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If you were pondering a CrashPlan subscription, you can try out the Family Unlimited plan for free as part of a current promotional from Code42, the makers of CrashPlan.
CrashPlan’s free companion iOS app allows users to easily access their files from anywhere at anytime. Users will be emailed a promo code starting January 13, 2015 to use a Family plan free for a year. Amazon Glacier or S3 are the best for cloud data storage, all other services are essentially using Amazon As their back end. This is US only and they actually validate your IP address redirecting you to another page stating that we are not eligible and a reference URL where it clearly explains it is for US citizens only.
The offer is available only at MetroPCS stores and authorized dealers and no national retailers. T-Mobile owned MetroPCS is competing directly with Sprint’s Boost Mobile and AT&T’s Cricket Wireless.

MetroPCS is also offering a promotional $50 plan currently that includes unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and messaging. Smartphone reviews - 5 smartphones - consumersearch, Which are the best smartphones, and which are the best value?
While Apple’s Time Machine serves its purpose locally, data on your external hard drive is useless if stolen or your house burns down. A $30 promo plan launches starting today, March 24, 2015 and customers will be able to access it only in stores. The new plan can also be added to a family plan and just as with other MetroPCS monthly plans, when added, the plan is $5 cheaper so it’s available for $25 per month. For $5 more per month, $35, Boost is offering unlimited talk, text and data with first 1 GB at high speeds or if you enroll in auto pay, you can get 2.5 GB at high speeds (includes LTE). It’s their way to getting leads for their excellent offsite backup service, which we’ve been using for years.

MetroPCS throttles data speeds to around 128 Kbps when high speed data allotment is reached. Cricket’s lowest cost $40 plan is also offering unlimited service with first 2.5 GB at high speeds but with auto pay, the plan is $5 cheaper per month. Cricket also provides access to LTE but limited to 8Mbps so there are few things to consider when deciding.

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