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In my first article about Facebook I shared how to stay connected with past clients, friends, family, and acquaintances (your Power List™) to generate unlimited referrals and repeat business.
Then in my second article about Facebook I shared how to leverage your Power List™ to sell homes fast. Today, in my third article, I’ll share the BEST way to get new leads from Facebook for free.
What’s that?  It’s a specific reason for someone to contact you – valuable information that’s free and easy to get.  Someone has to contact you to request it and identifies themselves as a potential prospect who is thinking of buying or selling real estate soon. Then send them a private message on Facebook with a link to download your report as a PDF.  Or send them a message through Facebook asking for their email address so you’re also building your email list for you monthly “Direct Response” real estate newsletter. Second, when they “Like” your business page, it shows up on their newsfeed FOR ALL THEIR FRIENDS TO SEE.  Someone they are connected to (a friend of a friend) may be thinking of buying or selling and they can click on a link to be taken right to your Business Page.
Now, you don’t want to be doing this all the time on your personal profile with your friends (remember the first strategy about building relationships by offering helpful information but not too much where people tune you out).  Try making offers to get more fans on a weekly basis, and then use your Business Page to get leads to call you!
I hope you use these 3 strategies to maximize your results from Facebook in the coming weeks and months. Plus, you’ll get a checklist to setup your Facebook account and business page in minutes.
If you want to get past all the confusion out there and finally know what works with social media, then this report is for you!
Do you want to know the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to get business from social media? I spent 8 months surveying, studying, and questioning our network of top-performing agents I’ve found the top 3 strategies any agent can use to get more real estate clients from Facebook this year and for years to come. Most real estate professionals have a personal Facebook profile, but few understand how to use Facebook to generate new leads, send updates about your activity to sell homes faster, or program people to send you referrals. Here’s the second strategy about how to use Facebook to sell homes in a fraction of the time as other agents!
In a previous article we talked about how to leverage your relationships to get referrals from your social network.  Now we’ll talk about how you find a buyer for your listing, or the perfect home for a buyer client by tapping into the extended connections of your network. This means, if you have 100 friends on Facebook, they also each know at least 100 other people, so you could potentially reach 1400 people (or more) who will buy or sell real estate in the next 12 months. Question is, how do you get the attention of these people to sell your listings and find great homes for buyer clients?
Message people in your network who live near where your buyers want to live.  Ask them if they know of anyone wanting to sell and you may even get a listing. You can also have your client message their friends on Facebook.  Do this right and you can get exposure to a lot of other potential buyer and seller clients. Stay tuned for my upcoming article about the THIRD of the top three strategies to get real estate clients from Facebook. Here’s the first strategy about how to use Facebook to get referral from friends and fans…without spending your life on your computer! If you already have both of these, great!  If not, refer to the “SETUP” section in this Facebook report for steps and tips. A personal profile and a business page on Facebook are the tools to create your online “social network” which is really just another part of your Power List™ of personal contacts (along with your contact database of email and mailing addresses). What’s the best way to make new connections with more people on Facebook (and not just other real estate agents)? First, go through your email program or contact database, search for each person on Facebook, then invite them to be your friend. Also, think about common connections you have – people you meet through a local organization or group you’re involved with in your area. Second, get “fans” by messaging your Facebook friends, asking them to “Like” your business page.  That’s the easiest way but there are other ways to get fans that our network of top-performing agents has identified, which I can explain in a future article on our website. For now, realize having more friends or fans is a preliminary step but not the main goal.  Having quality relationships is what leads to more referrals and repeat business.
Once you have your network of friends and your smaller network of fans, you need to deepen the relationship with each segment so when they think “real estate” they naturally think of YOU. If you want writing tips and example messages to use on Facebook, click here to request a Free report about how to profit from Facebook as a real estate professional.
The very act of being consistent demonstrates your reliability, trustworthy and professionalism so you’re positioning yourself as an expert even if most of your updates are not about real estate. Most people check Facebook at night.  If you post a status update in the afternoon or evening, more people will see it than a morning post. Why?  Because Facebook’s “newsfeed” (the list of status update each person sees) is continually updated, with older posts going further down the page.  You want to be near the TOP when they start reading their newsfeed so your message gets noticed. Over time your online friends wouldn’t think to work with any other real estate agent, as long as you’ve continued to provide value while staying in touch.  That means locked-in new and repeat business!  They’re also more likely to introduce you to THEIR friends through Facebook – more referrals!
