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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This slide deck by Sales Benchmark Index gives some high-level information on how to set a Sales Strategy for 2012. Sales Strategy relates to all SFE drivers (from the next slide) in that, depending on your sales strategy, the other drivers will need to be modified or developed entirely. Sales Strategy will dictate which of the Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) drivers need to be implemented or improved.
Competitive Intelligence is an iterative process that requires understanding of how the market consumes information. For salespeople, our training addresses the strategic issues that arise at every step in standard sales models such as Miller-Heiman's. We give your people a common vocabulary for discussing strategy that gives them an alternative vocabulary for discussing the unique aspects of your organization's competitive position in the market. 1) It teaches people how to make good decisions outside of standard processes and management oversight. 2) It puts processes into a larger competitive picture explaining not only why these systems work, but how each person can make them work better in light of changing conditions. In some organizations that have reached a critical mass and level of maturity without a formal integrated marketing strategy, it is best to consider a phased approach to implementation. The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is a process for accelerating sales growth and building (or maintaining) a high-performance sales organization. A powerful alternative to traditional sales training, strategy or transformation projects, it enables team’s to exploit hidden sales potential of 7-12%.
The pitstop embodies a clever framework which de-personalizes and de-politicizes sales success, while unlocking greater creativity and imagination. Managers commence the programme with a clear performance related objective in mind but are generally surprised that in in addition to achieving that objective several other benefits result.
The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is a process for addressing impediments to accelerating sales growth and building (or maintaining) a high-performance sales organization.

Managers undertake the Sales Strategy Pitstop® in order to address a particular performance challenge – it may be a skills, process or strategy issue.
The Sales Strategy Pitstop® creates a new dialogue on sales performance and in particular on those factors that have the potential to accelerate sales growth.
Managers have experience of running traditional sales training workshops, sales away-days and even sales transformation projects, but with mixed results in terms of impact on sales or on changing behavior. There are lots of sales training programmes available to managers.  However, power point slides and class-room based training typically falls short of what is required to affect meaningful long term change, or indeed results. What is required is an approach that goes beyond traditional classroom sales training – an approach that engages teams in building confidence commitment and passion, as well as addressing the underlying skills and processes that are required for sales.
The Sales Strategy Pitstop® enables managers to address particular sales opportunities and challenges in a way that is certain to produce results.
Managers don’t have time to immerse themselves in the latest thinking regarding effective strategy or organizational and behavioral change. The Sales Strategy Pitstop® includes a scientific sales assessment and complex algorithm to generate new data-driven insights on sales performance. The Sales Strategy Pitstop® gets people thinking about sales performance and potential in a new way. The Formula One analogy is used to get people thinking about accelerating sales growth in a new way – it is about competition, skill, performance and above all winning.
The Pitstop brings teams together to work on sales strategy and performance in the same fashion as a pit-crew.  That is with energy, teamwork and focus. The focus is on coming together to focus on improving performance but without taking too much time out of the race. The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is for B2B sales organizations who want to accelerate sales and become (or maintain) a high performing sales team, but are tired of traditional sales training, sales consultants, or sales strategy.
The pitstop is normally run with sales teams of a minimum of 10 people up to several hundred. The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is delivered via a Results Based Learning model (based on Action Learning principles).

Its strategic framework also provides the powerful insights needed to use sales techniques such as SPIN Selling. Current sales and marketing initiatives can continue while the new integrated strategy is defined and planned. It pin-points and addresses those areas that have the potential to accelerate sales (as well as the potential to decelerate it). Managers are often frustrated with the difficulty posed by change – whether it is bridging the gap between strategy and implementation, the adoption of a new sales techniques, or rolling out a new sales system.
That is why you must modify sales strategy with the same diligence as a change in corporate strategy. An aligned strategy turns customer insight into market impact to drive profitability, allowing you to make smart tactical marketing investments where you can grow the business. With the basic foundation of a clear value proposition and well-crafted messaging, new initiatives or campaigns be rolled out to one or two key projects or events on a pilot basis – and then phased in over time on subsequent initiatives.
We design, develop and implement marketing services, channel selling programs and event strategies. At the same time marketplace challenges require a greater ability to change than ever before.
Instead our training provides a background of understanding that fills in the gaps not addressed by other forms of training. Getting sales and marketing to work together and produce bottom line results requires an integrated marketing strategy.
Our results speak for themselves — enhanced sales productivity, increased channel effectiveness, and incremental business opportunities with new markets or partners.

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