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Facebook has taken a step away from its main site to develop what it thinks is a better way to share photos privately.Moments, released Monday for iOS and Android, is a standalone app that will organize the photos on peoplea€™s smartphones, and let users share them privately with a select set of friends. Sign up and receive the latest news, reviews and trends on your favorite technology topics. Facebook Moments allows smartphone users to privately share photos of friends, by sifting through images with facial recognition. Facebook has revealed a new app to allow smartphone users to privately share photos of friends, by sifting through images with facial recognition technology.
The standalone app, called Moments, allows users to share photos with friends who are in them, and to get images of themselves. Moments uses facial recognition technology to group photos based on the friends who are in them, similar to the 'tagging' used by the Facebook social network. The new app was launched Monday for users of Apple and Android handsets in the United States, and will be rolled out to other countries over time.
If you’ve been reluctantly sharing your pictures on Facebook, the company has released a new app this week that will allow you to comfortably do the same thing, but this time, in private with your friends and family.

Available in both Google Play and App Store, the app called “Moments” is currently receiving its reviews from first users.
Facebook has lent Moments its facial recognition software – the same one that knows how to automatically tag your friends’ faces when you upload pictures – and with this tool, it can identify frequently photographed people and organize pictures into folders. If you think Facebook’s snooping in your private pictures via facial recognition is a bit too much, you’re probably not in the target audience for this app. Some privacy advocates argue that the new app is on the verge of creepy, mostly because the facial recognition feature comes in by default, and users who dislike it have to specifically opt out of it. Alvaro Bedoya, CEO at Center on Privacy and Tech at Georgetown Law, complained that Facebook has insisted over the years that the facial recognition be a default setting in their apps, instead of letting users turn it on by choice.
This helps them create one of the largest databases there is, because too few users actually turn it off. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. According to some of those, the app provides exactly as advertised, but some other recent photo apps, such as the new Flickr app or Google Photos, are a bit edgier.

Designers behind Moments thought that too many photos of your friends remain hidden in your camera roll because sometimes you don’t feel that those photos are Facebook worthy.
Facebook is gradually building a very nice app portfolio, with Moments joining Messenger, the communication platform and Instagram, the number one app in public photo sharing. Having a way to identify people in pictures is not the problem, but shoving it down the user’s throat is, according to Bedoya.
The app removes the need to dig through onea€™s smartphone to find each photo of, say, John and Mary taken at the wedding, and then text or email them each photo.
Moments will group those photos together, and let the user share them all at once with John and Mary. The app does not post the photos on Facebook unless users want to.For the tagging to work, the people depicted in the photos must have Facebook accounts, with tagging enabled.

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