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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. PERSONAL ACTION PLAN Melissa HodgesMy While relating with my I will utilize the handout Once again, testing I think that the idea ofResources friends and family, I can of roles and try to commitment can be preparation can be applied practice the idea of active recognize ‘roles’ that done in almost any across all aspects of life, not listening. PERSONAL ACTION PLAN Melissa HodgesAction Plan I will be an active listener My plan of action to I will expose different I will always take time to ALL the time. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Melissa Hodges of the Red McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin, is a good demonstration of our thesis that students can learn as much from each other as they can from college professors.
I will really help me to improve this levels of commitment in prepare for any negotiation, pay attention to what skill is to use roles in my different situations and discussion or focus group.
Not only do I want our negotiation, I learned how they can be utilized my opponent’s point of to know my objectives, but I the importance of this and interchanged within view.

Practice observe the reactions of will practice as much as saying and genuinely try different roles in others. When I use my past experiences discussions with peers and beneficial because active speak with my family, of judging genuineness professors by using the steps listening is crucial to the or friends, I will try to and character of outlined in the PowerPoint success of the negotiation.
Before our the benefit of the doubt, what my opponent’s objectives what I learned from our seminar, I never really however, which can be are as well.
I hope to understand exercise and apply it to all of thought that there were costly in a negotiation. I also will utilize conversation because a those whom with I my peers because I know that Any social activity that I lot of these negotiation negotiate.
I need become more educated problem in a negotiation to learn to fully listen to so that I can efficiently where my opponent is not Another goal is to teach any what my opponent is saying use roles to better my being completely honest team that I am on the steps to instead of using that time to team’s negotiation with me and I give them all properly preparing so that we prepare what I am going to strategy. ALWAYS improve, but I given the present I hope to have this mastered think I can get better if I situation.

This is a skill that I don’t in 6 months, so that when I am dedicated to think I will ever FULLY am in upper division consciously practicing it I think that this will take master because my negotiation classes in business for 6 months.
If see with multiple you are around people, perspectives in order to active listening can (and fully understand the Also, I will use my sports should) be practiced.
I will familiarize myself trust too easily, but testing I hope to get to the point with the roles so that to see how committed my Another goal is to pay attention where the people in my life when someone speaks opponent is to the to the relationship between know that I am a genuine up, I can recognize which negotiation.

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