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It’s not often that you get to peer over the shoulder of a Hollywood feature film editor and see exactly what they look at day after day, whilst honing the latest cinematic blockbuster.
This opening image is the Avid timeline for reel one of Ridley Scott’s The Martian, edited by Pietro Scalia. Suicide Squad director David Ayer recently tweeted this image of the current cut of the film, from editor John Gilroy’s Avid timeline. Occasionally an editor, in this case Shane Ross, will go to the trouble of explaining what’s going on in their timeline, which greatly adds to the educational value.
Although the majority of feature film editing timelines you see online tend to be in Avid Media Composer, some editors prefer Premiere. Head over to Steve’s article on ProVideoCoalition to get a lot more details on how Jan organises everything in FCPX, the benefits of shooting and working natively in ARRI Pro Res as well as some great feature film editing insights. The three big advantages of editing in the highest resolution and in ProRes from the get go is that all your DCPs that are created throughout the process (for screenings) look amazing and you get a much better feedback since there is a lesser amount of technical imperfections your audience can bump on. And the third reason for working this way was, that it allowed Glenn and John to shoot faster. If want a lot more information on editing in FCPX check out the FCPX category on this blog, or this previous post on Jan’s previous FCPX feature film Focus, which is packed with interviews and further resources. Basically showing you guys how I edit my videos cx Here are my camera angles that I use to get those smooth shots. Quest' opera e distribuita con licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Condividi allo stesso modo 3.0 Unported. We are seeking now those residents in Middle Tennessee, those individuals who have such experience. But thanks to interviews like the Art of the Cut series Steve Hullfish has conducted for PVC, and other editors who are willing to share their work via Twitter’s #TimelineTuesday, now you can. You can read more about that in this previous post, including Steve and Eddie’s detailed conversation.
As you can see in this tweet, Shane breaks down his colour coding system for keeping his sound organised. In this image you can see four of editor Vashi Nedomansky‘s Premiere Pro timelines for feature films, including one Audition timeline. I’d also highly recommend you check out his Adobe Max presentation here, in which he discusses some of his Premiere Pro editing techniques. In the image above of one 20 minute reel from the film, Jan points out the use of colour coded markers to help with collaboration.
And the second really good thing was that since we didn’t have to deal with ArriRaw, editorial could carry a copy of the o-neg for our in-house vfx crew. We are seeking not only actors who have done major speaking roles, but also full production crews, from producers, directors, script and screen writers, Dp’s, lighting personnel, electric, set decorators, hair and make-up artist, editors, to those with experience in marketing and distribution. The blue markers are a section representing three lines of dialogue and the green markers are “action.” The orange ones are chapter markers which we are using to mark VFX with. We had 1200 VFX shots – it’s hard to create Afghanistan in New Mexico, so there was a lot of small stuff to do. They could concentrate on getting the performance they wanted since they knew we could take care of stuff like that later. Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun. At Maxima Visions Films our real passion is with each and every project and film that we produce, that we do more than return a profit, but to make every film a Rembrandt!
We need to put together two complete production crews to enable us to always have at least one film in pre-production, one in production and one in post year round.
You can see the stuff that’s above them are the VFX shots that are cut in over the originals.
We would not be able to do that if we had to go to outside vendors, but we had a lot of VFX artists in-house – at some point 20 of them – and I carried the O-neg on my SAN.
Using the power of the medium of film we strive to create a story which will reach deep down inside our viewer and to at least plant a seed to cause this viewer to at least seek a deeper truth and meaning to life no matter how subliminal we may lead them through story, in hopes they will find it, at least eventually through The Word of God and through The Body of Christ. We want to use the powerful medium of film to shape our culture positively as opposed to how the medium has been used to shape our culture negatively over the past several decades.
Randall Maxwell, who brings his 35 years experience in Hollywood and Wilmington NC in the film industry to Nashville to direct this Nashville Operation.
It was a big financial saving, but for me, it was mostly creative because it gave us more time on temps and all the temps we worked on – even in Final Cut – were a real step towards the final.
You may want to scrawl down past the next several paragraphs, as they pertain to our professional training. We have found with all the distribution avenues available, if you can keep a film under a half million you can pretty much count on at least breaking even, with many making at least a small return. The same applies to anyone interested in securing us for any of your professional production needs.
Many of our films will also be very appealing to the Christian community. We take you now to an article which will tell some truths about films which appeal to the Christian community and why. Not that you must come to work for us, as after training you will be more than qualified with professional training, as you will have actually worked on at least four real feature films in your chosen discipline that you can put on your resume, that you can practically chose the production company you want to work for anywhere in the US or abroad. The conversion experience as the father tells his son — Kirk Cameron, the teenage idol of TV hit Growing Pains — that Jesus died on the cross for him. You may choose the discipline of acting, producing, directing, script & screen writing, editing, business of film making, basic film production, camera operator, director of photography, animation, any discipline within the collaborative art of film making.

