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Keeping up with marketing trends and best practices is hard enough, let alone getting ahead of the curve. With that in mind, I’m going to break out my crystal ball and identify the top three strategies that will help you win more listings and close more business in 2016. The more that agents turn to technology, the more removed the human element becomes in the whole process. For example, you can use social media and digital communications to stay in touch with clients and prospects and to reach people in more places.
Or consumers may want to act quickly to take advantage of the current low rates before they get too high. In either situation, you simply can’t afford to waste time or money on marketing that won’t give you the best return on your investment. Find excuses to start conversations with past clients and people in your sphere of influence. While referrals account for a large portion of most real estate agents’ business, that doesn’t mean that they come quickly or easily.
The good news is that getting just one transaction out of it will likely pay for your efforts many times over. I know that’s easier said than done—especially in light of my recommendation to focus on your profitable strategies.
This year holds many challenges, but it also holds many opportunities for agents who are able to stay ahead of the trends. I craft articles and other informational resources to help our customers become better relationship marketers. One of the biggest complaints that you will hear from unhappy home sellers is they don't feel their Realtor® is marketing their home correctly. When selling a home, one of the most important factors other than proper pricing that will lead to a successful home sale or not is marketing. One of the biggest complaints that you will hear from unhappy home sellers is they don't feel their Realtor® is marketing their home correctly.
With the evolution of real estate and the Internet, there are so many places that Realtors® should be marketing not only their homes for sale but also themselves. One question that every Realtor® should be asking themselves is whether or not they are doing everything they can to give themselves and their clients homes exposure. Below are some of the best methods and strategies that Realtors® should be utilizing to market their listings, themselves, and their brand. There are many Realtors® who believe that traditional forms of marketing and print advertising is dead.
For example, many newspaper companies have begun providing an online edition of their daily, weekly, or month newspapers.
I still cannot believe the number of real estate agents who do not have their own websites. Finally when it comes to online exposure, it's vital that the quality of photos and videos is top notch when presenting a sellers home.
Check out this example below of a video that was created while recently selling a waterfront home in Rochester, NY. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you constantly seeing Realtors® blasting their newest listing or their latest sale all over social media. Social media provides Realtors® the opportunity again to be seen as an expert of real estate. Many Realtors® ask why content marketing is important to be successful and to build their business.
One of the greatest things about being a Realtor® is the opportunity I have to run my business how I please. If you have any questions about how the specific content platforms work, I'm always happy to share my knowledge with others.
When selling a home, one of the most important factors other than proper pricing that will lead to a successful home sale or not is marketing. One of the biggest complaints from unhappy sellers is that they don’t feel their real estate agent is marketing their home properly or enough. As one of the top real estate agents in Webster NY, I believe it’s extremely important that my sellers understand where their home will be marketed, how it will be marketed, and why. If you’re selling a home or thinking about it and you’re wondering what real estate marketing strategies a top real estate agent should be using, read on to find out. There are many real estate agents who believe that print advertising and traditional real estate marketing techniques do not work.
Below are some of the top print advertising and traditional real estate marketing strategies that top real estate agents are utilizing. Newspaper advertising is still an effective real estate market strategy and is proven that when a home is advertised for sale that the web traffic increases for a few days after the ad is run.
In addition to a cities newspaper, many communities have their own local newspaper or magazine. The biggest reason that advertising in a local publication can be beneficial is because the audience is very specific to the local residents. Ever catch yourself repeating a quote or saying from a commercial that you saw on television the previous day? Depending on what real estate company and what area you’re selling a home, television may or may not be a viable option for a real estate agent to market a home for sale. For example, my real estate broker, Nothnagle Realtors, has a weekly television show called the “Showcase of Homes” which reaches over 40,000 Greater Rochester NY residents each week.
Another popular print advertising strategy that top real estate agents will use to sell a home are postcards. This can be an effective real estate marketing tool, mainly because neighbors who receive the card may know of a family member or friend who is looking for a home in their neighborhood. Postcard marketing does require a real estate agent to spend money they haven’t earned yet, however, it can be a great marketing technique.