Another way to use Facebook to interact with Power List™ members who are on social media is to comment on other people’s status updates related to life events that may require them to buy or sell real estate. Stay tuned for my upcoming article about the SECOND of the top three strategies to get real estate clients from Facebook.
Posting daily messages increases engagement with your friends and fans and can lead to more business. Before you start this step-by-step strategy, make sure you’re using Facebook as the administrator of your Fan Page, not your personal profile. This will allow you to add the year, month, day, and time that you want to publish the post (up to 6 months in the future). If you want to make changes to your post, you have to cancel the post and redo your message.
That’s it!  Follow this 4-step strategy to schedule posts and get more results from Facebook, in less time. These postcards help keep your name in front of prospects and position you as the area’s real estate expert.
At ReaMark, we specialize in real estate marketing and promotional materials to help you grow your business. Get more leads by updating your target area with Just Listed Postcards & Just Sold Postcards from ReaMark. We are rapidly approaching peak of “real estate season” and there is still time to make the most of it with proven, real estate promotional products from ReaMark.
Help your farm celebrate spring and grow new leads with ReaMark’s new seed packets for real estate agents. ReaMark’s quality seed packets come in a choice of four different styles, each designed to attract your clients in the most appropriate way for the relationship and the situation. ReaMark’s seed packets must be mailed inside an envelope to ensure safe delivery, as well as compliance with the USDA regulations. Step up to the plate this year with an attention-getting MLB baseball calendar that will give you season-long name recognition. Get two great products for the price of one with our peel-n-stick business card magnetic baseball schedules. Our customized wallet-size laminated schedules are also an excellent way to appeal to the baseball fan in all of us. EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail, is a great real estate marketing tool for Realtors to generate new leads. EDDM is an easy to use service that allows you to select target neighborhoods and reach all of the residents.

As with any marketing effort, you want to be sure that you are getting a return on your investment.
Free Home Value Analysis – Create a call to action on your mailer to get a free market analysis with a unique link to your website.
Ask for Referrals – Using a call to action for referrals is another great way to generate leads from postcards. Telephone Tracking – Another way to track how many leads are generated is with a call-tracking phone number.
Nothing brings a smile to people’s faces like the thought of Spring and nothing says Spring is just ahead like the March time change. Spring is the start of “real estate” season so it is a prudent time to stay top-of-mind in your farm and with your prospects. Keep in mind that although February has an extra day this leap year, it is still a short month. Real estate brokers and agents recognize the value of newsletters in staying in contact with clients and connecting with prospects. Information for homeowners and real estate tips like how to refinance a mortgage, market trends, and information about contingency sales. Home maintenance tips including home improvement ideas, gardening tips, and how to prevent mold damage. Fun and amusing activities including comics, crossword puzzles and “spot the difference” games.
Other helpful information like getting started with creating a will, what to recycle, what you shouldn’t carry in your wallet and more!
What makes our newsletters so appealing is that they feature two large, fully customizable areas that real estate agents and brokers can use to speak directly to their farm to generate leads. These newsletters look professional and local, helping to brand you as the neighboorhood expert!
Choose from over 60 designs with black & white personalization or our new full-color personalization.
Get your year off to a great start with more leads generated from your own professional newsletter from ReaMark. Douglas Fuller, Realtor, GRI, ABR, e-PRO is a Munds Park Real Estate agent and Internet Marketing Specialist with the the knowledge and experience you need to buy or sell Munds Park real estate (see resume).
According to the National Association of Realtors over 90% of home buyers use the Internet to find a home.
If you are looking to sell your Munds Park property, hire Douglas Fuller to get the job done… and your Munds Park home SOLD! If you are looking for a Munds Park real estate agent who will put your needs first (see business philosophy), call Douglas Fuller at (928) 607-0242. Doug Fuller is a Munds Park real estate agent and Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) with the experience and education in real estate to meet your needs (his resume).
