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Along with Night Shift mode, having the ability to password-protect notes in the default Notes app is one of the big new features in iOS 9.3.
Although there is generally only one password associated with password-protected notes in iOS 9.3, notes are secured on a note-by-note basis. Keep in mind that the first line in a note, even if secured, can still be read when viewing your list of notes in the Notes app. Step 3: Tap the Share button in the upper right-hand corner and tap Lock Note in the actions section of the Share Sheet. Step 5: Once the Lock is added, tap the Lock button in the upper right-hand corner to lock down that note, and any other note with a lock. The Notes app allows you to lock down all notes that have locks applied to them right from the main list of notes.
Step 2: Switch to the main notes list view, which can be a folder containing multiple notes.
If you reset the Notes app password, the new password that you create only applies to notes that you secure going forward. The Notes app update in iOS 9.3 might seem simple on paper, but as you can see, it can get surprisingly complex. I have two suggestions: different passwords for different notes, and specify which saved fingerprints can access a note.
Why is it that Touch ID can unlock a note, but you can’t specify which stored fingerprints can access it? I thought the encryption was to keep notes from being data-mined by Google and the like, on the server side of things.
The password is really there to protect against completely unwanted access and will also carry over to laptops, iCloud and other devices which could potentially allow users to access notes and you want them to be protected. If you look elsewhere in the OS, Touch ID is not designed to be a way to allow for shared access. The option you have would be to either unenrol the finger or disable Touch ID and manually enter in a password. Just tried this and if you have your notes tied to an outside account say gmail you can’t use this feature. USB disk or USB stick is a device that you often tend to carry wherever you go.It is small and easy to carry and it can also store considerable amount of data.
Here we will review a free tool called Rohos Mini Drive that lets you create a hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash memory. The partition that you create with Rohos Mini Drive is not readily visible when you plug-in the flash stick into the USB drive. It is a Portable application that allows you to work with the encrypted partition on any computer.
File Virtualization – open files on PC with no Admin rights via Rohos Disk Browser in associated application without first decrypting them into temporary folder.
Though Rohos Mini Drive is portable, and doesn’t require any administrative privileges to use it on the flash stick, the initial step to create an encrypted, password protected USB drive requires you to install and run the application on your PC.

After installing Rohos Mini Drive on your PC, you can proceed to create a secured, encrypted, password protected USB partition by following the steps below.
To access the encrypted volume on another PC (say a public computer), plug in the USB key, navigate to the USB drive though windows explorer and you will find the Rohos Mini application icon.
You can now secure individual notes with a password and Touch ID on your iOS devices in iOS 9.3. Along with the iPhone SE, Apple earlier this week announced rolling out iOS 9.3 update for its devices.
If you have already installed iOS 9.3 on your iOS device, here’s how you can start adding the password protection on the Notes app.
If you have enabled password protection, you can tap on the lock icon just next to the share button on the right hand corner to lock and unlock. Bonus tip: So you might have noticed that your notes show preview of the content in the note. Individual notes within the Notes app can now be secured with a password, and Touch ID users can gain even faster access to password-protected notes. In other words, the same password is used for every secured note, but you must manually select the notes that you wish to lock down, as they are unsecured by default. If you force close the Notes app or lock your device, you’ll have to verify your password or use Touch ID first.
If you don’t have Touch ID enabled, then the password text box will display immediately. If you force close the Notes app, or Lock your device, password-protected notes will be locked automatically. Therefore, if you don’t remember the old password for notes that are already secured, you lose access to those notes.
Therefore, it is actually possible to have multiple passwords securing multiple notes inside of the Notes app. Thankfully, Apple has included a provision to let you migrate notes using the old password to the new password, however, this only seems to occur on the first attempt of accessing the notes with the old password. Since Macs lack Touch ID, you’ll need to rely on the Notes app password in order to interface with password-protected notes on a Mac. Much of that complexity is due to the fact that you’re securing notes individually, instead of the app itself.
Or, as some have suggested, a dedicated folder for password-protected notes would have been ideal as well. The whole point of securing notes with a different password is so that if someone has access to the phone, they don’t necessarily have access to these particular notes.
For example, good luck telling a bank you did not authorize a payment when your partner who you enrolled a fingerprint for was able to make a purchase. This is a portable application and it doesn’t require the end user (with whom you had shared the data) to have any special program on their PC to access files on the hidden partition, as it can be carried in the same USB stick.
It is a hidden partition and Only when you run the Rohos application within the USB drive and enter the right password, the hidden partition becomes visible.

This will prove to be useful when you want to access your confidential data on the flash memory, by plugging it into a public computer to which you wouldn’t have administrative privileges.
Thus, when you insert your USB drive into USB port only one drive letter will appear in Windows. The latest iOS update comes with several new features including Night Shift, which automatically changes display colors depending upon users’ time and location. Also, you can easily figure out which note has been locked by the lock icon placed to the right of the title.
Also follow BGR India on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned with the latest technology news. If you do have Touch ID enabled, then you’ll first have to tap the Enter Password button if you wish to use a password instead of Touch ID. So, you should be able to say that your fingerprint can unlock the note, but hers can’t. Apple, as a bank will also, will assume you intended the partner to have access to your data as soon as you enable these services and provide other people a means to use your device. I can lock notes that are just on my device but the ones that sync with google I can’t lock. Since you carry it with you, the risk of someone else getting access to your confidential data (which is far more precious than the USB stick) is high, if you lose it or misplace it.How do you avoid this situation? The end users will only need to know the password of the encrypted secret volume in the USB memory stick. The second drive (the secured one) will appear only after you active it by entering a password. But if the room didn’t have a lock, then anyone with access to the building would still have access to the room.
On the other hand, the iPhone is not intended to be a shared device so the password is not there to protect the user in situations where a user is explicitly granted access after a) They are allowed to enroll their fingerprint and b) You also allow Touch ID to be used to open locked notes. A bank will hold you responsible for any payments made regardless of whose enrolled finger is used with Apple Pay. You may then store all your confidential data in the hidden partition and install all your portable apps.
It has been one of the most sought after features on iOS as a lot of users tend to store their personal information such as bank details or official details for quicker and offline access through Notes. They have terms that require the user to be responsible for who they give access to devices, cards or pins and that they assume all risks associated with sharing those assets. If you are using this feature for the first time, Apple will ask you to manually set a password. Likewise Notes and any other number of applications will assume any enrolled finger is allowed the same level of access to files or application data.

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