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Emaze is a tool that allows users to create and share presentations both online and offline, incorporating a variety of features not found on more traditional presentation tools. The digital presentation market has been dominated in recent years by Microsoft’s PowerPoint. While something like “Fraud Awareness” might be boring to the average viewer, anything can be made interesting if its presented in the right way. Tank Blanketing is the process of applying an inert gas to the vapor space of a storage tank, vessel or container. Depending upon the specific application, the selection of the inerting gas is often based upon one or more of the following characteristics: NON-FLAMMABILITY NON-CONTAMINATING CHEMICALLY COMPATIBLE NON-TOXIC COST AVAILABILITY HOW DOES A BLANKETING VALVE WORK? Blanketing Valve A device that senses the pressure in the vapor space of a storage tank and controls the flow of an inert gas (usually Nitrogen) into the vapor space so that the tank pressure can be maintained within an acceptable range.
Main Valve The portion of the valve through which the supply gas flows into the storage tank. Sense Diaphragm A thin, non-metallic disc in the diaphragm chamber which flexes in response to changes in the sense line pressure Sense Line A tube running from the tanks vapor space to the sense port of the blanketing valve.
F20T PILOT OPERATED BLANKETING VALVES Consists of two separate valves operating in tandem, the pilot valve and the main valve. Pilot Operated Design Pressure Sense Chamber (C) Controls the opening and closing of the valve Vertical Moving Poppet (D) Movement causes valve to open and close Piston (E) Movement controls the inert gas flow This information is proprietary to the Protectoseal Co., and is not to be duplicated or distributed without prior written consent. Blanketing Valve Operating Ranges Emergency Vent Full Open Emergency Vent Set Point Pressure Vent Fully Open Pressure Vent Set Point Blanketing Valve Closed Blanketing Valve Open Vacuum Vent Set Point Vacuum Vent Fully Open Blanketing Valve Set Point Deadband This information is proprietary to the Protectoseal Co., and is not to be duplicated or distributed without prior written consent. BLANKETING VALVE OPERATING CYCLE Pilot Valve Seals Pilot Valve Cracks Main Valve Seals Main Valve Opens TANK PRESSURE DEADBAND This information is proprietary to the Protectoseal Co., and is not to be duplicated or distributed without prior written consent. F30B DIRECT ACTING BLANKETING VALVES A valve assembly connected to a flexible diaphragm, similar to a pilot valve, moves up and down gradually responding to tank pressure.
Direct Acting Design Pressure Sense Chamber (D) Controls the opening and closing of the valve Vertical Moving Poppet (B) Movement causes valve to open and close This information is proprietary to the Protectoseal Co., and is not to be duplicated or distributed without prior written consent. A TYPICAL TANK BLANKETING INSTALLATION Make sure that the setting of the vents is between 2 WC and 8 WC higher than the blanketing system set point. Inert Gas Supply Line Feeds the tanks voided vapor space Sensing Line Senses any changes in internal tank pressure and tells the main valve to either open or close It is important that the sense line and the blanketing valves outlet pipe are far enough apart to ensure the static pressure in the tank is sensed. INSTALLATION: The blanketing valve is connected to the top of the tank and the inert gas is piped from a supply source to the inlet connection of the valve. A filter upstream of the blanketing valve is suggested to guarantee a clean supply of gas to the valve.
Material for valve body and components Materials for seals and gaskets Setting range Filter type – 40 Micron Flow capacity reduction plugs Pressure gages Integral purge Check valves Field test setup This information is proprietary to the Protectoseal Co., and is not to be duplicated or distributed without prior written consent. If you are a regular here at PresentationXpert, and I hope you are, you know that PowerPoint is a powerful program used for numerous purposes beyond presentations, something black hat hackers (aka “the bad people”) use to their advantage. Total cybercrime damages reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) in 2014 was a whopping 800.49 million US Dollars, not including smaller complaints reporting a loss less than $100,000.
Malicious code gets into organizations or home computers in many ways, most of which are outside the scope of this article. After viewing his course, I contacted Sami Laiho, the author, and one of the world’s leading Windows OS experts, and asked what makes PowerPoint such a vulnerability. From a hacker’s perspective, it is a tool that easily allows one to attach code and commands for the computer, hidden behind interesting or sweet pictures and other sorts of media. While you might think that you would never download or click on something so ridiculous as the above, you’d be amazed. Malicious code can be attached to a presentation using a shockingly simple technique many of us already know: inserting an action. Assigning an action to a clickable button or picture, where all the user has to do is click or hover their mouse over the image, could potentially trigger a malicious program used to penetrate your organization. Actions, macros, and ActiveX controls are not inherently dangerous, and PowerPoint includes many safeguards against malicious code.
But despite these safeguards, ultimately, it is up to you, the user, to be discerning in how, when, and from where you open PowerPoint files, and to be smart when you encounter a suspect file.

