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Some might still believe that Salesforce is a Sales-CRM solution for SME’s in the US. In 2011 Salesforce already bought social media monitoring company Radian6 for $326 million.
Second global communications network Omnicom also has a preferred partnership, with Facebook ad-buying company Blinq Media. And to make it more complicated, Interpublic Group (IPG), owner of agencies like McCann Erickson and DraftFCB, doesn’t seem to own a Facebook ad-buying company. Now Buddy Media is owned by Salesforce, leaving Google that was bidding to buy Buddy Media too, biting the dust. Google really needed Buddy Media to upgrade its reputation, grip and drive in the social space. And the option to buy Vitrue, a social media SaaS marketing application (a similar company as Buddy Media), is no longer available to Google, because Vitrue was acquired by Oracle on 23 May 2012! In May, Salesforce announced that it was combining the social technologies from its Radian6 and Buddy Media acquisitions into a new Social Studio suite inside its ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.
Today, the company unveiled Phase Two, with a more complete integration into the Marketing and other clouds that populate the Salesforce universe, a new interface designed for simplicity, and new features.
The deeper integration means that there’s now a single sign-on and a unified navigation across the Marketing Cloud. Integration with the Service Cloud lets companies more easily monitor social communications so that they can route issues to customer support. New leads from social conversations can be routed directly in the Sales Cloud, and social data can be added to the B2B side of the house, over in Pardot marketing automation.
How does this “next generation” of an integrated Social Studio stack up against competitors?
But Salesforce retains one key advantage its competitors will never have: the integrated family of its particular clouds.
Jive vs Salesforce Chatter49JiveJivea€™s enterprise social networking platform allows you to engage employees, customers, and the social web.
We have added a Qwerly connector to Enterprise and Ultimate Edition accounts for automated social profile lookups of prospects.
If a prospect has not yet been looked up or if Qwerly did not return any social data for the record, the link will be inactive. The hit rate (rate at which social profile data is found) varies based on the types of prospects you have (some people are more or less likely to have their work addresses correlated to social profiles) but overall Pardot finds at least some social data on approximately 20% of lookups. You can also set up a social profile view in your CRM system in much the same way you did you prospect activity view.
The connector is only available for Enterprise and Ultimate Edition Pardot accounts, so if you have a Group or Professional Edition account, you will not see Qwerly as an available connector.
Hi Joe, unfortunately this is only available on Enterprise Edition and higher Pardot accounts. Facebook is by far the most used social network in Latin America, growing by 7,915 million users between 2011 and 2012.
But take a look at below acquisition roadmap and you will see that Salesforce is pushing for world domination. That acquisition shook-up the entire social media industry and earned the attention of many analysts around the globe. In a few rounds, Buddy Media got funded with $54 million, and leading global communications network WPP was one of the funding partners, and has a special partnership with Buddy Media. Because IBM can’t stay behind in this space, although IBM already acquired SPSS in 2009. So if you were behind the chess board, and you were Google or Oracle: what would be your next move?
There’s also a newly rebuilt social listening engine, which had been part of Radian6 and which monitors a billion data sources across the world of social. Google+ and Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo are also being added to the channel groupings.
Increase the efficiency of internal communication, build brand loyalty, and monitor customer chatter and ideas, all from one central location. If the Social Data link is active but you do not see any additional social media icons, it is likely that Pardot only found the LinkedIn profile.

