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You may have heard of because it’s one of the most popular ways to get into real estate investing and can literally be done with no money and very little experience. After being a real estate investor for almost a decade, I thought I’d write an “ultimate guide” on wholesaling so when people ask me about it, instead of spending 20 hours explaining it to them, I can just send them to this post.
But, if you can build a profitable real estate wholesaling business afterwards for next to nothing, isn’t it worth a few hours of your time?
I’ve had a number of questions lately from people just starting their real estate career who want to know how to make income without much real estate experience.
Following are some highlights from a session on Wholesaling given at a Triad Mastermind meeting by Bill Sandford.
Assignment – finding a deal, putting it under contract, then selling that contract to someone else. Wholesaling is often described as the quickest, easiest, lowest risk way to make money in real estate. To wholesale, you purchase property at a severe discount and sell it to an investor or buyer, typically someone other than the final owner, at a discount low enough that they can purchase from you, repair the property, and then sell it again at a profit for themselves. The normal fee you receive when wholesaling is anywhere from $300 to $15,000 depending upon the price of the property and how much discount you were able to get when you bought it. When selling a wholesale property, you will need to disclose the address, your asking price, the condition of the property, a list of needed repairs and a cost estimate of those repairs, and the estimated ARV (after repaired value) of the property. If you’re having trouble selling a wholesale deal, you’re marketing to the wrong people or you’re paying too much to purchase it. What do you think about these strategies as potential ways to make cash with very little real estate experience?
Karen do you think it’s possible to market to wholesale and find sub2 deals at the same time? Hello, I think that it’s great that you are willing to share your knowledge and encouragement with new investors. For sellers, the best method for what we do is direct mail marketing – sending letters and postcards to areas where we want to own homes.

For buyers, signs in the yard and all the free online sites like and Zillow or Trulia work well. And, hook up with your local investor groups to hang out with like minded people and learn what’s going on in your area. AboutKaren Rittenhouse is a Greensboro based Real Estate Investor, mother of two and serious guitar hero champ.
Real Estate InvestingWhat Are You Reading?Once we learned the investment side of real estate, how to manage and protect what we have has become our focus. Luckily I had one VERY major thing going for me and that was that I knew how to close deals (using no money) better than anyone I’d ever heard, seen, or listened to. This is where it gets kinda weird.  My mind flat out REFUSED to let my mouth to speak the the lessons that I needed to share.
It’s pretty amazing what happens when time tested tactics get into the hands of an investor, like yourself, who actually uses them. Have you been using the “Buyer Baffler” script that I provided inside the Do This Get Money system?  Have you just been winging it?
With more experience and more deals under your belt you oughta be able to get that figure up to 1 out of every 2 investors that you talk to. Would it tickle you fancy if I just kept sending you sales messages like every other d-bag guru with an agenda. I would like to get the Modules now rather than wait 45 more days or whatever on the 90 day plan. I just posted something about this on your blog, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you taking time to give me a call back. The material is great and just being part of your circle has already saved me money from a deal that could have blown up in my face. Anyway, keep up the good work, your material rocks, thanks for your awesome response time and I am sure I will be, hopefully, talking to you again soon. I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank you for your continoues gift giving, you are indeed blessed. What I really am looking to perfect are your techniques for finding buyers, ie reverse mls, hud hound-lov this one, buyer multiplier & realtor reach around. Anyway, just be sure to send me an email if it’s something that you did want to be part of and missed. In fact, I take this position of trusted adviser soooooo seriously that when you purchase ANY of our recommended products through our special tracking links you will have my full backing and access to all of my resources in the unlikely event that one of the guru’s that we recommend would try to screw you over somehow. Why am I willing to stick my neck out for you?  Because I love nothing more than scaring them $hitless… Is that so wrong?
We have had lots of great stories coming from our Epic community on what seems to be a weekly basis at this point! This post will serve you well if you apply what I’m about to tell you vigorously and could lead to a lucrative 6-figure wholesaling business in just a few months.

I could write a 20,000 word post on this and still not cover every, single, thing there is to know about wholesaling. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. I checked through past posts and found this one on Assignments, Bird Dogging and Wholesaling. Typical payment is $5 or an agreed upon amount per lead or $250 for a lead on a property they actually end up purchasing. When wholesaling, you buy cheap, sell cheap, and sell fast with little or no money out of your own pocket.
Real estate wholesale has absolutely zero to do with banks, loans, general contractors, mops, brooms, cleaning supplies, or any sort of repair work whatsoever. Go back to the seller and renegotiate letting them know that, after due-diligence, you found you can’t sell it. Usually, subject-to is more targeted, direct mail campaigns to neighborhoods where we want to hold properties. Contact me if you’re interested in one of my properties, have a link suggestion or just want to say hello. Thanks for your advice, it ultimately made me walk away from a deal that I probably should not have been making this early in my career anyway.
So on today’s podcast, Matt is letting everyone listen in on their coaching call so that you can get an update on Lisa’s progress and hear how she got her first house under contract for less than $11,000 while making $3,000 in profit! So I’ve included links to some of my other content and videos along the way and I encourage you to click on them, watch the videos, take notes, and then do it all over again. You still have to put in the work, time, ask questions, find a mentor and if you really want to dive in, go sign up for my real estate investing course here (I gave readers of this blog a special discount too so check it out), join some forums, talk to people in the industry, and put in the time…and you WILL succeed.
Understanding these quick buying and selling strategies may be a great process for the beginner who wants to make a little money while learning. Most investors increase the amount they pay for leads based on how many of your leads they purchase. It also has nothing to do with landlording, collecting rent, speculation or anything that carries heavy risk. For example, $250 per converted lead for the first five leads, $500 per converted lead for the second five, and $1000 per converted lead thereafter (paid after closing on the property).

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