitors’.
Every price increase has to be well calculated and informed in order to make accurate decisions that will improve your store. Lack of meaning is what creates a market full of commodities where people have no emotional connect with their purchase.
In early March a bill was introduced in the Senate, Forbidding Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous Fees (FAIR) Act.
When you do this, you can go beyond short-term planning and start looking to your long-term success, improving profitability and growing efficiently.
But you also want to devote some of your budget to investments such as college funds, stocks, and more.

Competing solely on price is not only unsustainable, it will drastically inhibit your store’s growth path. Low-cost leaders may have slimmer profit margins, but they’re going to be moving inventory at a rapid rate. You might have more leeway with inelastic products, however, and have the ability to raise those prices to get more bang for your buck.
For example, you could segment repeat customers from first time organic buyers and consumers who found your store through comparison shopping engines. This is great, and means you have some pricing power and can command a premium price over your competitors.
These items can compliment low-margin or elastic items you have little flexibility with to boost your margins. There has to be a balance of course, because failing to treat your kid to ice cream every now and then can be just cruel.
Find ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors, especially since convenience and uniqueness reign supreme in online retail.
Premium brands may have wider margins, but they have to re-invest lots of it back into their business to improve their customer experience and the cost of carrying premium brands. You can call yourself a premium brand all you want, but if shoppers aren’t converting at those higher prices, you may need to re-evaluate. Differentiating between these two products can lay the foundation for successful, sustainable growth. This data and information can help you fine tune your previously established pricing strategies.

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