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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This is the project presentation of my project based on Autonomous robotics using parallel processing . ROBOCOPA complete autonomous robot vehicle which controls the traffic by means ofself control system . FEATURES? 4 KB EEPROM? 4 KB INTERNAL SRAM? 128 KB of in system self? programmable flash? program memory? 32 KB general purpose? working resistors +peripheral? control registers? Programming lock for? software security.

The natural resources is depleting day by day, hence it is obligatory for us to conserve the natural soruce byy…. More attention need to be devoted in addressing these kind of issues, which required a complex approaches and solutions. Also, the survey intends reveal the barriers, benefits and level of awareness regarding utili r&W among the related parties in pavement construction industry.
Several key factors need to be taken into account so that the execution of the research is in systematic manner.

This is the project is basically to fabricate a system of Robotics car Which is capable of Controlling vehicle using power of parallel processing . End Control SystemIt sends and receive signal to on board system moduleIt uses Atmel atmega 8 to perform its function .

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