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Over the past few days we have been discussing several different pricing strategy models that are available to home based business owners. The freemium model is great for service based products such as online games, software, web services and other media. 1.    You have the potential to get a large base of users hooked on your service because it is free. 2.    If your service is extremely useful or addicting, many users will naturally want to pay.

1.    Traditional markets may respond better to this pricing model than to unusual ones they may not understand or they may be wary of.
Out of the two pricing strategies, which one appeals most to you – freemium or the one time model. Tomorrow we are going to learn how to test, track, and analyze which pricing strategy will be the best fit for your business.
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The Marketing Mix When two or more companies are producing the same product or service in the same market, they are in direct competition. Lisa Thompson is a social media marketing coach who helps people attract leads and sales using social media.

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