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Today, the routing infrastructure of the Internet is based on relationships between network operators around the globe.
Though Internet routing has worked well over the years, there have been instances of errors that caused routing stability issues.
The Internet Society has been actively engaged in both standards work and network operator coordination activities to explore options for worldwide deployment of a secure routing standard. As the Internet evolves and the number of network operators expands, a more standardized and automated model of routing security is needed.
There is also opportunity for malicious activities that could damage the routing infrastructure in the future. The Routing Resilience Manifesto initiative, underpinned by the “Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS)” document that includes a set of actionable recommendations, aims at helping network operators around the globe work together to improve the security and resilience of the global routing system. You need to understand the opportunities of cloud computing, as well as the risks, to make the move that’s right for you and your business.

The IETF has investigated this need and is producing standards to enable a more secure Internet routing infrastructure, including RPKI and Secure BGP. To prevent future errors and malicious activity, it is important to increase the security of the Internet’s routing infrastructure through the deployment of secure routing protocols.
Virtual servers are already outpacing physical ones, and Gartner predicts that in a few short years 71% of server workloads will be virtualized. By providing more complete threat intelligence, faster threat detection and blocking, and smaller pattern file updates, Smart Protection Network has proved the efficacy of cloud-based protection. We continue to expand the capabilities of Smart Protection Network by applying big data analytics to keep pace with the volume, variety, and velocity of today’s threats. While delivering security from the cloud, we've taken an active role in advancing security technologies for the cloud. As an early adopter of virtualization and cloud computing, we gained a clear understanding of the challenges to extending threat protection into emerging cloud environments, resulting in product innovations that lead the industry and continue to evolve.

Our Hybrid Cloud Security solution protects physical, virtual and cloud servers, as well as virtual desktops, with automated, comprehensive security. Unlike other vendors, we enable you to cost-effectively centralize policy control and monitor security across your physical, virtual and cloud environments with a single platform.
Our solution is integrated with VMware vCenter and vCloud, and Amazon Web Services to automate security policy enforcement, and includes multi-tenancy management for businesses and service providers who need overall control with segregated administration for departments or other organizations. As the market leader in cloud security, virtualization security, and server security, our solution is the only true cloud security platform optimized for today’s virtualization and cloud environments.

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