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It is a good definition that sums up our generation and our needs, most of which are inarticulated in our everyday lives. Marketing, in its purest form, is the living embodiment of capturing ideas and adding value to inarticulated needs. The group project was a very concise and well executed term-long expedition that set clear goals and expectations.
The early stages of the project was a good opportunity to learn about the various concepts of marketing and really connect them with corporations you see in real life.
As the project progressed, we were able to successfully incorporate what we learned from the textbook and lectures into our project, which few courses are able to do. The video project is the final step in which we take what we had on paper and present it in an interactive method.
Tech giant Sony debuted it’s new flagship video game console, the Play-Station 4 on Friday Night and smashed records by hitting over 1 million units worth of sales in  less than 24 hours. Aside from the blaring advantages that the console offers over its competitor such as the lack of online checks and enforced restrictions on the use of your disc-based games, Sony’s campaign and build-up of this new product has phenomenally strode closer to consumer hearts than its competitor. Price: Competitive and profit-driven pricing schemes puts Sony far ahead of its competitor.
After 7 years of no new console releases from tech giants, this new product cycle for the 8th generation of gaming system sparked the upcoming era! Seeing an opportunity in the tea market, Starbucks cleverly takes initiative to diversify their product line up to attract those customers who may have never thought about dropping a single penny at Starbucks before.
Tech giant Apple released two new phones earlier in September, the 5c and the 5s, aimed at different target markets in various aspects of social demography and lifestyles. Others say that the original intention for the 5c was for a global Asian market place take-over; thus naming the phone 5c (5china).
Regardless of the purpose, Apple is trying hard to implement new marketing tactics to bring the spotlight back to all the bright colours that was fading away too quickly. In addition, strategic positioning of print ads on city landmarks allow the company’s creative design to shine through to potential consumers. Fast food giant Burger King has been stirring up a marketing storm lately with their new marketing campaign for their crinkle-cut fries that boast 30% reduced calories content compared to their original fries.
Recently, Absolut has picked up a on a new marketing trend that is taking the beverage market by storm. What this sparks is a shift in the norms of conventional marketing and brings about a new debate of sexuality and ethics in association with the product.
Hideki Kawai says that the technological giant is expected to axe 10,000 jobs before March of 2013, looking to reduce its costs and return to making a profit. Panasonic shares which are near decade lows slumped by another fifth in early November 1st, giving the company a four-season losing streak.
IBM has recently launched sixth annual “IBM 5 in 5″ (#ibm5in5) — a list of innovations that have the potential to change the way people work, live and interact during  the next five years. In terms of business, this is a huge new line of opportunity and innovation that is open for the engineers and businessmen alike. I must first say that I disagree with Aaron suggestion that Canada is shifting to a more left-wing society. Statistics Canada says foreign investment in Canadian securities grew to $13.9 billion in September as investors bought government bonds and corporate equities. Government bonds, being the safest type of bond for investors, often attracts many foreigners (both amateur and experienced) to start their financial career by investing in a government bond. Anthropologie inspired diy keychain - crafts unleashed, I adorable keychain anthropologie' website decided version. PayPal is offering to waive processing fees and provide free marketing to merchants as it looks to play a bigger role in how mobile and digital technology are transforming in-store purchasing. In order for consumers to ditch their physical wallets in favor of digital wallets, merchants need to get rid of their old cash registers, said PayPal president David Marcus in a post on the company’s blog this week. Additionally, merchants will be expected to use PayPal Here to accept credit, debit card, check and PayPal payments for the remainder of the year.
PayPal’s mobile payments volume topped out at $14 billion last year, up 250 percent from the year before, and is expected to reach $20 billion this year. For example, by enabling users to place an order before they arrive at a juice bar so their order is ready when they arrive or by delivering relevant, real-time coupons.
While PayPal has done a good job of winning over consumer support for its digital wallet initiatives, its efforts with retailers may not be proving as successful, which is one possible reason why the company has introduced the Cash for Registers program. Also this week, Square launched Stand, a piece of hardware that turns an iPad into a digital POS system that can replace traditional cash registers. With Square and Starbucks already partnering to share technology, it will be interesting to see if Square Stand begins showing up in Starbucks locations.

