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We are the ONLY specialist organic search company in the UK that offers affordable SEO services that work.. We can do anything - you are only restricted by your imagination At Benedict we encourage our clients to scale up. This might include content strategies, ecommerce sites with additional product, aged domains with topical providence, micro sites geared toward gaining traffic from a single key phrase, geo targeted pages (keyword + location), international sites, Facebook pages, Tweets etc.
We are an award winning and renowned team of SEOs, Web Designers, Developers and Content Writers led by the UK's leading Search Consultant Benedict. We combine carefully tried and tested SEO techniques with innovative and creative internet strategies that convert into increased revenue.. Strong domain authority with a high trust rate, on theme and future proof are prerequisites as is excellent content with supportive anchor text.. One of the major contributing factors to Benedict's success is research - before commencing any new strategy, We have an "every idea is valid - nothing is wrong or right approach. We say to our clients that if you want to work with organic search, then you have to play the Google game. Which strategy is best for your business can be started by asking the questions "what does success look like", what are you trying to achieve, what is your revenue target, is organic search or traffic from social media channels adequate to generate the necessary conversions? Suitable for larger scale websites, complex Search Engine issues or highly competitive online segments. A?100 per hour, work often revolved around what has been done, what needs doing and how to fix SEO issues, whilst forming a new strategy for moving a website forward in terms of user flow and organic search traffic.
The content we create and the link strength we generate can add 30% increases in web traffic. Benedict, formed by an SEO Consultant in 2003, has grown into a creative team of true digital experts that know exactly how to promote your website. Based in offices in London, Benedict now consists of five core SEO consultants, who work under the direction of Mr Benedict Sykes, carrying out SEO strategies on behalf of over 50 clients. Pound for pound SEO provides lasting value and its returns on cash invested can last long into the future.
Ever since we saw that Google is now run by Larry Page instead of 'Larry and Sergey Brin' Google appear to have become more arrogant and less in touch. In the past we have tested individual ideas and concepts regarding optimisation to give an idea of what works and what does not.
My name is Chris Hicks and I'm a Web Developer and SEO Strategist, Pay-Per-Click & Social Media Marketing Specialist located in South Florida. I am a Google Certified Search Marketing Consultant with more than a decade's worth of experience successfully planning, coding, testing, maintaining and marketing profitable websites.
A Google Certified Professional with 15+ years of experience planning, developing, and managing successful organic & Pay-Per-Click traffic campaigns.
I enjoy planning, designing, and developing beautiful websites for clients, both small and large scale. Extensive experience designing suitable illustrations from scratch or basing my work on an existing style to fit many different types of projects. Worked with a wide range of platform technologies to design cutting edge interfaces for various devices. More than a decades worth of experience utilizing all of the most popular content management systems for small and large businesses. SEO Consulting Experts is a group of experienced digital marketers that provide Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, and Social Media marketing services to a wide range of businesses in the Tampa a€“ St.Petersburg a€“ Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area.
As Director of Search Marketing I created, developed and managed all organic search engine marketing strategies, pay-per-click ad campaigns, and internet marketing development for an industry leading marketing firm in Pinellas County, Florida.
Management and development of multiple educational websites and Learning Management Systems. Created and managed multiple content websites that attracted 500,000+ visitors per month and generated an average of $15,000 USD per month in subscriptions and advertiser revenue.
This award is given once a year to the student who creates the best website design utilizing programs such as Dreamweaver, Notepad++, etc. This award is given annually to the student who uses a game engine or program (Unity, Game Maker, Flash, etc) to create the best video game. This award is given once a year to the student who creates the most creative digital media with any type of multimedia software programs including Director, Flash, etc. More than a decades worth of experience managing small, medium and large scale search engine marketing campaigns for clients in a wide range of niches. A wealth of experience developing successful campaign strategies through the BING Ads platform, including the management of account budgeting, Geo-targeting, keyword bidding and research. Delivering quality return on investment from Yahoo search traffic generation for more than a decade. Provide clients with strategic planning, creation, integration, and management of their Twitter social media accounts for business.