Below are some of the most important real estate marketing strategies that lead to maximum online exposure that top real estate agents use. An agent not only needs to have their own website, but it also has to be user friendly and a highly ranking website. Below is an example of a basic home search form that buyers can utilize to search Irondequoit, NY homes for sale as well as homes for sale in other Greater Rochester NY real estate communities. It’s important that when selling a home, your real estate agent has a website that is truly a one-stop shop for their real estate needs.
An obvious sign of a real estate agent with a strong online presence is whether or not they have an informative and regularly updated blog.
A real estate blog can be beneficial for a seller as it gives an agent the opportunity to discuss their home in detail.
Another reason top real estate agents will have an informative blog is because it gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with potential buyers (and sellers). For example, if a seller has a home that is likely to attract first time home buyers, it can be extremely beneficial if an agent has an article that is tailored to first time home buyers. Nothing is more frustrating to a seller than a buyer who ends up with cold feet and backs out of a deal because they didn’t know what to expect during the home buying process.
Since the internet is the place where most buyers are beginning their home search, it’s vital that a real estate agent is using high quality photos. There are some real estate agents who will hire a professional photographer to take photos of their listings.
Some real estate agents do not hire a professional photographer and don’t need too, if the proper techniques and equipment is utilized. If a real estate agent is marketing their listings with poor quality images it can make a huge difference in whether a home sells or not.
When selling a home, you should expect that the real estate agent you hire is utilizing some type of video. Below is an example of a video that was produced while selling a waterfront property in Rochester, NY. Below are some of the most popular social media websites that sellers should expect their real estate agent to use while selling their home and some reasons why.
There aren’t too many people left who don’t know what Facebook is or better yet, don’t have a Facebook profile. Providing quality real estate advice is a great way for a real estate agent to interact with their followers, many of which maybe potential buyers. If you’re selling a home, you can tell pretty quickly if an agent is utilizing Facebook the proper way or not. Below are results from an example of a Facebook contest that was run recently that exposed a sellers Penfield, NY home to over 10,000 residents before the home was even listed for sale!
If you’re thinking of selling your home or are selling your home, you should expect that Twitter is a part of your agents real estate marketing strategy. Far too many agents are using Twitter only to blast their newest listings, which is one of the most common social media mistakes made by real estate agents. The old saying, “give to get” is a great way to understand the mindset that real estate agents should have when utilizing Twitter as a part of their real estate marketing strategy to sell a home. This is important for a seller seeing as top real estate agents love selling their own listings and a potential buyer from Twitter maybe the next owner of their home!
As mentioned above, high quality photos are a very important piece of a successful real estate marketing plan.
Follow Kyle Hiscock, REALTOR®, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, e-PRO®’s board Real Estate Articles Worth Reading on Pinterest. On LinkedIN you will also find local groups that are filled with local residents of any given community. For example, on LinkedIN there is a Rochester NY residents group in which I share helpful information relating to Rochester. While an agent may not receive instant results from LinkedIN in the form of buyers and sellers, building their authority on LinkedIN can definitely lead to future clients and should definitely be a part of their real estate marketing strategies. Since Google Plus is a Google product, when something is shared on Google Plus the chances that it is indexed quicker by a search engine increase. When selling a home, many homeowners wonder what top real estate agents are doing behind the scenes.
The easiest way to describe content curation is the process of sorting through vast amounts of content on the internet and presenting it in a meaningful and well organized way around a specific topic, in this case real estate.
Content curation is important for sellers because if properly done can make a huge impact on the traffic a website receives and subsequently, the more traffic and social shares a real estate website gets the higher it ranks.
Below are a handful of the best places a real estate agent can curate content on and what sellers should expect their real estate agent incorporates into their real estate marketing strategies.
Have you ever been in searching for a specific topic but cannot for the life of you find quality information. Every homeowner who is selling their home or thinking about it would love to know how to sell their home easily, right?
If you happen to be selling or buying a home during the winter, it is important to realize that there are certain tips that should be followed.
Another very convenient and user friendly curation tool that top agents are utilizing as part of their real estate marketing strategy is Learnist.