Groupon also announced plans to expand its POS program from restaurants and bars into all bricks-and-mortar merchants this week through a program it is calling Breadcrumb POS.
There are many reasons why social media is the perfect promotional web tool for restaurants, but one that stands out is that social media has become increasingly obsessed with food. In fact, larger brands have discovered being responsive to consumers on social media is one very important way to provide great customer service, and build real relationships with customers by engaging them in conversations. Starbucks uses one-on-one customer engagement across their social media accounts, and responds to criticism as well as welcoming positive feedback. Besides traditional social media strategies, such as coupons, video tours and providing online customer service, social media promotional campaigns and engagement tactics can also be used offline at a restaurant’s actual physical location.
One example of this is illustrated by a restaurant owner in Las Vegas, Mingo Collaso, who creatively uses social media offline to promote his restaurant, Mingo Kitchen & Lounge. The Hard Rock’s casual eatery has a “Vices” cocktail menu that begins with a full-page story about how much the restaurant loves you as a customer. The cocktail menu offered during the burlesque performances at Holly Madison’s new hot spot has hashtags for anyone who wants to rave about their beverage. If you enjoy a cocktail or shot in the frozen surroundings of the restaurant’s Vodka Vault, the staff will encourage you to share it with the world under the tag #VodkaVault.
A simple word that propelled Apple from a hipster computer manufacturer to the number 2 tech giant in the world. For students, much of our learning has been constructed based on pre-existing notions of 20th generation intelligence, and is currently evolving to adapt to the malleability of the millennials. Before choosing the company, it offered an amazing inside look to some fantastic marketing campaigns and corporate strategies that we may have never considered before.
We generated ideas based on real-concepts we see and observe from lectures and real life, and successfully translate the images and sounds that we’re familiar with since birth, onto paper. The good thing about this is that it allows you to think outside the box, which is what successful marketers must do in order to be successful. Priced at $399, the PS4 undercuts main competitor Microsoft’s Xbox One by $100 and steals the spotlight from Microsoft, converting legions of heartbroken Xbox gamers.
Since E3, Sony’s primary campaigning focus has been the distinguished market of avid gamers. We don’t give them everything, because we don’t think they want everything,” PlayStation CMO Guy Longworth said, in an interview Tuesday. While we still wait to see how Microsoft’s product market diversification process goes, Sony has already successfully built upon the trust that was established with its previous generation of gamers and aim to bring new gamers into the mix. And in the past few months, the franchise teamed up with Teavana to debut the chain’s first 1000 teahouse, Teavana Fine Teas + Tea Bar throughout North America.
But if this was the case, the tech company would’ve been hugely disappointed by results from the Asian market as demand for the 5c dropped significantly while sales for the 5s sky-rocketed.
They are choosing to reintroduce the product and educate people into the benefits of the lower-cost, more personable device. This might come as a big shock to regular burger goers but what follows this new venture has had the North American consumers caught between laughter and tears. But this does not deter the onslaught of outrage and hilarity in customer reactions in many forms. Having started around 1980 with photographer Steven Bronstein, and with more than 1500 ads, the ad campaign is the longest running ever.
And yes, I am referring to the use of manipulation of sexuality and desirability in both digital and print ads that are used to frame their products as something that is used to trigger a deeper connection with the consumer than past techniques that emphasized price and product. With the growth of social media and technology, more and more young people are exposed at earlier ages to these advertisements. We’ve seen a trend with Panasonic getting rid of workers in the past few years, and this is just the middle of a larger movement of the electronic competition market. The company, which is being out-competed by electronic giants such as Samsung, Sony, and LG is looking at its last desperate measure to being the business back on track. The list is based on market and societal trends as well as emerging technologies from IBM’s research labs around the world that can make these transformations possible. Although personally I am a little bit skeptical about this Nvironics Research, not to mention comissioned by former NDP leader Ed Broadbent. And although this isn’t news, the government of Canada has drastically improved their investment security over the past few years.
