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This entry was posted in Strategy and tagged sales, sales growth, sales growth strategy, sales strategy, sales strategy analysis, sales strategy approach, sales strategy business, sales strategy chart, sales strategy diagram, sales strategy example, sales strategy examples, sales strategy explained, sales strategy framework, sales strategy methodology, sales strategy sample, sales strategysamples by admin. Strategic project management bridges the gap between the lofty ambitions of strategists and staff that do the work. Strategy therefore requires making explicit choices – to do some things and not others – and building a business around those choices. Playing To Win shows how well P&G’s strategic choices significantly improved the company’s results. Whether you are managing a single project or a set of projects, the need to manage priorities is ever present. Tip: Listen to the Manager Tools podcast “Got Email?” for further guidance on effective email habits. According to Gartner research in 2013, 68% of stakeholders perceive their PMOs to be bureaucratic. Seventy five percent of high performing organizations call on their project management offices to contribute to strategic planning (source: The State of the Project Management Office (PMO) 2014). If you’re already active in the project management office, then you need to get up to speed on strategy.
Tip: Read the Chapter 2 (Level 5 Leadership) in “Good To Great” by Jim Collins for an additional evidence showing that leaders ambitious for the organizations deliver better results. All that expense and effort goes to waste unless you revisit the strategy and measure progress. Project Management Offices (PMOs) are one of the best ways for project professionals to contribute to the strategic conversation.
Based on a survey of more than 3,000 professionals around the world, this report gives an excellent overview of the state of strategic project management.
Studying decline of great organizations began with Edward Gibbons`s research landmark books on the Roman Empire. It also means, organizations should ensure that project managers are not unnecessarily engaged in tactical activities like calling up resources for project status update, organizing status meeting, etc.
Presentation I have done in a Sloan software class on sales, sales management, and sales strategy. Sales, rather than being driven on a tactical (day-to-day) basis as an element of the marketing mix, should be viewed as an independent Primary Activity in the value chain, with its own, unique support structure and mission. The failure on the part of sales leaders to develop their own sales strategies is rooted in both the one dimensional view of selling as a tactical activity and a degree of myopia in understanding the true role of sales, in the organisation’s value chain. Companies in today’s customer-driven economy survive by producing goods that buyers are willing and able to pay for. In the Sales-Driven approach, consumer wants and needs are the drivers of all strategic selling decisions. This entry was postedon Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 11:15and is filed under Marketing, Sales Leadership, Sales Planning, Sales Strategy, Success.
The essential resource for people anywhere in the world to enhance their sales capabilities. According to the authors, P&G doubled its sales (and quadrupled its profits) from 2000 to 2009 as a result of strategic choices.

In fact, that’s an excellent way to assess your strategy – does it give you a framework to make decisions and achieve results? If organization is struggling to achieve its current strategy or pursuing new goals, projects are the answer. As an example, let’s say your organization has made a strategic choice to obtain college educated customers aged 30-40 in large cities. When you read a change request to study the young adult demographic (16-25), you can turn it down by referencing the organization’s customer strategy. In the case of engaging with a new customer segment, that task could be reading a market research report.
If you’re like most people, you tend to have more energy in the morning before your will power is consumed. In some firms, PMOs operate similar to a financial reporting department – issuing reports, measuring spending and other monitoring responsibilities.
On the other hand, if you’re a growing project professional, you may have limited input on strategy today. In fact, Ryan Holiday recommends this reading approach when tackling a large subjects like the Civil War. Throughout the book, the authors provided in-depth examples of how Proctor & Gamble approached strategic questions.
To learn more about where corporate strategy came from and where it is going, read this book.
In this short 2009 Business Week article, Jim Collins explores the warning signs that indicate that decline is approaching. As October develops, more articles will be published here exploring strategic project management. It is advisable to go for automated project management software which will relieve PMs from their routine activities that are best handled by a tool. The only think I disagree with is making 'Motivated By Money' one of the top qualifiers for choosing a good sales person. However, a major miscalculation made by many organisations is viewing their sales operations as purely tactical functions.
Not only are salespeople being pressured to produce more sales revenue, at better margins, with less resources, but corporate return on sales effort isn’t what it used to be!
One major answer is that the Sales Operations of business and its sales planning is often relegated to a tactical level becoming the poor servant of the Marketing Strategy, rather than being Strategic Player in its own right. Customer concerns, relationships, pre- and post-sales service, as important as these are, were merely tools and techniques used to achieve the sale. It is a primary activity that seeks out, creates and then harvests business opportunities offering fair value as an exchange! Consequently, ascertaining buyer demand is vital for future viability and even existence as an on-going concern.
So as not to fall into that trap what organisations need to do is to unshackle their sales operations from the underbelly of marketing and stand next to marketing as peers.
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To continue the metaphor, a strategic approach compels you to prevent fires rather than simply fighting them as they emerge.

Lafley, explore strategy at Proctor & Gamble, one of the largest companies in the world. More specifically, strategy is an integrated series of choices that uniquely positions the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition. The habit is driven by curiosity (what’s happening in the world?), ego (did anybody mention me on social media?) and other factors. You could also contact influential people in the demographic and seek them out for interviews.
If your project depends on enthusiasm, creativity or problem solving, ignoring energy levels is a recipe for failure.
You may be tempted to use other criteria such as working on technically interesting projects. At the CEO level, a relentless drive for glory means previous little time for developing other leaders. It might be satisfying to complete the ERP implementation, but is that what the organization really needs? If your work involves selecting or designing new offerings for customers, this book will be especially valuable. IF you’re seeking a broad introduction to multiple strategy thinkers, you may want to consider “The Financial Times guide to the gurus strategy : the top 20 strategic thinkers and what they can do for you” by Vaughan Evans.
Even the best strategy (and the most successful project manager) needs to change and adapt from time to time.
The result – at best, sales plans become little more than operational imperatives bumping along one quarter to the next with no strategic intent. The theory then was that marketing was closest to the buyer, understood what buyers wanted better than sales, and could therefore give the company direction regarding the products and services it should make to satisfy buyer needs. Few salespeople were viewed as being responsible for, or even capable of helping customers integrate their purchase and optimise real value.
In reality, marketing (if it is to be truly effective) should be supporting the sales effort, rather than the other way around.
But merely starting and ending the value chain with a customer focus and ignoring the middle portion (sales, logistics and operations) does only half the job. Every aspect of a sales segment offering, including the nature of the product itself, is driven by the needs of potential buyers. Instead Sales Operations need to turn reactive tactical sales planning into proactive strategic sales thinking driving sales strategies which, in turn, allows organisations and their respective sales teams develop a sustainable competitive advantage and increase opportunities for incremental sales success and enhanced profit improvement. Their closing rates are remarkably higher, and they are more discerning around the clients they choose to support. Sales was then (and still is today) seldom included in resourcing or crafting solutions, even though sales is the primary link between buyer and seller, and salespeople probably know more about the buyer’s requirements than any other member of the value chain.
Also you can be a part of our website - just upload or browse images and share them with your friends. The rationale for this approach is that there is no point spending funds developing products that people won’t buy.

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