One great example of how awesome Learnist is for providing top notch content is this board that provides links to articles relating to first time home seller tips. One of the more well known curation sites that top selling real estate agents are using is Tumblr. If you’re selling a vacation home and a buyer was wondering how to buy a vacation home, a Tumblr blog post would be pretty helpful, right? Consumers want to find information easily and do not want to sift through terrible article after terrible article. Owning a home has many tax implications and many homeowners have no idea about many of them.
Many LinkedIN users have no idea that recently they created a place where you can curate content.
Anytime something is published on LinkedIN Pulse, a users connections are notified of a new publication. Top real estate marketing strategies should definitely include Behance in their content curation toolbox. Another very simple content curation tool that agents should include in their real estate marketing strategy is Whether buying or selling a home, it’s almost a guarantee that some type of research will be done throughout the process. Storify is one of the easiest and most visually appealing content curation sites available for real estate professionals. It would be helpful for someone who was interested to learn about some of the top Greater Rochester NY real estate communities if they could find it all in one place. If a real estate agent utilizes print advertising, has a strong online presence, utilizes social media, and knows how to curate great real estate content, the chances they sell a home increases significantly. We service the following Greater Rochester NY areas: Irondequoit, Webster, Penfield, Pittsford, Fairport, Brighton, Greece, Gates, Hilton, Brockport, Mendon, Henrietta, Perinton, Churchville, Scottsville, East Rochester, Rush, Honeoye Falls, Chili, and Victor NY. You are here by invitation only to be a contributing author in your county’s Real Estate Trendsetters Book. With less than a 2 hour time commitment on your part, you will be provided unmatched PR among your competition that can be utilized in your marketing for years to come. You’re about to check out the most comprehensive list of tools and apps for real estate agents on the planet. Below you’ll find not only the list but PDF downloads, videos, and podcast episodes which will show you how to put this all together. You can DOWNLOAD the latest The Top 26 Tools & Apps for Real Estate Agents PDF eBook right here.
This is the accompanying PowerPoint presentation that I use to present this list of tools and apps for real estate agents.
In the real estate industry, technology, tools, and apps are often misunderstood by real estate agents, managing brokers, national and local brokerages, the MLS’s, agent associations, the marketing gurus, and NAR itself.
When it comes to tech, tools, and apps real estate agents mistakenly look at these for having the power to “magically” increase leads into their business.
Tech, tools, and apps can only be effective for your business if you know how to use to them correctly in your business. Or, do you want to actually help people and families achieve the American dream of owning their home? Or, is it to provide a valuable and rememberable experience for your clients which builds long term relationships? Do you offer buyers a great buyer experience, home warranties, e-signature services, and do you have a team of mortgage brokers, title companies, real estate attorneys, inspectors, contractors, and other professionals that can adequately help them with other real estate related needs to the home buying process? You should start to see a theme take place in these questions about how you run your business today. Fix your business first before you start incorporating tech into it and hope the tech will help you increase your leads. The key to using more tech, tools, and apps effectively in your business is to understand how it fits into your business. The only way technology, tools, and apps can help your business is when it’s used for either communicating your messages to your clients and prospects, or helping in facilitating an efficient workflow in the operations of your business.
When used correctly technology can help you leverage your business in ways which were nearly impossible just 10 years ago.
The questions then becomes WHAT and HOW are you going to be communicating with your clients and prospects.

Below you’re going to find the complete list of tools and apps that I recommend to every real estate agent I train. This list is NOT about showing off the latest, greatest, and shiniest new thing on the web today.
You may even be surprised to find some items on the list have nothing at all to do with modern technology. You can download this Marketing Plan and accompanying Marketing eBooks for FREE in my new Mini-Course… CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD IT. You want to be everywhere online your clients and prospects expect to find you and having a basic presence online will accomplish this task. Here’s what pulls up on Page 1 of a Google Search I did on my own name when I was writing this article.
It may be traditional and old school, but your Database is the Most Effective Marketing Tool and Weapon a real estate agent has today.
Real estate is still a people business and being successful in it is a direct result on how you build relationships.
Unfortunately, there is no one single tool an agent can use for managing every aspect of a full blown Database Marketing Plan.
