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Have you ever looked at a competitor’s website and wondered why they were ranking higher than you in search engines? In this post, we’re going to walk through the process of completing a search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, a tool to help you better understand the competitive landscape of search engine rankings in your industry. This SEO competitive analysis will provide a base of knowledge and a strategic foundation you can use to outrank your competitors in Google and other search engines. This is defined as any SEO technique that is used to maintain the integrity of your website and search engine results pages (SERP). Other definition of White Hate SEO refers to the usage of SEO strategies, tactics or techniques that completely follows that search engine rules and policies. Now that you know the definition of White Hat SEO, it will be easier for you to understand the different techniques that you can use when it comes to search engine optimization. Of course, waiting for results will take time but if you are doing an honest job when it comes to getting the ranking you need then there’s no way to go but use the White Hat SEO methods!
Here are some of the common White Hat SEO tactics that you can use on your website’s ranking. Filling all Tags – sometimes, people don’t use tags or forgets to put tags on their content. Great Website Content – search engines are always looking for contents that are relevant and valuable to online users. In closing, there are MANY White Hat SEO techniques that you can use, these are just a few of them.
How many of us have realized that images can generate high traffic volume through Image search engines. If you are using WordPress there are many SEO plugins available which makes optimizing the images for search engines task easier.
Always make sure that you name the Image file in the name of your keyword which you would like the Image to appear in search results. A Caption is very important for Images because it is shown below the image when a user click on the Image.
These are the steps involved in optimizing the Images for search engines for better rankings.
Great post on How to optimize images for better SE ranking, images also helps us to get traffic from Google images search my 6% traffic is from image search only.

Adding images to a context would help the audience to better understand what you are trying to impart.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the natural why and rank your site highest in search engine. Put always good and original content at your website and don’t use same word again and again .it rank you site low if you use same word again and again. When you use the e-mail, check football scores on the Internet, you are already a participant. We all know that Black Hat SEO is the bad guy and if there’s a bad guy, a good guy will always come to save the day. These tactics are the only ones used to enhance rather than detract or destroy your website from the rankings. However, you don’t need to put backlinks everywhere; you need to find a good website with high ranking to link to your content. Including title tags on all pages, links and images, you are actually telling search engines that you have the information it needs and it is available on your site. For instance let us take Google Image search results or bing Image search results if at all you type any of the keyword in search engines you can find many Images loading for the keyword and the Image which appears on Top level gets more click through rate and thereby the respective site will get more traffic. But the website which is not made by any CMS then follow the below given tips for optimizing the Images for search engines.
Alt text is nothing but the text representation of Images or in other words we can say that it is the text which is been used by the search engines to perfectly understand about the Images.
Do not upload a larger images as larger images make the blog to load slow and if your visitors find your blog loading slow then they will leave your blog very soon for sure.
Image caption is also one of the effective techniques on optimizing the images for search engines. With this, you are trying to get the viewer’s attention and it is very effective way to promote your article or product. Many people don’t have idea about Search engine optimization (SEO) and even they have good material at there site but they didn’t get a good user traffic at their website. How do you account for the explosive growth of the Internet in terms of money spent and usage?
Make a comparison between SEO and traditional media.  Where else do you get this kind of cost effectiveness in terms of reach, usage and exposure?

It is also known to be the methods approved or the natural ways of building traffic to your website. Keep in mind that the more relevant your contents are, the more chances of it being found by search engines. It could be blogs, forums or a piece for someone’s site it could be a good way to create links to your own website. As I have mentioned, these results may take time but hey, if you are aiming for a good spot, why not do it without any shortcuts? So always make sure to use some Image editing program to resize the file size of the Images. Say if your targeted customers are Malaysian Chinese and you are ready to let go 27,000,000 (Malaysian population) x 24% (percentage of Malaysian Chinese) = 4,480, 000 potential customers?No matter how, you business really need SEO. Many people in the internet business have been doing White Hat SEO techniques for many years now. This is because it tells them that your site’s content is relevant and is good enough to be shown on multiple pages. So make your content interesting, informative and attractive enough for your readers to engage in. After all, you will be the one who will benefit from your hard work, so you might as well do it correctly.
This is the safest and probably the best way that you can do if you are after search engine ranking. Usually, they are provide good user experience and they follow the rules and guidelines of search engines.
The later you commit to SEO, the more backward you are compared to your competitor who does it!

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