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Home improvement retailers are a specialized channel for many types of construction projects including building materials and supplies, fixtures, construction tools and equipment, and more. Part one will provide a retail snapshot, including the results of a 2011 survey on retail marketing practices conducted by the Construction Marketing Association.
The retail home improvement category consists of several segments including big box home centers like The Home Depot and Lowe’s, hardware cooperatives including Ace Hardware and True Value, Lumber and Building Material dealers (LBM’s), mass merchants like Walmart and Sears Holdings, and specialty retailers that sell products such as paint, flooring, and farm goods. The following chart identifies the largest home improvement retailers in North America by number of stores and earnings in 2011 (Source: Home Channel News).

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However, they are included today because the influence of these stores on home improvement is so large. Mass merchants generated $33.12 billion in revenue, or about 16% of overall home improvement channel sales in 2011.

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