If you are thinking about selling a home in Munds Park home or a surrounding area, call me and get a FREE Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your home. Even though the internet is all the rage these days, agents are still using direct mail with fantastic success.
Another way to get your mail seen is to make it so personal, the reader thinks it’s just for them. This works great when farming to new areas where people don’t know you – your prospect’s curiosity will help your mail get opened.
You can add merge fields to the template and then run the envelopes through your printer to “direct impression” the return address and the recipients address (or send the template to your printer with your mailing list).  But DO NOT use mailing labels. Multi-sequence contact always out-pulls single contact.  This applies to follow-up with leads or with farming an area.
Direct mail pros have found that you may spend 2 or 3 times more to send out a sequence of 3 letters, but because the response rates are so much higher your ROI is also higher. You’re leaving money on the table by not continuing to follow-up with a sequence of mailings.
This idea was submitted by an agent who prospects in high density areas, such as co-ops and condos.
In a regular business sizes envelope place a letter stating something about the current sales of Co-ops or Condos in the area and that you are offering a free market analysis. If you are not comfortable soliciting that way, you can also mail everyone the same envelopes, but you will obviously also incur the cost of postage. Your general web browsing experience will be much improved if you upgrade for free to Internet Explorer 9 or Google Chrome.
These postcards come in a choice of stock photos or can be fully customized with photos of a specific home or homes you are featuring.
They show potential leads that the market is active and you are in the midst of that activity.
You can order them in small minimums and we offer quick turnarounds to get these in mailboxes quickly. Our proven products have been used by successful real estate agents and brokers throughout the country. Our real estate door hangers come in full-color and are guaranteed to get noticed by prospects as they return home. Browse our thousands of Realtor marketing and promotional products from calendars and real estate postcards to cookbooks and imprinted pens. These seed packets make a seasonal statement that your existing and prospective clients are sure to appreciate.
The Thank You Seed Packet is ideal for sending to clients with whom you’ve already done business. The Where Memories Grow seed packet, made up of a wildflower seed mix, is ideal for checking in on your past clients or just reminding them of your services.
Make a spring statement with the Growing Houses Into Homes seed packet filled with forget-me-not seeds. Purchase in bulk quantities of 100 or more and pass out to your real estate agents for use at open houses, direct mailings, trade shows, house and garden shows, or to hand out around town at coffee shops, restaurants and more.
Why not harvest all possible leads by using a photo label on the envelope as a return address label on seed packet envelopes, as well as other mailing pieces?
Yes, baseball season begins April 3rd and our ReaMark baseball schedules are once again sure to be a big hit. These rounded-corner magnetic schedules can be ordered in minimums of just 100 and are available for all pro teams. These 2 ?” x 3.5” cards are in full color and printed with both schedules and your logo and contact info on both sides. With spring arriving early in many parts of the country, now is the time to get those promotional materials into mailboxes and start getting new leads. Our team of professionals will help you select the best marketing piece for your needs and the U.S.
You can use free services like to track how many visitors visit your page from this particular mailer. You can be one of the first to deliver the good news of this year’s March 13th time-change with Spring time change postcards from ReaMark. Every year, these marketing tools have turned prospects into leads, leads into listings and listings into sales.

Be the first to remind your prospects about the Spring time-change and bring a warm smile to their face. The challenge is that newsletters can be time-consuming to put together, especially when trying to include interesting and valuable information. Plus, sending out newsletters on a quarterly basis keeps you top of mind with your market when the time comes to buy or sell.
Our four page newsletters are designed to be sent quarterly and also come available in half-fold and tri-fold options. Order today and your newsletter can be in your farm’s mailboxes within 6-12 business days with 2 business days for proofing, 2-5 days for printing, and 2-5 days for postal delivery. I pop the picture into my flyer, fill in as much info as possible about the house and print a nice color copy. Douglas Fuller is a Munds Park real estate agent and marketing is his strength (see samples of his internet marketing). Douglas Fuller is a Munds Park real estate agent who combines his Internet Marketing skills, experience, and education to help his clients achieve their objectives.
To find out how much your Munds Park property is worth in today’s real estate market, call Doug Fuller… for a full-service Munds Park real estate agent.