While we make most of our functionality available to Professional Edition accounts, there are certain things that only come with the higher service levels.
Other sites that reported large growth over the period were (12,739 million growth) and Tumblr (5,471 million growth). Not only for reputation purposes, but more important to finally show its capability to coin social network advertising to its shareholders.
But IBM could be looking to acquire another Facebook technology provider, any given sunday. It offers such new-to-Salesforce views as a word cloud of conversations around a given topic.
Social collaboration software Jive unveiled three new workstyle apps: Jive Daily, Jive Chime and Jive People.
If publicly available, the system may also pull location data and a snippet or summary about the prospect. So maybe a smaller company will buy them, but as we have seen this can come from a lot of different companies.
Jive Daily helps to get the word out, drive conversations and analyze communications impact in real time. If any social profiles are found, their corresponding icons will be displayed next to the prospect’s name. Because ita€™s an app, workers can check in easily to see what the company brass or colleagues have to say and to find out about whata€™s going on at the company thata€™s relevant to them. Unlike Chatter, that is focused on internal networking and collaboration, Community Cloud allows customers or partners to interact with one another and with company personnel if required. Jive Chime is a vehicle for communicating from your mobile device with text or instant message like experiences without sacrificing access to your personal cell phone number or personal IM identity. Enterprise social collaboration provider Jive has built software connectors for Microsoft Office 365, including Outlook Online, Office Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. What this means for Jive users is that it will be nearly effortless to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations, as well as email, whether they are working with Office on premise, in the cloud or somewhere in between. They want one thing in one place a€” right now, in real time - the solution that provides collaboration and social interactions and communications and doesn't require long integration project. That's why, software vendors invented the new term "Unified Collaboration" and now sell their solutions under this sauce.
In particular, the unified communications leader Cisco recently partnered with social networking provider Jive and announced that now it has the best solution on the market. However, the last two vendors are currently only potential because their UC solutions are not quite ready yet. Last week Salesforce released a new mobile app Chatter, which has now become the primary mobile interface for employees not only to the social intranet, but also to the CRM system. In addition, the mobile Chatter is now more convenient communication and collaboration channel between company and customers. And at any time (when they have free time), they can destroy your business if they see that your company is not responsive enough to their problems and needs. Until now, Jive was arguably the best social intranet provider and somehow solved file sharing tasks via the close partnership with Box. However, it's time to move ahead and play catch up with Microsoft and Salesforce, that don't mind buying startups to close the gaps in their collaboration suites.
Today Jive has announced about the acquisition of two very good startups - task management app Producteev and online meetings tool
This is the video that was shown at the opening of the Dreamforce 2011 conference - probably the most glamorous event in the IT-industry. Moreover, one of the main news of this year conference was the opportunity for Salesforce customers to store part of their data on a local server, not in the Cloud. Benioff is comparing modern companies with the Arab countries falling under revolutions: "Either CEOs will make their companies social, or customers and employees will depose them like Muammar Gaddafi". The new Chatter absorbed the functionality of the web-conferencing tool DimDim, that Salesforce acquired earlier this year. Now Chatter allows to see the online status of other users, communicate with them in real-time chat and even start screen-sharing sessions. In addition, Chatter now allows you to collaborate not only internally but also with external users. In the past few days, the hype around Salesforce Chatter overshadows all other Enterprise 2.0 news.

And of course, the developers of Chatter's main rival - Yammer have taken the chance to get a share of public attention and reminded Salesforce boss about how all this stuff was started. It started 3 years ago, when at the startup contest Techcrunch50 Yammer team introduced the world's first enterprise microblogging tool.
However, Yammer developers say that during those 3 years they where busy adding new features and have built much more advanced functionality and market progress.
Yammer's progress is really amazing, but now it will be hard for them to compete with FREE Chatter.2011.
Though Salesforce announced free Chatter back in November 2010 and it was officially launched on Feb.
1, 2011, we specifically waited for today when the joint project of Salesforce and Black Eyed Peas has been unveiled. It is a cool example of the beautiful marketing, that becomes an integral part of Enterprise 2.0.
To be successful in today's economy every IT business needs to attract attention and, therefore, should become a show business. But the news "Salesforce partnered with Black Eyed Peas" - really attracts attention of potential customers.
Salesforce has acquired the popular SaaS service Manymoon, that is known as the best project management tool for Google Apps. According to the official Manymoon announcement, the service will continue to exist separately and will not change anything for the free and paid versions. They also say that Salesforce will significantly improve the scalability, reliability and security of Manymoon.2010. Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, was in good mood during his conference call with financial analysts. First, he boasted that the company's revenues has grown by 30%, and profit - by 100% compared to the previous year, and that in 2012 fiscal year Salesforce expects to set the new great record for a SaaS industry - $2 billion revenue. Secondly, Mark announced that the social collaboration tool Chatter will be available in free edition.
Since the year after launch, it's used in 60000 companies, that makes it the most popular intranet social network. Among its users - Dell (90 thousand seats), Amazon, Bank of America, Motorola, Siemens and Vodafone. And unlike Salesforce CRM users, that get Chatter for free, they pay $15 per user per month.2010.
At least since the previous year experts are talking about Social CRM, as of the most promising technology on the large CRM market. Now, these talks have the official confirmation - Gartner has published the Social CRM Magic Quadrant (as a rule, such reports are only created for the largest markets).
According to the report, 80% of the CRM market growth in 2010 is due to the Social CRM development and the total investments in the social CRM in the next year will reach $1 billion. Both solutions do not contain traditional CRM functionality, but rather, are designed for integration with traditional CRM.
Salesforce, thanks to the release of Chatter, Ideas and acquiring Jigsaw, managed to get only into Visionaries section.
Note the absence of startups in the Challengers section - it promises good opportunities for those who will decide to enter this market now.2010. When Google Apps Marketplace launched, we noticed that Google's partner Salesforce hadn't joined this ecosystem. Although Chatter (Facebook for enterprise) is nothing like Google Apps (email + docs), however the aim of both tools is the same - collaboration. At the ChatterExchange presentation, Marc Benioff has clearly stated that Chatter will compete with MS Sharepoint and IBM Lotus Notes (he modestly omitted Google Apps). First of all, 2010 will be the year when Microsoft becomes a strong Enterprise 2.0 market player.
This year Microsoft will launch the commercial versions of online MS Office, Sharepoint 2010 with web 2.0 features and Windows Azure cloud platform, and these products will of course push ahead SaaS and enterprise Social Software technologies.

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