You can access these options by going to your File menu, to Options, to Trust Center, and clicking on Trust Center Options. For detailed instructions on adjusting these settings, see this Microsoft Office Security Support Articles.
Don’t ignore pop-ups and for the love, do NOT just click OK without knowing what you are clicking OK to.
Incidentally, popular news channels and Facebook are not usually the places for info about recent threats.
To stay up-to-date on Microsoft-specific threats, the Microsoft Malware Protection center has its own blog here, as well as a Twitter feed.
PBS has a series of web courses on NovaLabs, one of which is a Cybersecurity Lab with high-quality educational videos, quiz questions, and even a game to guide you through issues of cyber security, hacking, privacy, and cyber codes.
Heather Ackmann is a Microsoft MVP and full-time author and trainer for AHA Learning Solutions, specializing in Microsoft Office, business professional, and soft skills training videos and educational materials. When one company dominates a market, features are limited by whatever that company wishes to include.
This is especially useful for students working on a group project, or a team of coworkers that needs to spend extra time working on an important presentation. Deadband The total pressure difference between the blanketing valve opening pressure (or set point) and resealing pressure. Pilot Valve In a pilot operated valve, the portion of the valve that senses tank pressure and controls the opening and closing of the main valve. The pilot valve senses the tank pressure which causes the pilot valve to open and to close which then controls the opening and closing of the main valve. As the valve moves away from its seated position, flow through from the blanketing gas supply source begins. This insures that the vents do not end up being held open by the blanketing systems operation. These lines are usually 2 to 10 feet apart This information is proprietary to the Protectoseal Co., and is not to be duplicated or distributed without prior written consent. A sensing line from a remote location on the tank is connected to the sensing port of the valve. Use of plumbers tape to connect the gas supply line to the blanketing valve is recommended. Though his course is designed more for IT Admins than for presentation experts, it nevertheless made me realize that as a PowerPoint consultant and trainer (with direct contact with end-users who share and open files from a variety of locations), I do not take nearly as many precautions as I should nor stress the importance of such precautions to my PowerPoint students. The average cost of a cybercrime attack in the US was 15.42 million US dollars (as of August 2015). Not to mention, it can be a real time-suck and, depending on the data breached or stolen, reputation damaging. That might not seem like much, but when compared to other attack types, especially ones that get more “press time” like viruses, worms, and Trojans, it’s a decent piece of the metaphorical pie.
There are other ways too: macros, ActiveX controls, data connections are all potentially unsafe actions depending on the content and intent behind them.
A new addition to Office 2016 allows IT administrators to block macros from running in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint if the file originated from the Internet. Software companies have their work cut out for them just getting a product to the public, and maintaining that product is even more impressive. Most of the time, companies just want your email address, but hackers want a bit more, like a ransom. It takes a combination of these protective features and your diligence to keep you PowerPoint-ing safely in the 21st century. Emaze is seeking to end that trend by creating a powerful, online presentation tool that packs more features into its easy-to-use interface.
If you’re a professor, another professional, or a type of person that just likes giving presentations (that might be weird, but I can’t blame you), I’d highly recommend using Emaze.
By preventing air, moisture and other contaminants from getting in the tank The Blanketing Valve works by delivering an inert gas into the tank during tank in-breathing.

Poppet The component in the valve which moves in response to changes in pressure in the sensing diaphragm chamber and which, when unseated, allows flow through the device. When the main valve opens it allows the flow of the blanketing gas through the valve from the supply source into the tank.
The sense line connection to the tank should not exceed ten feet in length from the blanketing valve connection. Your company’s IT department will also have other protections (hopefully), like Firewalls, anti-malware, and such—combined, these measures protect computers considerably. To keep you safe, developers push out patches for discovered bugs and vulnerabilities ASAP.
Yes, they might groan and roll their eyes, but you’ll be doing them and your company a favor by being cautious.
Yes, the FBI has its own, well-written Cyber Crime News roll cataloging the latest attacks and scams. One of the main reasons why Emaze is a better presentation tool is because it works across several different devices and operating systems, including tablets, PCs, Macs and smart phones. It’s truly a worthwhile contender to the more traditional, expensive presentation applications.
Pressure Balanced Poppet A poppet designed so that the supply pressure will not have an effect on its opening or closing characteristics.
Droop is defined as the amount of pressure drop below the set point required to cause the gas blanketing valve to open. Pipe dope can become loose in the pipe and find its way into the blanketing valve and cause the valve to fail open.
You might trust your elderly father with a lot of things, but if you regularly have to explain the difference between the Facebook public wall and a private message, be extra cautious when he sends you files and attachments.
Although the application is primarily based online, it’s also accessible offline, including on mobile devices. The presentations can also be embedded on any other website, a truly unique feature that makes the site stand apart from its competitors, which are limited to their own viewing function. Series 20 in open position The pilot valve movement is controlled by a flexible diaphragm which is spring loaded on one side and the tank pressure on the other.
Series 30 in open position This information is proprietary to the Protectoseal Co., and is not to be duplicated or distributed without prior written consent. If a filter is utilized the flow through the filter must be greater than the required vacuum flow.
Determine flow at 90 psig with a 100% Flowport =39,855 SCFH Air Choose a flow plug, if needed, to reduce the flow to near the requirement =20%flow port 20% flow port delivers= 7,971 SCFH air (8,105 SCFH N2) which is near the 4,200 SCFH requirement This information is proprietary to the Protectoseal Co., and is not to be duplicated or distributed without prior written consent.
Emaze has a variety of sample presentations on its site that demonstrate the applications various functions, including a presentation about “Fraud Awareness” that makes intriguing use of the application’s 3D capabilities. Dome Volume In a pilot operated blanketing valve, the chamber between the poppet in the pilot valve and the piston in the main valve. Sense Chamber The space below the diaphragm chamber to which the sense line pressure, from the tank, is directed.
The main valve will open and close quickly responding to changes in dome pressure which is controlled by the pilot valve. This makes for a fluid design easy to navigate by anyone following along with a presentation (and it keeps things simple for you, if you’re the one presenting).
Flow Plug A small cylinder which may be installed in the valve to partially block the flow of inert gas through the valve. Like any tool, PowerPoint’s impact depends on the user—something as true for cybersecurity as it is for presentation design.

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