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Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is a process which includes both on-site and off-site techniques that enables the search engines to index the website and rank it on the search engine result pages.
Google uses different signals to determine the quality of each page of website and on the basis of that give it the ranking in search results.
The measurement and ranking of these hyperlinks has made it possible to find the things on the web. Those practices which follow the guidelines of search engine are called White Hat techniques.
Ranking well in search engines bring more traffic to your site and hence the possibility of buying your products and hiring your services increases. SEO can be highly profitable to your business as it will brings more traffic on your site and that too without any charges. Most of the business owners and webmasters know that Google+ is a powerful tool and is important for SEO but they don’t know why it is so important. Google+ has a strong effect on Google search not only because it is a product by Google but due to the construct and the power of it. People create profiles on Google and search on web while signing in to Google, so Google can track the information of their identity, activity and their interests. Google +captures much more such information by simply measuring+1’ing, sharing and commenting on the network.
This flows onto more personalized search results for people when searching which improves the user experience.
In essence Google+ is a data capturing platform for Google which helps to determine what is to be prominent in a Google search. Google’s search engine watches these signals and hence gives ranking to your site in search engine results. Google+ is now a large social network which can influence your organization’s brand across the web. Want to learn how to create and market great content that will improve your website or blogs SEO? My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how.
I confess: I have been on Google+ for almost two years now, but have just started to give it some serous attention. I confess: I have been on Google+ for almost two years now, and have just started to take it seriously. As far as I know Google Plus doesn’t in any way influence organic search engine ranking. Other benefits include showing up on the personalized search results (by default) as a result of search plus your world update.
I find Google plus much better than any other social media platform in terms of building networks and connecting with like-minded people. I’m wondering since this post has been made is Google+ more or less relevant for SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving how pages of a website rank in the natural or organic results of search engines. It's been documented that a website appearing within the first few listings on page one of a search engine's results will get more visitors or clicks when compared to a website that's not ranked as high. Striving for that number one spot on Google's results can make a world of difference with the traffic volume that your website can receive. Search Engine Journal presents findings from a couple of studies to support the importance of that top spot on the SERPs (search engine results page). The following chart reveals the search engine marketing share of all home and work locations in the United States by percentages as of March 2016 (data is from comScore).
Search engines use crawlers, called robots (bots) or spiders, based on algorithms to find pages on the web. Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari allow your site visitors to see everything that is in the BODY portion of your HTML.
Some videos, audio and images found on websites can be searchable, however search engines prefer text. As the bots are scanning your webpage's content, and specifically text, these automated crawlers simultaneously try to follow any links on the page. Most of the links that search bots will find on your webpage will be to other pages of your website.
The ultimate goal of search engines is to crawl and index webpages and to then rank your content. He also addressed how intense testing is at Google and illustrated how difficult it has made it for the search industry.
Moz has a time line documenting Google's Algorithm Change History all the way back to the year 2000. According to Google on How Search Works and Algorithms, if "you want the answer, not trillions of webpages.
And since content is king, the same great content that you provide users who find you through search will also attract web publishers or even bloggers to reference by creating a link to your webpage from their website. For any website looking to get optimized for the search engines, both onpage and offpage SEO must be considered to have the full benefits of ranking well. The next few paragraphs cover some basics and best practices you can apply to your website or blog right now through onpage SEO. For example, here's a screenshot of the title tag used for the SEO Introduction you are reading. The words within the tags is the title that is seen at the very top of your web browser window or tab on a webpage.
You should use appropriate keywords in the title of your webpage and when your page appears in the search engine results. As a result, Internet users skimming the SERPs may gravitate towards your site's listing by clicking on it.
Just as important that each webpage's title tag of your site is unique, it's strongly recommended that a unique description for the meta description tag be used as well.
The description tag is also found in the HEAD portion of your webpage's HTML below the title tag. The character count of the page's description should be around 150 and no more than 160 characters. Many times, this description tag shows up on the search engine results page beneath the title tag. And from a website marketing perspective, this can be an effective method to market your idea, service or product to appear on the search engine's results page.
Not to mention, if you have a well written description, it works like a free ad on Google, Yahoo! The meta keyword tag was heavily used by Google when it started as a search engine back in September 4, 1998 and for some years to follow. However, other search engines still may utilize the keywords tag and give it some preference on their algorithm. If not, other search engines may believe your page is irrelevant and impose a penalty for irrelevant content.
Google considers illicit practices from site owners by removing them entirely from their index. Some SEO experts dismiss the use of meta keywords all together by not using this tag at all. Therefore, utilizing the ALT attribute can be an opportunity for better search engine rankings.