This is a two year certificate program with the top 50% of our graduating class being offered a two year paid internship with our production company, giving you a working resume in your chosen discipline where you can continue working for Maxima Vision Films or choose practically any other production company within the US or abroad. These workshops also get you working immediately with our professionals who are making movies each and every day.
It was written and directed by two brothers who are pastors at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga. These workshops can be either taken over weekends, camps, taken one day a week at 3 hour classes, or two days at 1 hour and half, both of which you will also be involved in a three hour workshop on the weekend at our production facilities. The cast was made up of church members, with the exception of Cameron, who is an evangelical Christian. All the actors, including Cameron, worked for free.Since “The Passion of the Christ” Christian films have skyrocketed! Nonetheless, the film struck a nerve with the untapped community of Christian moviegoers, who combined with curiosity-seekers to earn the movie almost $612 million.
If you are an aspiring actor, you need to at the very least know how to prepare for a casting interview, as you only have one shot in this business to get it right! Do you know how much work goes into the production of a film or television production? The movie, which is the highest grossing non-English language film of all time, earned over seventeen times its budget. You may spend literally hours looking over the numbers on Christian films by simply researching “Christian film making on google. Though there is a huge market within the Christian market, and films can be produced with low budgets and marketed rather inexpensively using marketing strategies such as “Fire Proof” Maxima Vision Films as well as our investment group is also very interested in making films geared towards the un-churched to reach them for the Kingdom, so many times these films will appear as secular film, but will introduce a redemptive message, hoping to at least plant a seed where the audience might leave the theatre and at least seek truth, hopefully finding it at church.
This is an absolute in this business & like preparing you for a casting interview, these are all a part and included in any of our camps, workshops and classes.If you are an aspiring actor? Make no mistake, the smartest way to break into the film business is by working as a film apprentice inside a film production company--and Maxima Visions School of Film and Television is the school that can put you there. Why would you spend better than 50 thousand dollars to go to film school at a college or film trade school, when you can spend far less money and go to film school in a real production company? Make the smart choice: learn directly from the pros in a real-world environment, gaining vital industry connections along the way. Our film school alternative is the smartest, most cost efficient way to get a quality film education. As already stated, we are all about career and not simply into taking a student’s money and then wishing them the best as they leave film school to enter the job market.
Remember, a demo reel is just what the name implies, it is a demo of your acting abilities. By providing these new film makers the opportunity to not only learn the business from the ground floor up, and us teach them how to make films the way we want them taught, they have the opportunity to go to work for our production company straight out of school, really, ultimately paying for their time in film school. Not only that, but they can add real experience to their resume to show other potential production companies if they choose to seek elsewhere.
Finally, from the very beginning of a student’s course work, their mentor teaches and encourages students to be their own producer, as they will learn about the whole production process as opposed to simply learning one track in the process.
At your own school or church, we can even make available a after school program for the cost of basically any other after school program, but you are learning what you are passionate about, making movies. Each of these programs will ultimately produce a short student film that you may use on your resume for your chosen discipline, entered into competition with other Christian schools and churches in our upcoming 2015 film festival.
We are not interested in the number of times you have had an extra spot in a film, or even a speaking role in a student film at some film school.
You may read about these two films on the same page, “Sister Surrendered” and “Rachel’s Grace”. The following graph represents Maxima Visions International owning the whole pie;    In the first stage Maxima Visions International is seeking $100,000 for seed monies to get company off the ground and running and giving up 50% ownership of this production company to those not so sophisticated investor but who have a real passion for the film industry a chance to own a piece of the action for as little as a $5,000 investment, which gives them a cumulative 50% ownership in this company.
As mentioned, we are as committed to quality product, films that will help to shape our culture positively, as we are to hiring as much local talents as possible. We are absolutely committed to producing such quality that in the near future that anyone who has any interest in producing a redemptive story idea, there is only one logical solution as to what company one is to come to for producing such a product, and that is Maxima Vision Films. It basically breaks down to the same opportunity as we offer in the Carolinas but we are having to raise less seed funds as the facilities in Carolina are much more expensive, but at the same time much larger, which provide both our film school and sound stages and editing suites to produce films. We feel after viewing how serious we are about those talents we hire above, you will realize how serious we are in producing for you the most professional production money can buy. In Tennessee we are offering 20% of our share for the use of such a facility. We are raising at present a total of $100,000 for said purpose. Get involved now with a company who is committed to harnessing the power of the mediums of film and television to help shape our culture positively verses negatively, as Hollywood has for decades. In fact, for our purpose in the projection we will assume at this point that the investment group we already have who have committed to doing twenty films over the next five years never gets around to actually funding a film.
We are just going to go under the assumption that we remain as just a film school level and have only those films produced at film school.
This is also a good place to insert that there are actually two different types of film schools, one for ages 12-18, which teach just the fundamentals of film production, but culminate with a ten minute student film produced by the students and the second is a full fledge film school for adults who are seeking a career in the film industry which will culminate in two produced feature films per year produced with funds from tuition for each of the two years the student is seeking their certificate in the student's choice of discipline.