It was interesting, to learn about investment on a personal level, a national level, and a inter-continental level. However, the company is trying to take a broader approach to digital payments and how they can solve customer problems and make shopping experiences more seamless.
It also features a built-in card reader and connects to accessories such as receipt printers and bar-code scanners.

The launch is being supported with a promotional offer of free processing on the first $5,000 in credit card transactions merchants process. Groupon is promising to beat any comparable plan on credit card transaction fees as it looks to get merchants to sign up. With social media, restaurants can gain exposure, cultivate potential customers, and instantly communicate with current customers. Collaso includes a hashtag next to every single item on the menu so diners can easily Tweet about their food.
The goal is to bring Mingo into a social media world that’s increasingly becoming obsessed with food. It’s also a word that governs the value proposition of 21st century communities,  corporations, and educational institutions. Utilizing a combination of research, planning, brainstorming, and creation, the project displayed the underlying beauty and concept of the marketing process for all of us who are being exposed to it for the first time. Subconsciously when we pick our companies as a group, we are analyzing the greatness and failures of each and every company through our individual interactions with each brand and product, barely realizing its true effect on our mind. Taken from the analysis we made earlier, it’s easy to see how certain campaigns and strategies are adopted and utilized. While Microsoft has been aiming to appeal to a wider range of consumers and convert the Xbox One into an everyday living room essential, they are losing the battle for the existing pool of customers that give value and prestige to their product: the hardcore gamer. Having already penetrated the consumer market, Sony finds opportunity to utilize word of mouth marketing amongst its consumers while Microsoft struggles to catch up, still unable to reach past the fence of their newly defined consumer base. Combining chic and sustainable decor, the tea bar builds an immersive new experience in tea drinking and marks the start of an expansionary project for the tea giant in the next five years. Apple reported 64% of all mobile sales are coming from the 5s, while only 27% from the 5c, and the other 9% being filled with the antique 4s.
A price cut from popular retailers such as Wireless Wave, Walmart, Verizon, and Best Buy also illustrate Apple’s intention to reposition the phone as flagship device that will pivot the price-war with their competitors.
Burger King has decide to promote their new fries using a never-before seen gimmick: a fake re-brand of the entire franchise. Lately, they have begun to step up their print and digital media advertisement game to include subliminal messages through both images and text that are meant to trigger unconscious psychological reactions in our heads to bypass our perception of the product.
Competitors like Gilbey’s, Johnny Walker, Campari, and Heineken have all picked up on these trends. A large chunk of Panasonic was actually sold away last year and since then the business has been under performing.
If the firm does not reach its goal of 110 billion yen in the next fiscal quarter, we may easily see the end of another decade-long electronic legacy. And not only will this drive profits, but it will give your company better publicity and make it more sustainable while you are minimizing your costs.
I do not find it strange that Canadians are willing to pay higher taxes for income equality.
In fact, I question the credibility of this research, and will only take its results with a grain of salt.
Since the introduction of the Tax-Free-Savings-Account in 2009, pensions and benefit plans have improved in return rates compared to the past few decades. The world today is all connect through the movement of funds and investments, and even money that does not physically exist may cause such drastic effects on our global economy and our individual lives a whole. It is innovative in the sense that it has rarely been seen before in University, yet it provides so much possibility for growth and creativity. I think most people can generally agree that monetary possession is the main measure of social power in modern society. However, I do not doubt that if you go on the street and ask people about the disparity between the rich and the poor, they will definitely tell you that they wish to see it closed. As technology develops, the projects will undoubtedly become more creative and amazing as time goes on.
This video can be a shorter, 3-5 minute video that outlines why your recommendations and target audiences are appropriately chosen, and why your plan works. The course has offered a place for great minds to collide and innovate together in a fearless and inspirational setting.
In support of that, we can have a full report on the details of the plan that can be submitted, this way we also have a paper copy to refer off of when we create our video.
Are there no greater, more general problems and capitalistic fundamentals that lie at the root of this cause?

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