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Search Engine Marketing is a huge market that unfortunately many businesses leave untapped and they are clueless of how much business they are actually losing, do not even realize they have influence over their rankings or are completely puzzled on how they can do so.
Cut costs down or increase sales and conversion rates to a certain percentage to meet or exceed profitability goals. These types of goals can be shared with your search marketing team so they can come up with tactics and strategies for achieving them. Find out the terms in your market that users search for when searching for your products and services. For more information on search engine marketing services, please contact us here at BNC iMarketing, we are experts at helping you develop success with your online marketing. BNC iMarketing's Exclusive Reputation Monitoring will track your business on over TWO DOZEN review sites and provide you with instant notifications for good AND bad reviews. A marketing strategy needs to touch various areas of your business, not just running advertising or mailing prospective clients. SEO is something you need to keep in mind whenever you change the text on your web pages or when you write a blog post. Writing a page with SEO in mind means that you’ll need to first do keyword research to come up with the keyword phrases you need to use.
When you’re coming up with a marketing strategy, one of the most important things to tackle first is the website. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. JOHO Marketing handles the digital marketing needs of small businesses in the Silicon Valley. For purposes of building out this plan, let’s begin with a case study to help focus our strategy. By laser-focusing on these goals, the content marketing campaign will be set up to succeed from the beginning. Your sales funnel or buying cycle is important for one reason within your B2B content marketing strategy. Your audience profile has clearly specified the profile and needs of prospects at each stage in the cycle. Content development efforts focus on creating streams of content that are appropriate for buyers at different phases of the journey.
In an overarching way, your content strategy also helps guide your prospect from point to point along the journey from discovering your brand to making a purchase. To map out your sales funnel, it’s helpful to take a step back and analyze how your existing customers have found you. Accountant in the research phase: Content needs to focus on the benefits of time tracking software for accountants.
Accountants learning more about specific brands: Content such as a website, specialized landing pages, case studies, or white papers explain the specific product, in the context of the benefits that matter most to your audience. Accountants pre-conversion: Content discusses big business benefits, provides use cases, emphasizes ongoing support, and has clear calls to action to push prospects toward the sale. Your goal should be to walk out of this phase with a clearly defined buying cycle and general content ideas that support each phase.
Use everything you can as a springboard: your keywords, your most frequently asked questions, all the details you know about your audience.
Finally, put every idea through the following filter: is this truly geared toward your prospects? The next couple weeks will involve intense writing, recording videos, or subcontracting design work. Experts like Derek Halpern suggest that dissemination should take 80% of your content marketing time. Our sixty-day content experiment should do two things: build your confidence that content marketing is something that you can do for your business, and give you proof of concept of the power of inbound marketing.
Whether you roll out your content marketing strategy to a bigger audience or build on your success for the last two months with a specific product, this plan will set you on your way to some strategic wins in the B2B content marketing space.
Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.