Ultimately, your goal is for your site's webpages to be found by your potential clients, customers or users on all search engines. For example, this webpage topic you have been reading is a basic guide to search engine optimization. Your webpage topic should focus on providing users with unique and compelling content that utilizes keyword phrases within context.
As a result of your great content, users will want to share and promote it on social media. In addition, other webmasters or bloggers may be inclined to link to your information-rich page from their webpage or blog, which would have a positive impact on your site's SEO through link building. UK based reliable and cheap web hosting & domain registration, with cpanel and specialist technologies. We are a UK Search Engine Optimisation Company who strive to provide high quality SEO marketing services. The purpose of regular search engine optimisation or SEO is to increase enquiries for your company via your website in the most cost effective way.
Advertising on the Internet via search engine optimisation gives you a good chance to corner your competitive market and compliment your advertising budget. Advertising with our SEO company will give you a great chance of reaching the levels and positions on Google under the keywords of your choice, using our expert SEO website design skills. Our search engine optimisation plan also includes effective SEO copywriting and regular website text and keyword updates, to ensure that your web site is current. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving the visibility of a website or web page in the "organic" (also called "natural" or un-paid) search results of search engines. In general the higher on the page, and more frequently the pages of a Website appear in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.
As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for.
The following topics are explored in detail on their own separate pages on the Alameda County SBDC's Website. In order to better understand the tactics associated with Search Engine Optimization, it is useful to have an understanding of how search engines provide search results to users. Crawling is the process by which search engines discover new and updated pages to be added to their Index of the World Wide Web (WWW). Search engines process each of the pages that they crawl in order to compile a massive index of all the words it sees and their location on each page. When a user enters a query, the search engine matches pages in the Index with the query to provide the most relevant results for the user's search. Note that because the crawling and indexing process are completed beforehand, serving the search results usually takes less than one second. Each of the major search engines provides guidance with regards to the Search Engine Optimization practices that they consider acceptable. The amount of content you need created is a direct index of how we will price your optimization needs. Search Engine Optimization businesses are the driving force behind world wide web advertising techniques. Search Engine Optimization Pricing mainly makes use of the search engine results to drive a lot more site visitors to a site. Overall, search engine optimization pricing should be a balance between the relevant SEO services and its affordability.
So, how can a business break the spell of being invisible on search engines when it comes to local search?
It is important to understand that there is no quick fix, unless you go and pay for online ads like Google Adwords to show your business.
You will need to setup an account and preferably you want to use a matching email account for each site.
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Some webmasters and SEO specialists are deliberately using the wrong techniques to rank higher. But companies must remember that they should implement only those SEO techniques which follow the guidelines of search engines (White Hat Technique).
Google+ entered into the social media race not just to compete with other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook but to improve search engine results. Due to the increased importance of social signals, Google+ has become one of the top social networking sites. People can reach your site via Google’s entire network, which will influence your search results directly and indirectly.
On Twitter all the links are placed with no follow tag and this doesn’t pass Page rank through to your site. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Both Facebook and Google are trying to get into the social search space and, frankly, I think Google is way ahead of the curve.
As reported in Venturebeat, Google+ continues to dominate LinkedIn & Twitter, and could catch up to Facebook.
As for the link juice is concerned, since Google Plus is endless scroll site, I don’t think there would be any PR related benefit as the page is not cached by Google. Pages shared on Google+ get indexed faster in my experience as this aids with Google discovery of your content.
It is easy to get followers on other platforms like Twitter but the level of engagement is not deep enough to build long term relationships. I get the sense that Google has some sort of long term plans for it that haven’t come about just yet.
In one study, more than half of organic search clicks go to the first link and another study indicated that the top Google result gets 36.4% of the clicks. Bots scan the HTML for meta tags included in the HEAD portion of your page and the content from the BODY portion of the same webpage. A webpage's information that is in the BODY can provide website users with content they can consume through text, images and other types of media. Take Google for example, nobody really knows the mathematical formula it uses to return search results for a user that has performed a search query.
Major modifications to the Google search engine continued into 2012 with the Google Penguin update.
Andy Williams who authored the book SEO 2013 & Beyond summarized it best by saying that Penguin completely changed the way we thought about SEO. These are things done externally to your your website, such as getting links from other websites that point back to your site. You will need to access each webpage's HTML, properties or settings through your content management system, blog, wiki or web editor. A blog, content management system or web editor will probably have a field you can enter through a settings page.

Here is Matt Cutts distinguished Google engineer explaining how they no longer rank the meta tag.
If you use the keywords tag in the header of your page, those words should appear in the BODY text of the webpage.