In the real estate industry, many agents and brokers confuse a Database Marketing Plan for a CRM. How many weekly emails do you get from a fellow real estate agents advertising their latest open house or new listing?
Most likely you delete them as soon as you see it, only briefly looking at the subject line. Now think about all of the other emails you get daily and how many of them you delete without even opening them up.
This one comes as a surprise to most agents, but your Personal Profile on Facebook is your Database.
Client parties and events, community events, sponsorships of community sports leagues, teams, groups, and associations.
Social media is a collection platforms where a real estate agent can create, build, and nurture relationships. Social Media is not the place where you can post your advertisements, listings, and open houses on. Today, people don’t have the TIME to waste on posts which are completely irrelevant to them in the course of their day. When your marketing online you want to create content and posts which can capture the ATTENTION of the people you’re trying to reach. At a minimum, I recommend that every real estate agent do some basic marketing on Social Media.
Above in the Database Marketing section we talked about using your Personal Profile on Facebook for managing your Database. Postings your listings, open houses, or an article about the latest loan program IS NOT what you want to be posting on your personal profile.
You’ll have to learn how to share and tell quick stories about your day as a real estate agent.
It’s a creative process to learn how to communicate by using images and absolutely necessary if you want to be successful at marketing on social media platforms. We won’t be able to get into all the strategy and techniques for marketing on Facebook using your personal profile because there is so much to cover. Above in the first tool we talked about the importance of having an Online Presence, and LinkedIn is one piece of the puzzle to helping you achieve this. Having a completed profile on LinkedIn should be your main priority on this social platform.
I wrote a complete article and filmed a video going step by step into completing your LinkedIn Profile.
If used correctly, video can open doors and create opportunities for you and your business.
When you take your first step getting into creating videos you want to put your AUDIENCE first.
If all you’re going to do is stitch pictures together and throw in a song, then that is not a virtual tour. The most important thing to realize when your creating videos for your business is to not be afraid. Below I have some examples of real estate agents who are doing a pretty kick-ass job at using YouTube the right way in their businesses.
You can check out Jessica’s YouTube Channel by CLICKING HERE, and check out one of her content videos below.
We are currently in the process of finishing this 5-Part Training Series in Real Estate Agent Technology, Tools, and Apps. Thanks Shawn, stay tuned, the parts 2-10 and the videos for this article are coming out soon. The real estate funnel is the process you and your potential clients go through together to meet their needs of either buying or selling a home.
The secret is to find a source for lead generation that you actually enjoy (or, at least, find somewhat interesting or redeeming) and, therefore, you will find relatively easy to do everyday. In order to do this effectively, you have to get to know these people a little and understand their needs. You can learn the answers to all of these questions in a brief conversation, or through your website, social media, or an app. One common mistake that new (and many experienced) agents make is treating all of their leads the same. When a lead is considering which agent to work with, they likely have a few different possibilities in mind. At a recent talk at Inman Connect New York, marketing maven Seth Godin said that most people pick the agent who calls them back first. As helpful and important as a well managed list may be, it can never take the place of personal contact. Before we dive into some of the most popular or classic strategies for generating leads, there are a few important distinctions to keep in mind.
Ultimately, I think these facts help make a solid case for actively engaging in both forms of lead generation: marketing and direct prospecting. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you really give it a solid try for a minimum of 90 days before you abandon ship and adopt another strategy.
There are a number of useful tips to consider with open houses, which I will write about in an upcoming post (If you would like to be notified when new articles and ebooks are published, you can join our email list.). What’s more, this natural human tendency is aptly rewarded and, thus, makes perfect sense. Nothing works better for generating leads than the referrals that flow from doing your job exceptionally well. Our analytics reveal that many of our visitors are interested in becoming real estate agents.
Even the most basic digital cameras will often produce very detailed photos with great colours. Below we’ve rounded up 11 of the best free photo editing software that you can use to make meaningful edits to your images. Just shy of 20 years old, GIMP (aka the GNU Image Manipulation Program), gets regular updates and is widely known as a great and fairly powerful free photo editor. With this program you can make corrections to colours, enhance contrast, brightness and much more.