All student shorts will be developed into webseries which wil establish ourselves firmly in an internet presence. We could continue to map out the progress made six months at a time, however, we feel anyone who is sophisticated enough to invest $5,000 that may be immature.
As you consider this, keep in mind, the average film school in this country has between 300 to 500 students all the time. Please also remember, anyone who begins film school will spend on average two years in our film school, so assuming only adding 25 students is very conservative. However, agan, just to keep this illustration simple we will be looking at just 50 students in the ages 12-18 category and 50 students in the adult film school beginning the Spring Quarter for year 2015. Considering these very conservative enrollment increases, the following is a projection of what a potential investor at this stage may see as their return on investment for their first two years.

Keep in mind, we have already shown you the potential for the first six months which that $216,687.50 will be added at the bottom.
This means at this point, your original investment at $2 has increased in value to $3, meaning you have a return on your investment of $1 per share for simply keeping your stock and interest in our company. You think this is exciting, just wait until stage three where we finally go public at $5 per share and we begin out strategy to take on the principle players in the film and television industry.  There will of course be operational expenses which will have to come out of these huge returns. However, if you will notice from these projections, this particular investment covers management for first year of operation and Dr. Randall Maxwell has agreed as part of this he will be instructor of each of these classes throughout this year and through the Spring Quarter next year as a part of this management expense.
Over the next five years, even if we remain at “Stage One” in development, and just looking at the films we produce from tuition of students, we will have produced at least ten feature films over the upcoming five years, not considering all the student shorts. This alone is where any potential investor should be looking at seeing their real return on investment.   A Personal message and guarantee from our CEO and Director of the School, Dr. Randall Maxwell; First, I would like to personally thank you for spending this time here at our site taking a look at this investment opportunity.
I hope you realize after spending the time you have spent here what a lucrative opportunity for such a small investment that it truly is. I hope you also realize just how little risk there is in this opportunity considering it being an actual investment in the film industry, as it is really totally un-heard of.
I am so confident in its success that I will personally guarantee to purchase back any stock any investor has purchased from this company and school and pay them in addition to what they have invested an additional 10% return per year plus their original investment back if in two years from their original investment they decide they want out for whatever reason. The second million will be used for the purchase of additional property, more equipment, including an additional 5 Production kits like the one purchased in “Stage One” above.
We will also use this fund for building new sound stages on property, additional class rooms and editing suites.
The remaining 675,000 shares will be issued to the parent company, known as Maxima Visions International, retaining controlling interest in the hands of parent company. It is however at this stage where we first begin looking at accomplishing the vision of this company, which is to become the 8th major contender in the film industry. By any sort of a calculated guess as to what amount would be needed to accomplish this it would take at least 10 Billion in available assets. At this point in the vision, being year one in the foundational process to make this total vision a reality, at this time we have no way of knowing the amount of funding that might have been set aside for future investment in the organization for phase three. Thus, there is no way of knowing the amount of funding that may be necessary at phase three time in order to take on the major players within the film and television industry. The main thing at present that we need to focus on is telling stories that matter and that help to shape our culture positively verses negatively, and in so doing, produce quality product. We already have two investment groups, one of which have already committed to funding four feature films or television productions each year over the upcoming five years with our company. This is a major reason they insist on us accomplishing the entire above prior to them investing with us. D.
The reason for this is the vast number of networks having to provide content 24 hours per day 7 days a week. This is not to mention; just look at some of the stuff that is on some of these cable networks, a bunch of pure crap. This allows us as well as our investment group whose desire is to produce stories that matter to do this, in hopes to at least share a message of hope for a hurting world, while at the same time at least break even if not make a little money while doing so. We also know that at least one film out of every six or seven will make a substantial profit. This will mean, out of twenty films over the next five years we will have at least two with substantial profit. 2nd. Since opening our academy last year we have already had better than 100 students who have taken advantage of various workshops.  These workshops have gone for around $250 per student, meaning a total of $25,000 total income.
Thus, if we never were to grow, just maintaining just the present level of income, which if that were our only interest we would never seek seed money investors, you our potential investor owning half the company, you the investment group would take in $12,500 per year.
The main point here is this; we do not want you to invest if you were not to make a profit and were to lose your investment completely, because of the very nature of this business this could happen. We are really seeking those who could afford to lose, but more importantly we are seeking those who have the funds needed, who have a passion for telling stories that matter, and who have a real passion like ourselves who have a passion on using the powerful medium of film and television to help shape our whole culture positively verses negatively. Please readOur most pressing news as of September 2015, something I hope all readers might read before searching other pages on this site. Maxwell will be deciding upon and after this illness passed we will take a look at producing these scripts into feature films or television productions.
Maxwell is spending this time taking care of his wife, and not in production, he has plenty of time to read scripts. Now, all the services offered at our other production facilities will be available to serve Tennessee. At present we have two major investment groups, one of which has already committed funding four feature films or television productions every year over the next five years. No one in Nashville is even producing a film per year, let alone cranking out four feature films or television productions each and every year, not until now.

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