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When deciding to host your WordPress small business website it is important to be sure that the hosting company is updating the applications on it's server. In future releases of WordPress it will require that your hosting server have, at a minimum, the most up-to-date PHP and MySQL versions in order to host your site.
Let's start with those of you who are contemplating using wordpress to build your website but have not acquired your hosting service as of yet.
Each of these hosting companies will have a few options to choose from but what you want to do is make sure that they list what version of PHP, MySQL and WordPress they have installed.
For those of you who already have a wordpress site hosted you can quickly check to see what versions of PHP and MySQL by using a new plugin named Health Check.
If you have an older version of WordPress than you won't be able to upgrade unless you have the latest versions of PHP and MySQL on your hosting server. For those who do not meet the minimum requirements of PHP and MySQL are at great risk of having their websites hacked and will not be able to upgrade to WordPress 3.2. In conclusion, security for your hosting server and your WordPress website is important so be sure that you are on an up-to-date server and have the most current version of WordPress installed, update your plugins, use secure passwords, do regular wordpress backups and check the security of your server and wordpress install frequently. I'm here to help you build a successful and growing business using WordPress and online marketing efforts. Patrick Whitson has spent more than twenty years in the computer field programming and designing web sites for such companies as J. I am a small business owner and entrepreneur myself and understand the time constraints that owners have to try and figure out this "internet marketing" thing. Our goal is to help you dominate local search for your business so you get found by your target market, which will help you make more money and give you more free time. Local Dentists & Dental Practices – Are You Being Found By Your Patients Online? Vodacom opened its new 3,000-square meter data centre in Midrand in July 2014 – an energy-efficient facility aimed at helping the company deliver on its new cloud strategy. This is Vodacom Business’s eighth data centre in South Africa, and is also the biggest and most advanced facility in its stable with a Tier III Design Certification from the Uptime Institute. Vodacom highlighted that the data centre was built in-line with its green philosophy, and was designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. The new data centre is already hosting some services, and is set to grow to one of the country’s major hosting operations.
The new Data Park represents a significant network infrastructure investment by Vodacom Business.
The site is focused around managed hosting services, but also hosts co-located customers and internal solutions. The data centre has many levels of security, including 24-hour guards, biometric authentication, 110 digital CCTV cameras, and bullet-proof protection on doors and other areas.
The data centre uses a building management system to remotely monitor devices such as generators, electrical systems, fire systems, fuel tanks, and air-conditioning units.

The alarms are monitored 24-7 via SMS and from the control centre by onsite security staff.
The Vodacom Business DC has multiple layers of protection against an electricity outage, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), battery backups, and two 2600kVA diesel generators.
A Kickstarter campaign aims to end speeding fines for motorists through its TrapTap wireless speed trap-detecting module. A number of online retailers in South Africa sell Android-powered media boxes – so why did MultiChoice and SAFACT go after a small operation like AVSupply?
When we first covered how to add SSL in WordPress, a lot of our readers asked for a free SSL solution.
Let’s Encrypt is a free open certificate authority that aims to provide SSL certificate for general public.
As Let’s Encrypt is becoming popular, some WordPress hosting companies have already started offering built-in easy SSL set up. The easiest way to add Let’s Encrypt free SSL to WordPress is by signing up with a hosting company that offers a built-in integration. SiteGround is one of the most trusted and well-known hosting companies offering built-in integration of free SSL. DreamHost is another popular WordPress hosting service provider that’s offering built-in integration to setup free SSL on any of your domains hosted with them. You have successfully added a free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt to your WordPress site on DreamHost. However, if your web host does not offer an easy integration like SiteGround or DreamHost, then you will need to go through a somewhat lengthy procedure. BlueHost one of the official WordPress hosting providers allows you to add third-party SSL to your domains hosted with them.
After setting up the Free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt, the next step is to move your WordPress URL from HTTP to HTTPS. Without changing the URLs in your WordPress site, you will not be using SSL and your site will not be secure for collecting sensitive data. If you are working on a brand new website, then you can just go to your WordPress admin area and click on settings.
If your site has been live for a while, then chances are that it is indexed by search engines. The plugin will automatically detect your SSL certificate and set up your website to use it. If you have Google Analytics installed on your WordPress site, then you need to update its settings and add your new url with https.
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In a way, this keeps the hosting companies in check to be sure that they are not lagging behind in keeping the most current applications on their servers. Once you install it from your wordpress dashboard and activate it, you will see a message up at the top that looks like the image below. Notice that it states that the PHP and MySQL versions are up-to-date and will be great for WordPress version 3.2. Walter Thompson, Ford, MSX Intl., White Castle, Delphi and many small to mid-sized businesses. Our approach as a digital marketing agency is a holistic one that focuses on helping our clients dominate their market. If a server is pretending to be on HTTPS, and it’s certificate doesn’t match, then most modern browsers will warn the user from connecting to the site. You will need to select the domain name where you want to use the free SSL, and then provide a valid email address. Below that it will give you an option to add free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
It is not required, but will improve compatibility with older versions of Internet Explorer on Windows XP. For detailed instructions, take a look at their SSL installation of 3rd party certificate page. You may also want to see our list of 40 useful tools to manage and grow your WordPress blog. This article will focus on your hosting company's server and the applications it servers up which your wordpress uses.
Although PHP 4+ will work with the most current version of WordPress, it's best to have the latest release. Moving out of corporate America, he decided to work specifically with local businesses to help them market online using their own website.
It provides the encryption technology to secure the connection between a user’s browser and the web server.
Let’s Encrypt is sponsored by many companies including Google, Facebook, Sucuri, Mozilla, Cisco, etc.
Because, once WordPress 3.2 comes out and successive versions, they will require PHP 5 and MySQL 5 or above. He has worked with many small businesses and is seeing them grow and bring in more customers with Lapeer Website Design. In this article, we will show you how to add free SSL in WordPress with Let’s Encrypt.

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