Use the paint tools for lots of different effects, while there’s also support for layers and ways to extend the program. Luckily, there’s support for layers which means you can apply edits to only certain parts of an image.
A simple but effective editing program, PhoXo is a useful editor which has some great fun applications as well as more serious uses. Probably one of the more dated looking options on the market, don’t dismiss Photo Pos Pro immediately. There’s also a degree of support for layers and masks, configurable effects (and lots of them), and a tool which allows you to automate editing tasks.
Keep an eye out for some of the fun features too, like the “Magical” effects which allow you to add fireworks, stardust, bubbles and the like to your photographs. If all you want is something quick and easy to add a special effect to a photo, PhotoScape could be the tool for you.
Here you’ll find hundreds of clipart images, the ability to add custom speech bubbles, great special effects and even the chance to create animated GIFs.
You can even get a little bit creative with the options, with the ability to customise some of the artistic styles on offer. If you’re looking for something to retouch your photos, then PhotoFiltre gives surprisingly impressive results.
If you want something to make basic, but useful, edits, then PixBuilder Studio has a fair amount to offer. Edit your photos directly from the web from any computer (installed with Chrome) or on your Android phone using Google+.
There’s also frames to choose from and you can create a miniature scene using the tilt-shift simulator. Best of all, edits are non-destructive so you can go back to your original image at any time.
For more free downloads of everything from recovery software to antivirus and video editing programs, visit our sister site TechRadar’s Free Downloads page!
In honor of the memory of Realtor Beverly Carter, HMS® Home Warranty would like to take a moment to remind every real estate professional to be cautious and vigilant when it comes to safety.
Just about every day someone is talking about the latest tool or writing about new technology that will disrupt the industry. As this trend continues in the year ahead, the agent who is able to connect on a personal level will stand out and emerge victorious. While that—combined with an uptick in home construction—offers opportunity, consumers will want to move quickly. But as a general rule, most buyers and sellers either use an agent they’ve worked with before, or they find an agent through a referral. In fact, it may take months of relationship marketing before you see the return on investment you’re looking for.
If you have a specific question or topic you'd like to see us cover, I'd love to hear about it. A very popular FAQ from home sellers relates to real estate marketing and how their real estate agent should be marketing their home. With over 30 years combined experience, if you’re thinking of selling or buying, we’d love to share our knowledge and expertise. When these appearances are accompanied with information of value and presented in a manner of educating and advocating for the consumer, this credibility turns into authority, giving the person immediate expert status within their field among prospects and customers.
Your production in the local real estate market over the past 12 months warrants your inclusion into our next book, allowing you to showcase your real estate expertise. Your appearances in these publications will build instant authority and brand you as an Elite real estate agent with current and future customers, making you the obvious choice for their real estate needs!
Just purchase and start using this app, or start posting on this new social media platform, and adopt this technology and instantaneously the leads will start coming in. If you take on a new listing, do you have a truly kick-ass marketing plan for that listing?
If you want to grow your business and incorporate more tech, social media, video, tools, and apps into your business.
What is it that your clients want and need, and how do they want to receive info and communicate with you. Rather, the list is a pure getting back to the basics approach for incorporating tech, tools, and apps into your business the RIGHT WAY.
Technology doesn’t necessarily need to have electricity or be located on the internet.
Do a great job for a client today and you’ll be working with that client for the rest of your career as an agent. Email is a social network where messages are being communicated back and forth from active percipients and you. Start delivering valuable content, or the emails you send out will end up getting deleted or worse on a spam list. Remember, Facebook is the most powerful social media platform an agent has today, but if it’s used incorrectly it will backfire on you. These can be some of the most important tools an agent can use in their business, but you have to use them correctly. If you could simply just post your listings, open houses, and other advertisements on these platforms and then this would result in increased lead generation. At a basic level you should be using your Personal Profile on Facebook to build and maintain your relationships because the people you’re connected with on Facebook are essentially your Database.
