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Use Hashtags – whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or especially Instagram, selecting carefully scrutinized hashtags can amplify the social reach of your post. Capture it on Video – assign specific people to each event to capture some quick smartphone video and post it directly to the appropriate social media channels. Blog the news – hopefully you are turning those journalistic-minded students into sports writers or writers who cover important events around campus.
As an industry, private and vocational schools spend millions of dollars advertising every month – The Apollo Group does that on their own (and that’s just search engine marketing). Knowing those two things tell you where to advertise your school and who the influencers are for your target demo. I always say that schools and businesses need to view their marketing plans as a combination of money and effort. Social Media Marketing. This is interaction on social media, not advertising there (social media advertising is covered further down).
You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. One tool (though not perfect) to check who else may be using your hashtag across various social platforms is Tagboard. My sons and I were recently driving home from baseball practice (they are 9 and 11 at the time of this post).
If you can, seek permission to have students accompany the debate team to their competition or the volleyball team to the regional tournament to capture the event. Most of us, however, don’t have that sort of budget, so need more viable advertising ideas for our school. If you cut back, your school inevitably will get stuck in the downward spiral of decreasing enrollments. As a school you need to constantly be asking students, graduates, and potential employers about their habits and background. Money is spent on getting quick awareness, and doesn’t require a lot of hours to complete like advertising and sponsorships.
It’s a humbling experience because you are basically asking and hoping for people to like and follow your school. When schools are full of students, you don’t always have time to personally get to know leaders in your local industry.
Like people working in the industry, if education advisers and high school guidance counselors know and like you personally, they are more likely to remember and therefore recommend your school to students who they think would be a good fit.
For example, if your school teaches a CMA program and works with clinics to complete externship hours: place your brochures in their waiting rooms.

Email marketing can actually be fairly inexpensive, but it’s also something that has to be constantly refined, more so that other channels. This is often hard to accept, but in private education, marketing your school is just as much sales as it is anything else. The surest way is to search each platform to see if other folks are using it already (you want to ensure you are not using the same hashtag as an inappropriate organization is using it). I also have experimented briefly with a cool video app called Videolicious that allows you to assemble video and photos into a short, narrated story about the girls soccer team that you can upload to all the major social media channels.
I had my son pull up the high school baseball team’s Twitter account since I was driving.
These are important skills students can learn and showcase as they look at colleges and universities look at them. There’s no single magic advertising channel for schools, so you have to know your target market – your students – almost better than they know themselves. You’ll be surprised how many new niches pop up every time you make the effort to do some survey-based market research. Spend an hour each day to post something relevant to your industry as well as search for other pages and people who might be interested in you: like or follow them, say hello and let them know about your school. When your marketing budget is restricted, your MUST network personally with people working in the industry for which you school prepares students.
On one hand, the vast majority – if not literally 100% – of your prospective students have a facebook and handful of other social media accounts.
For private and post-secondary schools, email is best used as a reminder more than a method to find new leads. If you’re inquiry to enrollment ratio is low, spend money on hiring a really good, and fairly aggressive recruiter.
When he first pulled it up, the most recent tweet reported a 7-run deficit starting the bottom of the 8th inning.
The blog posts can house photos, video interviews, radio show embeds from Soundcloud (#4) and certainly textual descriptions of the events.
Soft launches for schools more often result in failure than they do success (mainly because your fixed costs are the same for 5 students as they are for 100, so you run out of money before you ever get started). Since you can target social media ads by interest, connections, and geography, you have decent ability to make sure you’re displaying your ads to the correct group of people.
Yes, you can lease email lists from industry-specific publications and pick up a few leads here and there, but overall the cost per student tends to not be viable. Successful schools have recruiters on the phone all day long, calling back leads to get them to make an appointment to tour the school and meet with an admissions representative.

Students (and especially their parents and grandparents) love to see their name in the news! If your school can offer a service, think about online competitions that you can host on your fan page with voting or polls. Anyone interested in your school will most likely first be looking for basic information about possible careers, salary ranges, and lots of do it yourself tutorials (if applicable). These people are often asked about how they started in their own careers, so if they like your school (and you), then they’ll recommend attending your program(s). The net benefit is you have a full class, which always helps student retention and word of mouth marketing, so by the end of the day you’re revenue is likely to be more than had you not offered the scholarships. If you want to use third-party lists, try to get a couple sends as add-ons to another ad package like print and banner advertising on their website.
We redirected our route and by the team we made it to the field, tweets had reported that our guys had pulled within 1 run going into the 9th inning.
Using your website blog as information marketing will help prospective students find you as well as enhance your authority in the industry by demonstrating your expertise.
Yes, you could pay a company to get you a ton of low quality links in a short period of time, but Google and the other search engines are smart: they can identify that as bad link building, and it can potentially result in your site being punished in its search ranking.
Use Google’s conversion tools and a Admissions CRM so you know which campaigns work and which do not. When curating your own email marketing list the problem is that everything you send must be interesting and somehow valuable to the person receiving it.
We parked and ran up to the field as our home team guys started batting in the bottom of the 9th. If you can have at least 3 good posts every day while still having time to find, like, and get to know new businesses and people then you’re in good shape. If all you send are announcements of your next open day, they’ll quickly default your emails to being spam and never read them again. I tweeted a picture of me and my boys (as well as texted it to my wife) – we were fully engaged!

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