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Paymastr is a Windows XP, stand alone payroll program, that now features built-in email support. PenSoft Payroll Plus is a complete payroll software to maximize your payroll processing productivity and enhance your profits. Define roster schedules and automatically calculate associated wage costs for staff, Area, and Department by day and week. Pay by any pay period; hourly, salaried, commissioned, non-employee workers; prints Checks, 941, W2s, 1099-MISC forms and reports galore! Payroll MateA® is a compressive payroll software that fits the needs of accountants and small to medium size businesses. Biometric Employee Punch Clock is a simple and powerful solution to manage your employee time and attendance using biometric fingerprint identification hardware.
Open Mind Solutions provides the most flexible and adaptable standards management system software solutions for your business.
Point & Figure Charts, a stock analysis tool, is designed for individual investors, traders to identify selling and buy signals.
WinZeal Express is a Customer Relationship Management software that gives you the necessary tools and capabilities required to create and maintain your customer data right from your first contact through the entire sales cycle. Professional Retail Barcode Label Software provides facility to generate high resolution, customized barcode images within few seconds.
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Samooha user can provide basic details about his company like, Company Name, Contact Person, Business Type, etc. Retail Man is a software that converts your PC into a Powerful Point Of Sale system as the COMPLETE Retail Business Solution. Retail Man let you configure your personal computer by adding the required hardware such as a docket printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and customer pole display. Our mission is to make award winning software that delivers the right mix of simplicity, features and price.
An automated point of sale system can help you a great deal by saving time on routine tasks, increasing accuracy and controling what happens at the sales counter. Developer offers barcode maker for retails business software program that empowers user to form enormous amount of easily scanable and colorful business barcode images and stores produced label tags at user specified computer memory location for future reference of the organization or modification. DNB retail management software (DRMS) is the universal program for Inventory Control & Billing Solution from simple invoicing to complex inventory control system designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises.
StandardPOS is an integrated, point-of-sale software designed for the small retail operation or a chain of small retail stores.
This application is designed to quickly create detailed invoices and price quotes using a wide variety of industry standard receipt printers. This is mini POS software,Cast Retail Man POS Software features integrated point of sale, inventory control, purchase orders, customer management and back office accounting. KCS Retail software offers retailers a complete retail management system that can be adapted to meet unique retail business requirements to improve in-stock positions, increase profit and better customer service while reducing labor costs, and decrease operation costs. Innovative retail business and inventory based barcode maker program maintains ingrained printing setting to provide facility to user for crafting incomparable quality printable barcode pictures and besides this also accumulates entire fabricated barcode figures in assorted file formats. Barcodes Generator for Retail Business program creates premium quality and eye-catching barcode ribbons, coupons and stickers for labeling inventory control and retail business products.
Advanced barcode inventory management utility originates eye-catching best quality professional barcode stickers useful for small and large retail business organizations.
Are you searching for the software that easily generate retail barcodes and inventory control tags without much efforts? RetailSTAR Point of Sale software provides a simple, affordable and powerful solution that automates the movement of inventory in your brick-and-mortar store or Internet store. Today, RetailSTAR Point of Sale Software is the only retail system that doesn’t just handle your sales and inventory, it automates the rest of your business as well. Studies have shown that it costs five times more to attract a new customer compared to selling an existing customer. Once you receive the physical goods you have ordered, you can use the Receiving module to quickly receive them into the system. Price tags with barcodes can be generated in any size, shape, or color, with any information desired. The attributes and descriptions supported for inventory items allows the system to excel in reporting and merchandising.
Never before has it been so easy to measure and compare various aspects of your retail operations. The i.STAR e-Commerce module is the total e-Commerce software which provides a seamless Internet storefront solution to the Retail STAR Point of Sale software system for small to medium-size retailers.
Having multiple store locations has inherent advantages, but also introduces some unique challenges. This allows you to receive a purchase order centrally and then distribute its contents quickly to your various locations without rekeying information. RetailSTAR contains a Gift Registry system that will act as an automated sales person on your store floor.
Retail STAR Point of Sale software provides a simple, affordable and powerful solution that automates the movement of inventory in your brick-and-mortar store or Internet store. Today, Retail STAR Point of Sale Software is the only retail system that doesn’t just handle your sales and inventory, it automates the rest of your business as well.
Retail STAR® Open To Buy (OTB) helps retailers improve their financial performance through increased sales, leaner inventories, and reduced markdowns. CAM Pharmacy Point of Sale software automates the store operations of the independent pharmacy.
Simplicity, affordability, security, power and total integration to the back office software are what makes CAM’s e-Commerce software unique. With this unique integration, there is no longer a need to re-enter orders into a separate system.
CAM’s e-Commerce solution gives you the ability to track and report on every interaction you have with a customer.
Let our payment processing help you integrate your credit, debit, check and gift card transactions with your computer software or ecommerce application. Our payment processing provides low rates on secure integrated processing of credit, debit, check and gift card transactions all with world class merchant help desk support.