When you see an awesome kitchen in a showing, capture a photo of it and share that moment of how cool it is. LinkedIn is not a place to talk about what you have done in the past and present of your career. I would highly suggest you check this article out and get your LinkedIn Profile up to date. YouTube is a powerful free tool an agent can use for getting their messages out there online. Virtual Tours: These videos should actually show a home and show a home in a way in which the pictures cannot. Without taking the first step to create a piece of video content you’ll never get yourself started.
She consistently produces simple videos from the drivers seat of her car and they’re are all pure content videos made for her Audience.
Combine these two facts and you now have the biggest, baddest, real estate marketing Mexican north of the Rio Grande.
The best way to stand out is to offer real value, a real, be genuine, deliver an experience, and give more than you ask for. I feel really excited to begin marketing and I was really excited to see that some of my ideas are already being implemented!
It could be something as simple as a first name and an email address, or even a referral through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Whether you think you can knock this out with just 2 hours a day, or whether you make a much more impressive commitment of 4 hours each day, this has to be done on a regular, ongoing basis.
If you ever hope to convert a targeted number of them into clients, you also have to nurture your leads.
The key is to get this information and then use it in a way that is useful to them (without being intrusive, or annoying). Many of your videos, articles, social media posts, emails, presentations, community events, etc. When you provide them with the most relevant, useful information, they will feel like you know and understand them the best (usually because you do) and, therefore, they will be much more likely to go with you. This includes calling leads back when they call you (I recommend returning all calls within 24 to 48 hours). In other words, effectively nurturing your leads means picking up the phone or, if possible (and reasonable), meeting in person.

The first thing to understand is that approximately 50 to 75% (it varies depending on the source) of your leads will come from your network. On the flip side, many (but not all) of the marketing strategies I recommend for new real estate agents will continue to generate traffic and potential leads long after the work has been done.
Remember: You may get a sense of whether a strategy is going to work within a few months, but the goal is not to test everything out.
To succeed, you have to stick with the basics: Focus first on adding value, and be persistent! Scripts for making cold calls can be very helpful, especially if you’re just starting out. Find ways to follow up with people after the call (postcards, emails, letters, or even a video just for them—it’s easier than you think and will help you stand out). Knock on all the doors in the neighborhood the morning of the open house and invite them to stop by and check it out (even if they’re not looking to buy).
After you’ve had several minutes to connect with people and build some rapport, ask them if they would like to stay in touch by joining your email list.
One of the most vital habits to develop around building your network is handing out your business card. As with your leads, you have to actively nurture your network—by consistently adding value—in order to truly benefit from it.
Staying in touch with people is key to cultivating your network, and building your real estate business. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you have a specific question about becoming a Realtor® I would love to hear from you. Lots of room for the money - 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths, large kitchen open to family room, sunroom usable year-round. We’ve rounded up 11 of the best free photo editing software for you to try out, with links to download each app directly. However, you might still find that there are issues with white balance, red-eye, lighting or perhaps the odd cropping problem which need to be corrected. You can also sharpen or blur images, fix perspective problems, remove red-eye, add special lighting photos and experiment with effects such as making a photo look like an oil painting. You can customise images with cartoons and the likes, while the ability to add a custom watermark to a group of images can be useful for edits in a hurry. If you spend some time experimenting with what it has to offer you’ll find plenty of options including paint tools, colour corrections and selection tools.
For instance, you can rotate and resize and image as well as tweaking colours, brightness and contrast, add text captions and watermarks, sharpen your photos, remove red-eye and even apply a range of special effects.
You’ll find quite an extensive set of painting and drawing tools, support for layers, smart special effects, the ability to adjust colour and lighting, Photoshop plugin support and more. And when you want to get a bit more creative, you can add special effects to give it an HDR look, make it look vintage or add lighting effects.
Whether you are a Realtor®, a broker or a homeowner, our home warranty can provide you with peace of mind because you have the right coverage.
That means you’ll have less time to make your pitch and less time for them to evaluate you. The more engaged your clients and prospects are, the more opportunities you’ll have for referrals. The days of putting a sign in front of a home, entering it into the local MLS, and waiting for offers to roll in are over!
Offering cutting-edge strategies to provide the resources you need for you and your business to gain major media exposure.