All of his listings are placed on the Northern Arizona MLS (serving Flagstaff and the surrounding areas).
Doug Fuller’s listings are also SHOWCASE HOMES with a banner Ad and customized public remarks. He can help you evaluate the current Munds Park real estate market and determine what your Munds Park home is worth today. He will prepare a Free Home Evaluation Report for your Munds Park property which will show you all of current Munds Park real estate listings and recent Munds Park homes sales in your neighborhood. If you find an area that has a cluster of Co-ops or Condo’s, you can slide a few hundred every day. These attention getting Just Listed Postcards & Just Sold real estate postcards are powerful because they accomplish so many marketing missions in one mailing.
Many rely on our marketing experts and graphic designers for the assistance they need in implementing effective strategies. Here are three attention-getting real estate marketing products to increase your leads and listings this spring. The “Thank You” seed packet is a great way to says thanks to previous clients, or even to thank prospects for an initial meeting. Mailable seed packets provide a functional and personalized way to reach out and touch your farm, while keeping your name and contact information first and foremost on their minds. Whether you’re hoping to make a new sale, get a referral or just want to express your appreciation, this style is sure to make a good impression. Use this seed packet as a marketing tool for new or older clients, as well as prospective clients who have are not yet familiar with your services. Send these out to targeted recipients in your real estate farm to help spread the word about your agency. Depending on the design you choose, these custom schedules will provide months of value in wallets, on refrigerators and on desks. These are easily mailed in standard #10 envelopes.* These are available in minimum quantities of 500.
You can almost hear your prospects saying “Oh, that’s right!” as they read your postcard and put in up on their refrigerator. Now is also the time to plan a follow-up mailing that features a just sold or newly listed property.
That’s why so many real estate professionals are turning to ReaMark for customizable real estate newsletters. Build your brand, enhance your image and generate leads with these proven marketing products from ReaMark.
See why more and more real estate professionals choose ReaMark for their marketing and promotional products. Another might be to offer Free Consumer Reports for Buyers and Sellers by calling your hotline or visiting your web site. Real estate is just like any other product, it takes the right marketing to sell homes for the most money in the least amount of time! And what better way to accumulate a lot of names, and make an offer to those people on their “change of address” list?
I’ve have had a lot of luck with getting listings in Co-ops and Condos with my clever and cheap marketing strategy. You are almost guaranteed a few immediate phone calls…or at the very least a few phone calls in the future because they kept your magnetic card on their fridge. These postcards are designed to increase leads of homeowners who may have been considering selling previously and bring new prospects into the funnel.
ReaMark can even make your marketing efforts easier with our full-range of turnkey mailing services. We also have stock door hangers that can ship exceptionally quickly and start as low as 12 cents each. Choose from a selection of styles including full-color notepads, peel and stick your business card upon notepads or have your business card imprinted on a magnet with a notepad. Our “Where Memories Grow” seed packets are a wildflower seed mix and are a nice way to remind clients and prospects of your services. Energize your marketing efforts this spring with our wide-range of real estate promotional products from ReaMark. Right now, real estate agents and brokers can save up to 30% on varying styles of these appreciated promotional items.
If a homeowner isn’t interested in listing their home, they may pass the information onto someone who is. Our mailing services come with FREE data-base set-up and FREE frontside UV coating of mailed postcards.
Be sure to ask about our two sizes of door hanger bags to add additional “goodies” to hang on doors.
Forget-me-not seeds are placed in our “Where Memories Grow” seed packets and are a nice way to welcome spring.
Give them out at open houses, sporting events, local restaurants and bars, or mail them to your prospects. From household and gardening tips to sports schedules and inspirational cards, choose from our effective marketing postcards that are perfect for your brand and image. You can also use your photo editor to place your web site below the photo of the home (CLICK HERE to see last week’s issue for exactly how to do this).
Our “Put Down Roots With Us” seed packets are proving to be a popular way to market to your farm. These are also a perfect promotional handout for open houses, home-shows or to handout at the corner coffee shop.
ReaMark is also pleased to offer our direct mailing service for as little as 32 cents per postcard.

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