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NOTE: Extract all the files into a folder on your computer and run the application from that folder, not from the zip file list window. REZIFLY is a software program to auto-play your Prezi presentations at slide timings that you record.
To view it as a downloaded Prezi, download and extract the contents of this zip file into a folder on your PC.
To view it as an online Prezi, download and extract the player file and audio track in this zip file into a folder on your PC. Watch a short tutorial describing the installation of PreziFly on your PC, including the free AutoIt software program. Watch a tutorial on using PreziFly to create a player file for your Prezi, including the addition of background narration and music. Watch a tutorial on using the Camtasia screencasting software to record your Prezi while PreziFly is playing it and convert it to a stand-alone MP4 video, including background narration and music. Prezi is a great presentation software that replaces the lineal PowerPoint style with the ability to present text, videos and images in a unique zooming style.
I have spent the past 30 minutes locating the download link for the offline player, but unsuccessfully. Embedded prezis will have a shaded border around them, to give the impression of another layer beneath the browser’s surface. You can use it to preset where you don’t have access to the internet, or deliver to conference organizers. I am trying to embed my prezi on my website and the only embeding code that works (when I make it public) takes the viewer into the back bit of my actual account – not good. I have copied the embedded code from prezi, pasted it onto my blog page, and it is automatically creating a link to Prezi. Now I try to do the same with an updated prezi (copy of the previous) and I get only the code in my blog instead of the prezentation. I am now thinking that i have to learn the API to trigger the presentation to start showing the path step by step..
I am proud of my life-long career in public education - especially the 25 years I spent as a teacher.
Based on an innovative teacher’s workshop sponsored by the Library of Congress TPS program.
Awarded "Best Textbook and Best Widget, 2015" Archival photographs and dozens of video interviews with former Japantown residents detail life from the 1890s through the incarcerations of WWII.
Experience how the US government undertook a massive "Woman Power" propaganda campaign to convince Americans that middle class women should leave the home to become war workers. See how the government mobilized public support for the war through higher taxes, hard work and sacrifice. Or use the player file to auto-play and auto-loop your Prezi at trade shows or conventions. NOTE: You will get an error if you run the application from within the window displaying the contents of the zip file.

It is only through his efforts to provide an auto-play solution for Prezis that this option is now available to you.
Open your online Prezi presentation and look for the Share tab (lower right in this screen shot.) Click share. It contains a non-editable version of your prezi, and a player software for Windows and Mac. It caused me to go back and see that my instruction were now out of date because of a change that Prezi had made to the embed process.
An hour ago I tried to embed a Prezi that I had reworked this afternoon, but I couldn’t get the embed code.
For nearly 30 years, I have worked with school districts, state DOEs, leading educational organizations and companies to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Includes both the training materials and fourteen teacher-designed document-based questions for grades 4 through high school.
It's a great resource for use in the classroom, and serves as a model for teacher or student curation of historic content into interactive digital DBQ's.
Was it crafted to inform the public or manipulate? Did it rely on facts or stereotypes?
Among other new features, it works with the new Prezi button layout as well as the older layout.
This program can be used for personal or business use, but cannot be mass-distributed or incorporated into other products or collections of products without the express consent of the authors.
This probably isn’t the place to post this comment, but I’m kind of frustrated ?? Could you please enlighten me and tell me where it can be downloaded? I dont know how to make it work constantly, regardless of whether I am connected and on all browsers. Auto-play enabled prezis still need one user interaction – to press the play at the start. Play an audio track of background music or narration or both, bridging the transitions between path stops and providing a smoother experience. More details, including helpful information on the process of creating the optional audio track, can be found in the user's manual located here and the video tutorials listed below. The users are responsible for any permissions, copyright notices, and royalties that result from their use of both visual and audio materials. I'm exploring the instructional power of interactive texts and helping to foster the next generation of teachers as adjunct faculty at both the University of Portland and the University of Alaska Southeast.
Loss of information and any other adverse effects of this application are the responsibility of the user. Do you have any experience with either of these issues when uploading prezi’s to webpages? You user would need to have that app and I’m not sure how well they run embedded Prezis. Combine audio and video, generate fancy text effects, and create comprehensive educational simulations.9.

SlideSnack offers a range of custom tools for purchase, but the basic features will get the job done. It has the same general format and tools, which makes it an easy transition for PowerPoint users.Emaze doesn’t have the most templates, but they do have a business focus.
Templates “Infographic,” “Marketing Strategy,” “Sales Pitch” and “Product Demo” include full pre-written slides (pictured below) that you can customize with your specific information and data. Rather than move from one slide to the next in sequence, Prezi uses a large “whiteboard,” where all your slides are connected like a diagram. When you present your slideshow, it zooms from one area of the diagram (or one “slide”) to the next.
Social HP 32 Image: Driving EDU Leads Through Social Media Brand Ambassadors Driving EDU Leads Through Social Media Brand Ambassadors Social HP 25 Image: Do You Want Loyal Customers? I have been doing Powerpoint-like slides since the days of Harvard Graphics, there are certain messages that I want use Prezi for.Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply. For a basic image-based presentation, PowerPoint is one of the best (and cheapest) options – You can use an online version of PowerPoint for free.
There’s several business-specific ones that include pre-written slides, like “Marketing Strategy,” “Sales Pitch,” “Product Demo,” and “Market Analysis.”Others, like “Infographic” and “Gallery” help you showcase products in a unique way.
There’s even a template called “Small Business” that helps you create a landing page for your website.Additional templates are available from the Emaze store.
Most of them are pretty basic, giving you a “theme” with a background image, font, colors etc.There are some more advanced ones, however. You can also add videos and audio files, but only using the desktop version (not the online version).
Charts and graphs can be created by entering raw data or pasting it from a spreadsheet.Prezi has a great interface that’s a charm to use. Like Emaze the menu options are very simple, only expanding when you click a relevant object. Because Prezi doesn’t follow the traditional slideshow formula, however, there is a bit of a learning curve to get started.
You have to understand “frames,” which are the areas that make up each slide and “paths,” which is how the screen moves from one frame to another (pictured below).Another downside is that there’s no easy way to create graphs. Text cannot be added directly to the image, but rather needs to be entered as bullet points (pictured below).
It’s a small example, but it illustrates why Prezi and Emaze are faster and more effective when it comes to creating graphics. The Bottom LineIf you’re making your first upgrade from PowerPoint, Emaze is a great choice. At the same time, it doesn’t stray too far from PowerPoint’s editing style, so most users should be able to plug and play.

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