The digital marketing approach to non-profit success is a multi-faceted one and often requires B2B and B2C target persona consideration.
The objective of SEM or Search Engine Marketing is to rank your company’s website in the top search result pages of potential customers’ inquiries. Jargon and names that describe your business are not typically what users are searching for. Understand your Part in the Whole Scheme of Things: You have certain responsibilities as the small business marketer that you will have to handle for the success of your search marketing strategy. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Sure, Google says that if you just offer great content that people want to see then the search engines will treat you fairly. Make sure the pages on your website are sending the search engine the message you intended to send. Many entrepreneurs believe that effective inbound marketing efforts require tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and at least a year to get traction in the marketplace. If you’re strategic, you can plan, develop, launch, and begin to reap the benefits of a content marketing campaign in as little as sixty days.
Consider a company that builds specialized software that makes it easier for freelance workers to bill their clients.
Outlining your highest priorities helps allocate limited human and financial resources, and prioritizes content and dissemination choices.
Smart choices can be made about topics, formats, and dissemination venues that support those outcomes.
Start with the data you have on file — your Web analytics, your buying data, previous surveys and customer demographics.
Prospects and customers at different stages of the buying process are looking for specific silos of information.
In our software example, the accountant may decide they need a more sophisticated time tracking option. Begin to tie your strategy together by testing each content type against the audience profile: would these basic ideas speak to your prospect? Ultimately, your keyword list will serve as a helpful resource for brainstorming content ideas and for optimizing content for the dissemination phase. Many of us make the mistake of writing for our peers, and we lose valuable time developing content that doesn’t achieve our business goals.
Put together an executable plan and figure out what needs to happen to get your content creation done. Make sure that you’ve created a solid SEO framework and foundation to build on with the rest of the activities that we’re going to discuss. Is all your content easily sharable on every major social network with the click of a button? Guest blogging is one of the most effective strategies for getting fast results with your content. But it’s important, especially in the complex world of B2B transactions, to development an evaluation system to that takes into account the universe of possible conversions that can impact and have value for a business. If you’ve followed the plan, you’re in a position to repeat the process to achieve any marketing goal in a methodical way.
This is achieved through combining things like paid advertising, local search, top-quality marketing copy, having a company website designed with search engine optimized keywords, social media and being recognized as a market leader with a 5 STAR Reputation. Whether unorthodox or not, search rankings are viewed by users as a validation of a business’s importance and popularity and this results in search engines becoming increasingly important to companies. Establish search engine marketing goals that deliver results by having overall business goals in place. These numbers and an intuitive understanding of how your goals will be reached can be done through search marketing.
Create digital solutions for building your business and engaging customers and incorporate them into the design of your website.
It is a process that is ongoing and some examples include things like refining keyword bids, optimizing ad copy, targeting ideal positions, selecting the correct keywords, leveraging contextual campaigns, using specialized matching options and monitoring against click fraud. If it is in a couple of headings, then the search engine will understand that that phrase is what the page is about. Give JOHO Marketing a call to schedule a consultation to see how you can improve your marketing.

However, with content marketing, it’s possible to make a significant impact against specific metrics in a short period of time. For example, let’s say your prospect is a middle-aged, married man living in the Midwest and struggling with his mortgage. Interview your best customers if you can, and get as much information directly from them as possible. Someone in the earliest stages may simply be trying to learn more about a class of products. If your organization already has an SEO campaign underway, audit your keywords to determine which terms should be priority focuses for your content strategy. Identify the most effective way forward for you and your goals at this time, and be relentless about getting your content completed and published so you’re ready to tackle the dissemination phase. Let go of any fears and get your blog posts, podcasts, ebooks and other content out there to be found. Are there bloggers in your space that should read your post — and potentially share it if they like it?
For my personal guide to guest blogging, check out The Ultimate, Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Business by Guest Blogging. But plan to sit down at the very end of this sixty-day content experiment and see how you did overall. Sales and revenue matter most, but there are many other metrics that show you’re making meaningful progress with your business.
You sure do need content that people want to read, but you need to write that content in such a way that the search engine will understand what your page is talking about. Also, you need to have that phrase in the page a couple of times, along with other words that have a related meaning.
It’s targeting a wide audience that crosses many different markets, from consultants to accountants. A buyer close to making a decision is looking at differentiating factors between providers or answering specific questions about customer service.
Once prospects discover our software brand, they typically download a white paper and schedule a demo.
Your SEO strategy lets you focus on your priority concepts and the keywords that you’re trying to rank for. What business purpose does it serve, and how will the content move the lead along to the next phase? For example, if our software company finds out that there’s a hashtag for accounting tech, using it strategically is a great way to instantly broaden their reach on Twitter. Keeping up to date with the movers and shakers in your space and cultivating relationships with them is an important part of growing your profile. These types of services ensure your site is effectively optimized with the right keywords, ecommerce solutions, branding, social media signals and more.
If you use your keyword phrase too much then the search engine will think you’re trying to trick it and you’ll end up being pushed down to the bottom of the pile of websites.
The marketing issues that a product like this faces are representative of similar challenges throughout B2B markets. The deeper you’re able to dig into the psyches of both the business and the individuals at play, the more effectively your content will anticipate and speak to their needs. Their day to day interaction with your prospects and customers has uniquely positioned them to speak to what your ideal customer really wants. At this point, a percentage will convert, download the software and sign up for our service. Don’t spam — share your content with people who are genuinely interested in the value you’re creating. Possibly you’re creative and are able to set aside the time to execute your own content strategy.

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