This book will highlight 10 of the top realtors from your county, and will address different topics that can assist both buyers and sellers in their next real estate transaction. This is a concise, yet comprehensive overview of what you might consider implementing into your marketing plan. These may be marketing communications to draw in cold leads, or for managing your database. Technology, tools, and apps don’t have any “magical powers” or any increased capabilities to bring in more leads for your business. Then, you must first understand WHY your in business and analyze how your running it and what your offering your clients and prospects. Today, a local mom & pop real estate brokerage can compete equally with any major national brokerage with an office next door.
With a mobile phone and a tablet you can execute contracts, produce a video, create photos and post to social media, and maintain & market to your database.
With a marketing plan you can place some level of organization into all of the marketing activities and campaigns you’re executing online, as well as, offline.
You owe it to your clients for them to be able to easily find you and everything your business represents online.
Furthermore, the referral’s a life-long client will forward on to you are a crucial part of building your business as an agent. For now let’s break down the 3-Levels of what your Database Marketing Plan should be doing.
It’s your Family, Friends, Colleagues, and other people you run in the same circles with. This may have been the way it worked years ago when Social Media was still in it’s beginning stages. Look at the first slide and take 30 seconds to think about what the first slide makes you think of.
Check out the Facebook Marketing Course for Real Estate Agents that I have being released in a few weeks here at Agent Redefined. When people are searching on YouTube or through websites they are looking for solutions and answers to their questions and concerns. Sweeping 90 and 180 degree shots showing off the features of a home to create awareness of it being on the market. What works for one agent may not work for you and there’s no specific technique to make the best content videos out there. Their social media marketing plan has helped this brokerage grow into multiple locations with over 300 agents. If that wasn't enough I'm a speaker, author, blogger, podcaster, real estate photographer & videographer, and totally mysterious. I’m transitioning into Real Estate, and I am eager to learn how to build my clientele. In the words of Gary Keller, author of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, “Nothing is more important to your sales career than prospective buyers and sellers.
And it’s easy to get distracted and carried away with other reasonably important tasks. You may take some time off thinking that you’re still getting plenty of business, and decide to take a little more time off—all without realizing that the consequences have yet to hit. The truth is that—no matter what strategy you choose—lead generation makes most people uncomfortable at first. This means helping them to keep your name in mind by helping them with their needs and desires. It may sound like a lot, but it’s not really that hard to do—provided you focus on their needs first. Thus, engaging in activities to actively build your network should be considered a form of indirect lead generation. In fact, effective marketing can continue to generate traffic and leads for months if not years afterwards.
As discussed above, with the top strategies for real estate marketing, you also want to keep this within reason. To put it differently, you don’t want to choose the least uncomfortable strategy, you want to choose the strategy that works most effectively, given your strengths, and the realities of the real estate market in your area. Of course, if you make this one of your key lead generation strategies, you can easily double or perhaps even triple this number. Even something as simple as coffee and cookies can go a long way to getting people to drop their guard and open up.
The more useful, relevant information you provide, the more likely they are to look to you for guidance when they’re ready to buy or sell a home. If you feel you have a bit more of a connection than usual, then invite them to exchange phone numbers with you. You could organize events to be more about social or professional networking, or you could offer free information sessions, for example, to first time buyers, or people interested in maximizing the value of their home. Even if you are a little shy or your social skills are a bit rusty, developing simple meet-and-greet skills takes no time at all.
But they will come if you stick with it, and when they do, their experience with you will be key to your ongoing, exponential success.
There’s also drawing and paint tools along with image transformations, effects and more.
That engagement will also increase the probability of your contact sharing that referral, because they’ll feel more of a connection with you.
You can rotate through them and see what works best for you & your style, don't get overwhelmed. A local brokerage has access to all the same tools and technology that any national franchise will have and without the heavy costs or other barriers to entry. Simply having a CRM in place doesn’t mean your running an effective Database Marketing Plan.