The inline speed skater website utilizes the ever-growing Wordpress content management system to deliver inline speed skating news, videos, and race information to fans and athletes of this exciting sport. Ages of Hope is a top down arcade shooter video game available for download on the Windows App Store.
I developed this Windows Store App using a hybrid version of the C# programming language, utilizing Object-Oriented Programming principles. I designed this website for a local business owner and friend of mine that lives in the area. Skating Authority is an E-Commerce website I developed using Wordpress CMS and the popular WooCommerce Plugin. I developed Star Wars X-Wing Fighter game while finishing my first degree in Interactive Media Development.
The Saint Petersburg Titan Video Game was developed using Flash technology and the ActionScript 3.0 programming language. This game was my first full video game project which I put together for consideration in the Annual St.
Raven Tools makes managing and reporting all of my Internet marketing campaigns with one software app possible. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a small desktop program which spiders websitesa€™ links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective. The Screaming Frog SEO Spider allows you to quickly analyse, audit and review a site from an onsite SEO perspective. Our SEO Company encompasses all services, from content and optimisation to ecommerce and user experience optimisation. We then translate these aspirations into search traffic numbers and a strategy to achieve them. This is carried out by an experienced consultant who know exactly what he is talking about. Take a link building trial and see why we have worked with most of the larger SEO agencies. All campaigns are managed by a senior consultant with teams tasked at following out instructions. However this does not mean that every marketing pound spent on unpaid search is a wise investment.
Browse any of popular Business Cards categories below - from Professional to Modern designs!
I believe that it is impossible to optimize a website effectively if you do not understand how it is built.
Ia€™ve dominated in a number of niche industries over the past 15+ years, and I enjoy nothing more than ridding my clients of the immense frustration they feel when their site struggles in the highly competitive internet marketing landscape.
I have planned and implemented numerous online marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes, successfully increasing online traffic and improving search ranking for websites.
Experience developing interactive front-ends that utilize the latest libraries of Java-script and mobile friendly Html5 frameworks.
I have collaborated with creative teams to design computer generated artwork for promotional and marketing materials for varying digital projects.
In my portfolio you can find everything from mobile applications to Flash games and Html5 websites, which were personal projects that I created in my free time. I have utilized Wordpress, Drupal, and Magento content management systems for e-commerce, membership and lead generation websites. I planned, developed and managed organic search engine marketing and Pay-Per-Click traffic campaigns for business and e-commerce websites. Developed and managed an affiliate program that utilized more than 1000 revenue sharing affiliates.
I am a Google Certified Professional that has delivered a multitude of first page listings for clients in the most competitive online markets in the world.
I am an Bing AdCenter expert that is highly-focused on the meeting, growing targeted traffic, and producing ROI from BING PPC campaigns.
I have experience purchasing for Yahoo native and mobile search ads, optimizing ad spend, and expanding reach, while utilizing multi-channel search marketing campaigns. I have helped a wide range of businesses develop a strong social media presence through the Facebook social media website. I have experience in Twitter follower building, engagement, and reputation building for businesses small and large. I built this Windows 8 video game application utilizing multiple software & video game development tools. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the graphics, including sprite sheets, backgrounds, logos and story copy. I developed this website for a local business owner in between projects a few years ago using HTML and CSS.

For the graphics I used Adobe Illustrator to create the artwork, and the ActionScript 3.0 programming language for scripting purposes. I was awarded my first Annual SEmmy Award for Best Video Game Development for this project. I use Raven Tools for competitor analysis, link building, and creating dynamic HTML5 reports. You can view, analyse and filter the crawl data as ita€™s gathered and updated continuously in the programa€™s user interface. Ita€™s particulary good for analysing medium to large sites where manually checking every page would be extremely labour intensive (or impossible!) and where you can easily miss a redirect, meta refresh or duplicate page issue.
We are already known in the UK industry as the most progressive link building service provider. It is not necessary to rely on a single website, when it is possible and affordable to create an internet presence that will rival all your competitors rolled into one. More.One way of explaining what we do at Benedict is by referring to SEO as translating a client's information into a format that Google rewards with a high position and hence traffic. An SEO Expert must have years of experience, and a strong working knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and server-side scripting languages. Performing the duties of Director of search marketing, I have led and managed multiple teams responsible for online marketing including SEO, SEM, SMM, and Email marketing.
All my web code meets the highest web standards and works across all major browsers, while remaining SEO friendly. I have working experience with many different interactive application development projects, utilizing a wide range of programming languages and frameworks. I am able to work within any existing web content management systems, which allows me to deliver cohesive SEO solutions to clients, regardless of the website platform.
Created, implemented and managed search engine optimization campaign, including keyword research, competitor research, link building and content creation for Continuing Education websites. I have expertise creating, implementing, tracking, analysing and optimizing organic and paid search campaigns that target traffic generation through Google media sources. I have increased leads and sales for businesses of all kinds by utilizing years of experience testing and improving keyword rankings in the BING search engine. I specialize in boosting businesses branding efforts and creating in-depth customer engagement by formulating Facebook marketing strategies that reach clients targeted audiences. Utilizing Twitter Analytics and Reporting, I handle management of clients Twitter Ads, Sponsored Tweets, Mobile Twitter, and Geo Local marketing. I used personal photos and videos gathered at competitions through out the US to develop this website over the years. I am working on a new version in the Unity 2D environment, but time is limited and there is no telling when I will release an update. With Inline Speed Skater being the number one inline speed skating website on the web for so many years, I wanted put the traffic to use. This project is where I really started to understand the concept of OOP principles for game development. An SEO specialist should also possess a high level of creativity, excellent writing ability, graphic design skills, and an analytical mind.
I have formulated successful internet marketing strategies to boost sales and leads for business utilizing all modes of online marketing. Ages Of Hope is an exciting arcade style shooting game that follows the story of an alien race who has to protect their homes and planet from unknown invaders in space ships. He has some really good first page listings for desired keywords, despite minimal ongoing optimization. While working on project for a client that utilized WooCommerce, I decided to get more familiar with the technology by using it in my spare time. While attending classes focused on Network Management, I became interested in web development, so I began building my own websites. I hope to get more free time to update the content more often, but you never know in this line of work.
As you work through the levels you will find out more about the invaders, what they want on your planet, as well as the race you are protecting. Solid HTML, minimal heavy scripting and properly structured meta data works in this websites favor with the search engines.
While not the most robust E-Commerce solution, WooCommerce worked perfectly for an online store of this size.
This game was built specifically for Windows 8 and you tap or click the screen to fire your weapon at invader spaceships.

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