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Migrating data is a specialist activity that demands a detailed plan – especially if the project involves complex data.  The challenge is: how do you plan for the scale and scope of your project? Read an example data migration methodology here: a methodology for complex data management.
Standards are used to identify problem areas early on, making sure that you don’t reach the final stages with a hundred different issues to sort out.  For instance, at ETL Solutions we have the Prince2 management standard, and use ISO standards where appropriate to underpin our data migration methodology. Apart from evaluation of its features, the critical questions to consider about the data migration software used for the project include: how flexible are the migration tools?
Initial assessment of staff competency and training requirements can reduce reliance on external experts and boost the confidence of the project team.  Will the people carrying out the project be there for the duration?  Are they skilled and knowledgeable in the toolsets and methodology they’ll be using?  For individuals, this process provides clarity over their role within the data migration.
How much control do you want to have over the data migration process?  To what extent does the management team want to be updated every step of the way?  Agreeing reporting procedures before the project begins is an effective way of engaging senior managers.

The importance of these seven areas will depend on the detail and complexity of the project, but all will help to minimise the risks inherent in migrating data.  To find out more about our data migration services or off-the-shelf migration tools, please contact us. The career objective statement example below (in highlight) is contained in the "Professional Profile" section at the top of the CV. In our career objective statement, the candidate states his objective in an unambiguous manner. You should try to study our featured career objective statement example very carefully because it forms part of the first few lines of a CV that will determine whether the reader will read the CV to the end. Services while incorporating supreme value to enterprises globally at an affordable price. Creators Touch has given the e-commerce solutions for more then 20 clients all over the world. Some of the world's best employers rely on us to deliver fast and flexible people solutions - both short and long-term – and we deliver. Is there a fit with the skills of the people working on the project?  If using an external company to manage the project, confirm whether the software is included in the cost, or whether there will be an additional fee. The career objective in a CV should appear at the top either on its own, just below the Profile statement, or as in the example below, part of the Profile statement.

He wants a position that offers challenges, that will enable him to draw on his skills and build upon those skills.
If you feel your CV is poor in quality or if you have applied for jobs with few or no interview offers, email your CV to us for a free no obligation review.
We are experts at sourcing and attracting top talent and matching them with career opportunities. Where it forms part of the Profile statement, the career objective should form the last sentence.
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