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The concept of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a month-based business process aimed at achieving a balance between a company’s overall demand and supply (availability). Implementation at several levels in the company including those with executive responsibility for business units, e.g. Enabling a company's management to have a holistic view of the company and to have a window into the future. You can read more about our offering within Supply Chain Planning or about our partner in the area, InSync.
Welcome to this year's Supply Chain Conference - Supply Chains of Tomorrow, with speakers from Starship Technolgies, The Absolut Company, Harley Davidson and more.
See some examples of companies that have chosen Optilon as a supplier of first class SCM solutions. Back to Pennington Cabinet • Strategic Capacity Level: Five machines, nine assembly teams • Company produces make-to-stock cabinets for sale at Lowe’s, etc. Pennington (continued) Raw Demand for next 6 months: January 150 jobs February 250 March 350 April 450 May 600 June 650 What are our options . Top-Down Example (Expand the options …) We can now subcontract production• Maximum subcontract of 1400 units per month • Cost is $5 more per unit than internal production cost • Will this option: – 1) increase costs?– 2) decrease costs?– 3) have no effect on costs?
The Forecast, Inventory, and Supply Planning business process flow starts with the ASCP Collections subprocess, and waits for it to finish. If the Skip check box is selected for an activity, the process bypasses that specific activity and proceeds with the next activity. A user can do this if some planning process steps are not required for each planning cycle, for example, if forecasting and supply chain planning occur once every week, and inventory planning occurs once a month.
The primary owner, alternate owner, and designated due date are defined on the Process tab. For example, in the ASCP Collections subprocess, if the Collections activity goes into an error state, a notification is sent to the primary owner of the activity. This logic is captured in the Notify Activity Owner (Escalation Chain) activity within the ASCP Collections subprocess. The Demantra Collections and Download subprocess begins when the ASCP Collections subprocess finishes.
The BPEL process calls a Web service called Check Demantra Workflow Status, which determines when each download operation is complete. The Generate the Forecast subprocess launches the Calculate Forecast workflow in Demantra Demand Management.

The Reviewing the Forecast subprocess launches the Approve Forecast workflow in Demantra Demand Management. When the Approve Forecast workflow finishes in Demantra Demand Management, the final forecast is automatically archived and uploaded to the planning server.
The Review Supply Chain Plan subprocess notifies the owner of the activity to access the ASCP application to verify, change, and release the results. The basic structure of most subprocesses is similar to those of the Forecast, Inventory, and Supply Planning BPEL process. The Run Supply Plan subprocess uses Oracle’s Strategic Network Optimization (SNO) application as the supply plan evaluation engine.
The Download Plan Scenario Data step requires a service, which can launch an existing workflow in Demantra Demand Management with a level member context.
In addition to the two seeded business processes that are described earlier in this appendix, Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center also enables users to model a custom business process to meet specific needs by using any of the seeded web services. Deploy the processes to the domain that is specified in the profile option MSC:BPEL Domain Name.
Run the concurrent program Read Planning Process Activities to import the process into the planning database.
Users can then use the Custom BPEL Process in the Scenario Management user interface to assign any new planning process. An effective S&OP process links together business planning and master planning within a company. The annual budget process that many companies work with is strongly connected to business planning.
The balance must exist both at the aggregate level, in terms of volume, and on a detail level, in terms of product mix. If you interesting in "Sales and Operations Planning (Aggregate Planning)" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template.
This subprocess begins by verifying that all detailed subprocesses and activities within the subprocess are executed.
In this case, the user can select the Skip check box for the Run Inventory Plan activity on the Planning Processes page for those planning cycles for which inventory optimization is not required.
If the primary owner does not acknowledge the error within the amount of time specified in the Finish by field, then a notification is sent to the alternate owner. This assumes that a generic Web service exists that uses a Demantra workflow name as a parameter and returns the completed status of that workflow.

This service changes the demand scenario name of the uploaded Demantra output from that of the export integration profile to a name of the user's choosing. The escalation logic is executed if the primary owner does not respond to the notification within the amount of time specified in the Finish by field of the activity. The Sales and Operations Planning BPEL process automates the Real Time (RT) - Sales and Operations Planning to SNO to RT-Sales and Operations Planning cycle. Sales and operations planning is also often based on product families, but has physical units [Nr, Kg, Volume, etc] as a base. Sales and operations planning is focused on volume balance and is a dimension-oriented type of planning.
For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file. When the primary owner does not respond to a task within the time designated, ownership of the task transfers to the alternate owner. It runs download activities by invoking Web services that exist in Demantra Demand Management workflows.
Sales and operations planning is a rolling plan that provides monitoring of the business plan.
The mix (details) is a more transaction-oriented type of planning that handles mainly material and detailed planning.
Depending on a user option, the process skips the completed activities and resumes with the first incomplete activity.
This assumes that a generic Web service exists that takes a Demantra workflow name as a parameter and executes that workflow. This covers the case in which multiple scenarios are being executed during the course of sales and operations planning. S&OP gives a company the opportunity to control resources such as plant, machinery, personnel, etc.

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