The PCI Security Standards Council, a group consisting of Payment Card companies like VISA and , created the PCI DSS. According to the PCI SSC, compliance with the new standards is mandatory for all payment processors, POS payment applications, and merchants of all sizes.

Yes, merchants are liable for any card data breaches or thefts from their businesses, regardless of the number of cards affected. System Interfaces: Dynamics AX for Retail provides out of the box interface for the cash drawer for opening the drawer for cash out to the customer, or for accepting cash and interfaces with credit card swipe but also an interface with the credit card payment providers through Dynamics payment services.
Promotions: Dynamics AX for Retail has rich promotion capability to support item discounts, quantity discounts, mix and match, multi-buys etc. It not only handles all the POS functions but has Customers, Inventory Control, invoicing and Purchase Orders all integrated into one easy to use package. Paymastr is included in the full version of Delta60 Accounting Software, and is integrated with the General Ledger module. Payroll software for small to mid-sized businesses, accountants, and payroll service providers.
Over 30 years of experience make this the most user friendly and easiest to use payroll ever. Payroll Mate automatically calculates net pay, federal withholding tax, Social Security tax, Medicare, state and local taxes.
It enables you to build closer relationships with your customers and thus helps you achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability.
It was tested with 26 different antivirus and anti-malware programs and was clean 100% of the time. But you may have noticed that most POS software involves high prices, complex setup and big training requirements.
It is a complete solution of the retail: taking orders, billing, purchasing, inventory and labour management. Designed for the needs of independent retailers, our unique system helps you to run your business rather than just report on it. Barcode maker application is comprehensive solution for retail industry for creating superior quality barcode labels using 2D and linear barcode font standards like Coda bar, Code 128, EAN 8, Aztec, Data bar and so on. Smart bar code generator tool offers most favorable solution for creating personalized inventory and retail barcode labels, coupons, tags and stickers of diverse fonts, colors, sizes and shapes by advanced barcode designing settings. This includes managing inventory, selling inventory via sales orders or point-of-sale transactions, customer tracking, an integrated web storefront and accounting. It is the only retail system that can automate all of your sales channels and provide you with a real-time Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement at the end of the day. With this in mind, we implemented a full featured CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module right into RetailSTAR.
This information can be used to generate targeted marketing campaigns to keep your customers coming back for more.
If you were to try and maintain an accurate inventory manually, you would have to duplicate your efforts for each inventory item every time you purchase, receive, price, transfer, sell, and record the results into your accounting books. Receiving can be done manually by typing in the received quantities or automatically by exception against the original purchase order.
Store logos or other branding graphics may be easily included by scanning them into the system. The system offers merchants many ways to categorize their inventory; a Department, Class, and Subclass structure allows the user to see only those classes assigned to a specific department and those subclasses assigned to a specific class.
The system manages inventory for store sales, internet sales, and phone sales in the same software. You can see in an instant how any aspect of your business compares to any other part of your business.
If an item isn’t selling well in one location, you can move that item to a better location or offer it for sale on your Internet site. When you create a program, you simply assign point values to dollar purchase amounts by department. With this built-in marketing machine, you can generate a special event for your most loyal customers easily.
The RetailSTAR system allows any customer to quickly establish a registry within your store. This helps you increase sales and build brand awareness for your store through the use of customized gift cards. Retailers can accomplish this by utilizing the built-in Open To Buy module in Retail STAR® or by using one of our interfaces to many of the planning service companies in the market today. Through its integration with many leading pharmacy dispensing systems, the CAM point of sale software offers pharmacies a complete solution when automating a store. As your prescriptions are filled by the pharmacy system, your CAM point of sale Prescription Tracking Software is instantly updated. Our software offers a unique and powerful solution to help you increase productivity, profitability, and customer loyalty. Everything is created and maintained within the back office system giving you the ability to move inventory more efficiently. Our specialists are available to custom-tailor a site based on the specifications you prescribe or provide you with the tools necessary to migrate from an existing site.
Whether they purchase from your online, physical store, or over the phone, you get a unified history of all customer purchases, returns, special orders, and more. As these types of payments become more popular, the need for increased security become more apparent.
This new standard in data collection and handling ensures a safer environment for customers using credit cards and debit cards.
If you process credit cards at your store location, the new security standard applies to you. When you sign a creditcard processing agreement, you are agreeing to the card association’s requirements, and are committing to follow the PCI DSS. When I visited the Microsoft Convergence show in 2009, I saw the solution in action under its prior owner and was very impressed with it.
Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail has the basic functions covered very well but has some incredible advanced functionality. For example when I rang up the HP 22 inch LCD monitor in the transaction shown above the system automatically prompted me to check if the customer wants extended warranty with it. For example, the screen below shows a promotion of 10% running in August starting August 1st 2010 and expiring on August 31st, 2010 on all of my HP LCD monitors.