We don’t have time to waste on messages, communications, advertisements, or junk that fill up our inbox, so we simply delete hundreds of messages each week without ever reading them. Plus, your LinkedIn profile is will always pull up on that first page of Google results when someone types in your name. I have had a problem trying to be consistent with my own content videos that I put on my YouTube channel. Many of their videos are primarily for these investors and are used to establish themselves as being the Authority on helping them sell their properties. I love spending time with Chloe, Marco, & Amelia, and traveling the country drinking margaritas and sharing everything I know about marketing.
In a world where most agents are focused solely on the lead and the close, it’s pretty easy to set yourself apart from the rest. And though other strategies are much more direct (and may, therefore, bear fruit faster), because such a potentially large fraction of your leads will come from your network, I believe this is an important strategy to consider including in your lead generation arsenal.
Whereas with direct prospecting, on the other hand, soon after you stop doing the work the flow of new leads will dry up.
You may be encouraged to learn how often people are willing to give their phone number to a trusted expert in their neighborhood. You could also work with local experts to host a free interior decorating or staging seminar, or some other topic relevant to real estate that would likely draw a respectable audience. One of the major advantages of networking as a source of leads is the relatively low cost involved.
In the words of real estate expert Patrick Wiltse, “All of the tactics detailed above related in some way to earning the trust of potential clients. Networks can get unwieldy and, therefore, it often makes sense to have a system for ensuring that people are not falling through the cracks. But, try one new thing from below, and be sure to pop-by Kyle's original blog to say hello! If I were more consistent I’m 100% certain it would have helped grow my YouTube Audience and drive more traffic to my website. In fact, this task is so important I recommend that you write it into your schedule and commit to doing it every day at a specific time (ideally, in the first part of your day—see willpower depletion). I recommend you choose just two maybe three main strategies, and then occasionally try one of the others. Most of the public still silently admires the good old-fashioned, hard working Jane and John Doe. In fact, you should focus on making it your own to some degree, and that can only happen by getting out there and giving it a go. But there is an even more basic reason why networking is such a powerful lead generation source: People trust people they know (and trust, of course, is key to business growth). Not only is there greater accountability, but the realtor’s reputation with his own tribe is at stake. Their lead generation system includes joining clubs, sponsoring community events, and answering their phone when it rings.
However, none of them are more effective at building trust than leveraging feedback from happy clients.
Those who think that anyone succeeds without the help of others, doesn’t know much about success.
You can use birthdays and anniversaries to make sure you are staying in touch with the people in your network.
The property has many beautiful trees, including a Magnolia outside the Breakfast Room bay window. For example, you could really get after it and use your lead generation time to hustle up as many open houses for other agents as possible, and use the other half of your lead generation time to do your cold calling or door knocking.
In the words of Keller Williams real estate agent Jeff Glover, “After you have studied a script, just pick up the phone. Research repeatedly reveals that—no matter how weak the connections are—people are far more likely to do business with people connected to their network than they are with people they don’t know (even if all other things are not entirely equal). You can also group people (similar to Google Circles) in a way that makes it easier to reach out around certain topics, types of relationships, or times of year.
If you really want to draw some attention, get a drone to fly a banner over the house for the first hour—it’s a great way to get the word out about the open house, as well as your savvy marketing skills as a realtor. Rather than trying to hide from that fact or lessen its truth in your life, far better to embrace it and realize that relationships are reciprocal. Not only that, but keep in mind that the relationships themselves have inherent value and, thus, even when you help someone—or they help you—with no expectation or ability to return the favor, you are both still creating value for each other and your close relationships. The next time you think of asking for help, recognize that what you are really asking for is a chance to deepen an existing relationship. If you have yet to sell many (or any?) homes, ask people to write reviews based on their experience of you in other, relevant areas (e.g. Alternatively, ask for reviews or even just a few key phrases or words from other real estate agents who are familiar with you and your capabilities.
People’s experience of you does not have to be directly related to buying and selling homes to be highly informative and helpful to others who are considering working with you.
Yelp, Google Reviews, LinkedIn and Facebook, to name a few, are also excellent places to begin building your brand. Also, follow up with them on Mondays, right after they’ve had another weekend to try and sell their homes themselves. We will return to the other two groups (pre-foreclosures and recently sold homes) in an upcoming post.

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