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The "BBJ" as it is popularly known, has a non-stop range of over 6,000 nautical miles, which means it can fly half way around the world, landing and taking off from practically all airports that a smaller executive can utilise.
You are using an old browser and as such, this site and others may not work optimally or may look strange. Rich and famous – everyone’s dream, however, there some fortunate people who reached the golden target.
DonationIf you enjoyed our website and consider the information you found useful you can help us by donating a few bucks. The Boeing Business Jet (the VIP version of the 737-700) or BBJ for short is one of the biggest private jets you can hire. The BBJ 2 version can be fitted with 9 auxiliary fuel tanks (however traded against cargo bay space) to enhance its range. How many hours do you have to spend looking for good aircrafts for sale advertised on the web?
For those who find the earlier BBJ too small, the BBJ2 might just fit the bill, with a cabin 25 percent (29 feet!) longer. Among these Ronald Trump, for instance, who goes to work to his business jet airplane … up in the sky.
The builder, Boeing has already sold more than 190 aircrafts from this series which has been developed in a partnership with General Electric! It reduces the need for additional pilot training and pilots for this series are easy to find.

However, it is possible to ask for the addition of winglets to improve the fuel efficiency. The BBJ 2 is smaller, so even with the additional tanks it can only go as far as 5750 nautical miles (with 8 passengers). The cabin is larger than those of medium or even large jets and features facilities like a bar, a bedroom, a board room or even a shower.
Luckily, the BBJ has been fitted with equipment that exceeds most of the other aircrafts on the market. These planes are available in a range of configurations, the BBJs can be found with 16 First Class seats, a flying office, boardroom, hotel, cinema and restaurant all in one - or can alternatively seat up to fifty passengers in top luxury, with all the facilities you have come to expect from such a high class aircraft. Incredible as it may sound, this is possible, and the business of creating offices for the richest people in private jets is an emerging part of successful careers. It is used as a presidential aircraft in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria and more. The price of the BBJ depends on the model (from BBJ 1 to 3) and ranges from 47 to 310 million dollars. The cockpit is mostly composed of the LCD displays (there are 6 of them, made by Honeywell) that provide flight information to the pilot.
Most BBJs already have them installed when they come out of the assembly line but you can still find some 737-700s which don’t have any. For example, thanks to its wide cabin, the aircraft can accommodate round tables, entire lounges and even a complete bathtub.

Airplanes manufacturers have created Boeing Business Jets in 700-, 800- and 900ER-series 737s at 34 meters, 40 meters and 42 meters long. You won’t be surprised to learn that at Private Jet Charter we love BBjs; they are amazing aircrafts for parties or for business flights! BBJs are equipped with 2 CFM International CFM56-7 turbofans capable of 26,400 pounds of thrust each.
In a VIP configuration the BBJ usually is optimised for 19 passengers, however, in non-VIP configuration, you can seat as many as 63 passengers. The aircraft is richly decorated and can on occasion be entirely redecorated to accommodate your taste. As you probably guessed, these don’t even need to be at full power to push you down into your seat! Many safety features allow the plane to fly in adverse weather conditions and still land safely, such as the WXR-700X wind shear detection weather radar. Such drastic changes in configuration may affect the maximum range because of the additional weight.
Such a business private jet turned into an office is about 125 square meters, equipped with the latest gadgets.

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