Microsoft is too – their Microsoft Stores run the Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Point of Sale. Ignify is a technology provider of ERP, POS, CRM, and eCommerce software solutions to mid-market and enterprise businesses and public sector organizations. New patent-pending invention, fully automated software that turns a tedious and time-consuming payroll job into a simple five-minute task. The user interface is carefully optimized for high speed input of a client's order and prevention of common mistakes.

It allows users to maintain absolute control over all aspects of sales and inventory while presenting an easy and professional customer checkout. Much more than just POS software, Cast Retail Man is a complete Integrated Business Management System that will help you to succeed. The system is very flexible and supports the latest in barcode scanning and payment authorization (PCI compliant).
This module works seamlessly with various parts of the software and the varying sales channels you’ll use to sell your goods. RetailSTAR eliminates all of this duplication by using the original inventory information you enter into your purchase orders and then propagating this information to all of the other areas of your business. Other sub-category fields available include Vendor, Category, Location, Fabric, Season, and Color.
This approach allows a retailer to utilize the same reporting and accounting for all aspects of the business. This ability to score different parts of your retail operations allows you to quickly identify problem areas and increase activity in those areas that are generating the most profit. Report STAR is the first report generator built exclusively for retailers and is included as part of the RetailSTAR software suite. If you have particular departments that don’t generate as much gross profit as others, you can reduce the number of points a customer will receive when they make purchases in that department. You simply hand them a scanner and let them shop for anything they want by scanning those items. With the addition of IIAS support and SIGIS certification, the CAM Pharmacy Point of Sale software allows pharmacies to accept FSA (Flexible Spending Account) cards. Our proven back-end architecture and fully integrated system allow us to provide features that simply aren’t available anywhere else. These standards affect all stages of card transactions, from processing to storage and transmission. In this blog, I plan to cover primarily the basic functions and in my part-II talk about the advanced functions.
A local database is available through SQL Server Express that can maintain a local copy in case connectivity in the store is an issue. Ignify is a Top-tier Microsoft Gold Certified partner ranked in the Microsoft Partner of the Year for Retail in 2010 and both the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and the Microsoft Dynamics Presidents Club in 2009 . It's designed for using on multiple computers, and contains reliable and secure authorization levels. It provides a database for stock and customers and an intuitive EPOS interface for sales staff. POS STAR offers several discounting strategies, multiple sales clerks per sale, X for Y pricing schemes, layaways, voids, returns, exchanges, gift certificates, credit memos, hold tickets, multiple payment types, receipt notes, in-house charge accounts, flexible tender types, currency exchange, and more. Now, you can enter the information once and let RetailSTAR do the rest of the work for you.
Using this type of scanner allows you to simply open the box and scan the goods into the system. You will no longer have to purchase third party tools to get the advanced reporting you require.
Retail STAR offers several ways to automate the movement of goods and track their whereabouts. Registries aren’t limited to weddings any more, as our system allows a customer to create a wish list for anything imaginable such as baby showers, birthdays, graduations, etc.
Recent IRS regulations require pharmacies to employ point of sale systems that comply with IIAS (Inventory Information Approval System) if they wish to continue accepting FSA cards as forms of payment.
Today that solution has been re-launched with improvements as the Dynamics AX for Retail Point of Sale Solution. But what’s attractive is not that it is a cool-looking lay out but that you can make changes to this in a snap.
Ignify offers Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics AX for Retail POS and the Dynamics CRM Loyalty Management solution for retailers and to several other businesses. RetailSTAR's on-board reporting tools are designed to give most retailers all the flexibility and power they will ever need.
The customer can also set up their registry so RetailSTAR automatically e-mails them when a pre-determined amount of their registry has been purchased. For example, I can right click a button and not only re-label it but also trigger a completely different function. The upsell screen can be configured in many ways – it can be a pop-up or another screen or just show up as a reminder. In addition, the product natively interfaces with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for financials, end of day reconciliation, refunds, credit card settlements, Item Master, Pricing etc. Ignify has been included as the fastest growing business in North America for 3 years in a row by Deloitte, Inc Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. In this case I set it to be a pop-up where the cashier has to select an option thus increasing my average order amount. Sandeep was ranked in 2010 in the Microsoft Dynamics Top 100 Most Influential People List by DynamicsWorld. I can also decide how many buttons I want and how many rows and columns and what colors they should be. Ignify has offices in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Nashville, Chicago, Toronto, Manila, Pune and Bangalore. But then I can also color code all the Men categories in blue and the Women product categories in Pink for example.
Now you will likely not have a sales clerk do these changes – but someone like a store manager or IT do them.
But you can create multiple POS layouts and based on the user or role you can assign the layout and when the person logs in they see the lay out assigned to them. For example I can have the same machine show a lay out for customer service supervisor that has returns, credits, returns, warranties, exchanges while for a sales clerk the focus may be on the sale, checkout like the one below. I don’t need to setup a machine specifically for customer service and another one specifically for checkout. Additionally the user interface is built to work with a touch screen so it will natively support a self-service Kiosk touch pad.
California law (and some other states) requires retailers offer a dual screen where not only the cashier can see what is being transacted but so can the customer.

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