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Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy should be approached with an understanding of your target audience, your current position in the marketplace, how well your competition is playing the SEO game and your keyword rankings with the Search Engines. Our SEO program provides many of the analytics needed for this process but the 'questions' below will help you develop an online marketing approach and to set expectations. Do you currently have a means by which to measure the results of any search engine marketing efforts you undertake? Do you need pay per click advertising management or paid inclusion management to advertise your rapidly-changing or frequently changing products or services? Does the SEM firm actually make the changes to your site, or simply advise you on what changes to make? Though you may need to add requirements specific to your products, services, competition and audience, you can see that the answers provided to the questions in each step drive the questions to be asked in the next step - ultimately leading you to identify what services and capabilities are needed to meet your needs and marketing goals. The report will provide a graded review on how well the webpage being tested has been optimized for the keyword or phrase used. You will also be provided 7 direct action items that if followed, will help to increase our keyword rankings. You may be much better off not wasting a lot of time on search engine marketing results and get much more marketing ROI with a stellar content strategy, coupled with basic on and off page SEO optimization. 1) Do basic keyword research using Google Analytics (which should already be set up on your site) and come up with 50-75 Keywords to use for your content strategy for 90-120 days. 3) Make sure you content is being syndicated – if you are using WordPress (you should be!) then utilize the build in pingomatic services that WordPress includes (we have a custom list), make sure your content is automatically posted to as many third party (social and others) web sites.
4) Forget about SEO and build your newsletter list – make sure you have a call to action on your web site for Newsletter signups and update this once a month. 5) Publish a blog on a WordPress Platform – publish as frequently as possible, with a minimum of 2-3 times per week. If you follow these five basic steps you’ll generate search engine marketing results.
Search engine optimization (SEO) involves crafting a website so that it ranks well in Google’s search algorithm [SEO also applies to other search engines, but Google is the most important].
Websites that rank well will show up at the top of Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs). Since web searchers are an impatient lot, it is important to be among the first few results Google delivers for your targeted search terms. Not all businesses necessarily rely on search traffic, but if you are in a business where you need people to be able to find your website easily via Google searches, then SEO should be a top priority for you.
SEO involves trying to understand what factors search engines use to rank web pages and then crafting websites to excel on those factors.
The overarching idea is that you want to build a website that provides visitors with a more relevant experience than others site in your field. It is fairly easy to test if your site is doing well (or well enough) in SEO simply by trying some search terms that are relevant to your business and seeing where your site shows up. Please contact us and let’s talk about how we can work together to make your site kick butt. About UsWebdot Marketing is a web consulting firm that specializes in website development, web marketing, and social media. Contact UsWe are located in Fernandina Beach, FL and serve clients on Amelia Island, the Jacksonville area, and across the country. Anyone who has a means of communication with the world should at least know what a search engine is, but many are unsure exactly how to use a search engine.

By now you should have read about how search engines work and what search engines are most used. You may be thinking why in the world am I wasting my time learning how to perform a search on a search engine. At the very basic of any search engine is the traditional listings like you see in the image below. Over the past several years search engines have evolved to include other types of results within a standard search. Google video search allows you to find videos from YouTube, websites, and other video sharing sites within a single search. In September of 2002 Google launched a new featured that allowed 4000 news resources to submit news feeds to Google so they could display them within the traditional results. In March of 2004 Google started listing local businesses in their index that included directions and maps.
In March of 2005 Google Maps was introduced and the main purpose was for directions, business listing’s, and for visitors to simply search and explore the maps for fun. In December of 2002 Google launched a new search engine called Froogle that was developed for business product listings so users could quickly shop on the web.
In May of 2012 Google started rolling out what they are calling the Knowledge Graph or next generation of search. SEO Ranking Factors for Startups in 2013July 23, 2013 By Chad Luckie Leave a CommentAny Startup business owner knows the importance of SEO ranking. The College of Marketing is a free online marketing community that was started by Chad Luckie the Managing Partner of Digital at Linkmedia 360. Content on this website is designed to help small businesses, start-ups, and individuals learn how to market their business or website on the internet. Feel free to join our discussion in the forums and share your opinion on the latest online marketing strategies! EKG Marketing has been awarded a Google AdWords Qualification with specialization in Search Advertizing, Display Advertising and Reporting & Analytics.
The typical mantra for the SEO manager in charge is typically,  do more with less; or, what’s going to give us better search engine marketing results and what is this going to cost?
Then, build content around these with 3-5% keyword saturation per page, blog post or piece of content. The defacto industry standard is Aweber, although there are a ton of WordPress plugins that will give you a broader brand reach by just shooting out an update of your blog to subscribers. Each post should have some keyword optimization and be broadly syndicated across the social web and make sure you have a Feedburner account set up and pingomatic services as above.
A recent study showed that the top three search results get a whopping 77% of total clicks.
If you are providing the best experience, then, over time, Google will generally choose to list your website high in the search engine results. When doing this, it is important to use terms that are reflective of what ordinary searchers are likely to use (as opposed to people who already know you or your product). Keyword analysis involves identifying what keywords are most relevant to your business needs and then assessing what can be done to get you better performance on these terms.
Content analysis takes a careful look through all your website content to determine how it matches up against your target keywords.
This type of work involves making behind the scenes changes to your website that will help you perform better on the more technical elements of SEO.

A content tune-up involves reworking the content on your site to provide information that is more closely tied into your target keywords.
We help businesses establish and expand their online presence to deliver maximum business impact. In fact, several people who work in the technology industry may not even know how to use a search engine to it’s full extent.
The truth is most of you know how to enter a search query and perform a search on Google, but you may not know all of the different kinds of basic searches.
The traditional search will return 10 organic listings on each page and we highlighted a portion of them in the image below. When someone performs a standard search Google will frequently display relevant images within the traditional search results without even clicking the images tab. Google will also add videos that are relevant to a users search query  within the traditional search results. This would open a whole new arena for small businesses to compete online and use search engines to drive customers through their doors.
Developers took this technology and created hundreds of applications available for personal and government use. Depending on the industry, most businesses should expect to lose money in the first year due to overhead costs. Now that Yahoo and Bing are both powered by Microsoft Advertising, it is easier than ever to reach more online customers. Drive competitive advantage and search engine marketing results via aggressive content syndication on the best platform, WordPress.
Some terms can be very competitive, so it is not always possible to get into the top 3 results, but if you are not at least on the first page of search results, then your chances of being found are quite low. On the other hand, if your website provides a poor user experience, then it will be listed lower in the rankings. For example, if you sell a medical product with a specific brand name, don’t search for your product brand name. This involves an in-depth review of both technical and content factors that affect SEO performance.
The idea is to figure out if your webpage content does a good enough job delivering content that ties into the terms web searchers would be using to find your business. You can also proactively create content on other sites that may include a link to your own website. It can also involve adding entirely new pages designed to be highly focused on specific keywords.
We can evaluate your existing inbound links and identify options for generating additional links. Finally, it includes identifying some of the search terms that are most relevant for your business and then quantifying how well you are performing on those terms.

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