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A recent update lets the carrier load more apps, but you probably won't get surprise bloatware. In television production there are three pillar skills which if mastered a world of opportunity awaits – writing, shooting and video editing. In the last decade, video editing has become an even more powerful tool as more and more consumers are doing the work that had previously been reserved for special people locked in dark rooms with $30,000 suites of fancy equipment. Many amateur video editors wonder if the skills they have learned creating their own pet projects or home movies can actually be developed and refined into a career. There are many careers in television where video editing is the primary skill put to use each day. As statewide promotions manager it is Rafferty’s job to produce and edit on-air marketing and promotions for all the CBS stations from Kalispell to Billings, while also building the branding elements and graphics used within the various newscasts. Working in promotions, or sometimes referred to as creative services, isn’t as easy as editing a video for YouTube, but it’s a goal worth pursuing if you’ve found video editing is something you truly enjoy doing. As a former Director, you’ve made quite the shift to working in promotions, what are the skills you’ve had to develop in this role? I’ve also had to really study up on the interactive side of things, with an extra emphasis on social media.  We don’t have a huge online department, so the promotions department handles a lot of our online work along with my usually television duties. Fear is a powerful motivator – you see it used often in TV news – what emotions do you try to tap into to get viewers to stick around or come back later?
Rafferty: There’s the exaggerated promo line of “there’s something in your house that could kill you…we’ll tell you what it is at 10”.

Instead of flat out fear, I always try the “arming you with information” approach.  The world’s not coming to an end, but there’s some stuff you should really know to make sure it doesn’t. When there is a tragedy and one of your stations is doing continuous coverage, you jump into action to “brand” what the station is focused on – how hectic is it trying to be creative against a deadline? We don’t come up with sensational Dateline-like “Murder in the Heartland” titles for things.
As far as the creativity on a deadline, it can be tough but we also prepare for these sorts of things.  We have a very strong graphics package and style guide, so we’re not starting from scratch on everything. After that, it’s just a matter of incorporating it into our existing package.  I can typically have a full package of graphics ready for all of our stations to put on the air within 2 hours after a story initially breaks. With your technical background is it hard to watch a fictionalized show like “The Newsroom” that is entertaining, but does some technically impossible things?
Remember the early 90’s movie with Robert Redford and Michele Pfeiffer “Up Close and Personal”?  How in the hell did they do a live shot from inside a prison without any cables running to the camera or microphone?  I can understand the possibility of an RF camera or a wireless mic…but through prison walls and steel bars back to a simple microwave van? I don’t think so.  I saw that movie in the theater with my sister and absolutely ruined it for her. I’m willing to toss aside reality for the sake of a good story, but it can be like nails on a chalkboard.  The second season premiere of The Newsroom when they cut an audio track live over the phone really angered me.
There are powerful video editing programs out there like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas that are wonderful training grounds for a career that entails video editing. To jump to the next level, consider learning photo and video manipulation software packages like PhotoShop and After Effects.

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If you're feverishly nodding your head up and down, and you're all about getting a bargain, listen up. In fact, it made me so mad I haven’t watched the rest of season 2, it’s still sitting in my DVR waiting for me.
When video editing don’t become overly reliant on effects, stick with story development and save the effects for special purposes. It\'s still a beta version, so if you find any bugs or mistakes, please post it with a detailed description. The program imports video material from XDCAM camcorders and can natively edit AVCHD material, and of course, users can create 1080p discs with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound if you've got a few BD-Rs laying around waiting to be used. If you're not already married to some other brand, you can download this one today and get to cutting.

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