But that's not enough, your content should employ proper use of HTML through semantic markup. We have vast experience promoting sites within the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN). This is important because there is little point in driving visitors to an out of date site, and search engines favour recently updated company websites. Internet user studies have indicated that the first few results in a search query are much more likely to be clicked that those further down the page, and search results on the second and later pages have a decreasing chance of being seen and even less of being visited.
Optimizing a website may involve editing its content and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. The search engine component involved in crawling Websites is most often called a robot, spider or web crawler (but can also be referred to as an ant, automatic indexer, bot, or worm).
The search engine then uses an algorithm to rank each of the matching pages and returns the search results for the user's query.
Search engine optimization is a labor-oriented work system, which takes time to show results.
Search engine optimization is just a continuing process, once it begins, it needs to be maintained.
These search engine optimizers take into account how search engines like Google work and what men and women search for.
One really important portion of an SEO effort is usually to identify the best feasible key phrases to target online advertising and marketing campaigns. Once marketers determine what they really need, they can obtain the essential service that can cater to all their needs. Often the local market is even more difficult to tackle and outranking local competitors seems impossible to some. While this is a great way to get new customers, it is also an expensive way to do so and requires planning and other efforts (landing page setup and optimization, tracking of keywords, etc.). Since listings like Google Places get priority when it comes to local search it is important for a business to be listed in Google places. So, Google prefers or requires a Gmail account and Microsoft as an example uses Hotmail or Windows Live accounts for obvious reasons. An important part in the ranking system are customer reviews (often part of citations, too). Swipe your finger across the screen to slash them!GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TOOL west midlands pension fund investments division, Strategy, you spend any money on internet.
These techniques are known as Black Hat techniques which do not follow the guidelines or algorithms of major search engines. It is about capturing rich data that Facebook has been capturing for years such as age, sex, location and much more.
Google+ helps you to build your brand value including Google authorship and provides you a graphical display of your brand value.
It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. I utilize circles to group the people I’m connected to and find it easier to sort posts. In recent years, updates to Google's search engine algorithm via Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, tends to favor good content on the web. Using only natural and ethical optimisation techniques that are proven to deliver top rankings we can position your web site above the competition.
The inorganic or paid search results are in the margins at the top and right side of the search results screen.
For more detailed information on these processes consult the Google Webmaster Tools Help Article: "How Google Search Works". Search engine optimization is not something most people can do for themselves because it requires continual maintenance and website updates. Optimizing a site mainly entails editing its content, HTML and linked coding to each increase its relevance to distinct key phrases and to eliminate barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. SEO Pricing Businesses work on that by doing Keyword Investigation to ensure that their customers get tagged to these common search queries. It is a must to conduct research and study before anything to know the best service that can offer success for online marketing. A business could also throw money at the problem trying to gamble the search engine results, but sooner or later a search engine might catch up on these tactics and apply a penalty to the website rankings. Before doing any localized SEO work, setting up the local business profile (which is free by the way if you decide to do it yourself) is very important. A citation is when your business is mentioned somewhere else on the web by name and address – even if there is no active link to your website. Believe it or not, most local listings have never been actively claimed and Google (just to mention) sometimes pulls data from other sources to show at least something.
A link from the New York Times will be valued much more highly than a link from a Shepherd’s website in Kazakhstan. In other words SEO is the golden ticket for Internet Marketing, if done following the guidelines of search engines as search engines always shows organic results to the users. I think it still will take some time to grow into an influential source to connect with your community, but seeing that Google is making it necessary, I think resistance is fading and G+ will become one of the biggest players in the market.
We are also Google AdWords qualified, ensuring that you get the best results from your PPC campaigns. The organic search results (identified by the orange box) are in the main part of the page, below and to the left of the paid search results. This can bring net presence in exactly where the internet site shows up on the upper component of the search outcomes list. That would be prohibitive in my opinion and there are definitely better ways of making this work. If a business owner misses this step, things will be very difficult to turn around.  So, to setup your business with the free local business listings of all 3 major search engines you need to have quite some information handy. An example for a citation could be the Yellow Pages listing that you maintained for years or your business name listed at the Chamber of Commerce website.
Don’t try to game the system, because the guys at Google, Bing, or Yahoo are pretty smart and if a review looks staged and “unnatural” they will be able to tell fairly quickly and you are going to pay the bill by losing your rankings or never making it to the top at all.
Some signals are data patterns uncovered in the trillions of searches that Google has handled over the years. So, if your address is set to Highlands Ranch your chances to rank for Denver are fairly low.
You don’t, and therefore it is very important to claim your local listing and to otpimize it.
But once an account and a local business listing has been setup and configured the work is not done.
Posting events, changing product or service descriptions, posting new pictures or videos are items that need to be planned for.

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